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Can I Use Your Table?

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Back in high school in 11th and 12th grade there was a girl who I always thought was a little odd but could never place it, she was rather studious, quiet girl most of the time but also really friendly and easy to get along with so she had a number of friends at school and outside of school.

One thing that she did though was she was always early to class after lunch and would often stay back at school for a little while. All the teachers trusted her and being an A+ student, she was often left alone.

One day I had left something in the classroom from the last lesson of the day so I went back to get it, It had only been 10 minutes since class ended, so Kaylee would still be there studying I figured so the room wouldn't be locked.

As I got closer to the room I could hear some kind of movement back and forth, almost like a rubbing sound of clothing on something and heavy breathing. It was then I discovered Kaylee humping the corner of the teacher's desk. I stood there silent for a few moments, watching Kaylee on tip toes humping the wooden desk while gripping the edges tightly. Her back was facing me so I quickly ducked in to the table which was only one row back against the wall nearest to the door and left just as quick.

I couldn't really look at Kaylee the next day, knowing what I saw but we were good friends so I tried to keep a straight face about things. By pure chance again I had left something in the classroom that we were in on the last lesson of the day, though I had left it in a previous lesson earlier in the day but was going to grab it when I had the last one. I made my way to the classroom and the door was open as again Kaylee was staying back to do some extra work, or so we all thought. I couldn't hear anything on my way to the room as there was some loud background noise nearby.

I walked into the room and again Kaylee is humping the corner of the teacher's desk but this time she was facing the door. Yesterday she was wearing a skirt but today she was wearing track pants as we had sport that day and it was a little cool. As soon as I walked in and saw her, she noticed me and we both jumped in shock. I didn't know what to do, whether to run away or stay, cover my eyes or what.

I just blurted out a 'Oh crap sorry I'll..' as I made my way back out but Kaylee managed to stop me from leaving.

She begged me not to tell anyone, especially a teacher as she would have shattered that trust. I couldn't help looking at the wet patch in the crotch of her pants.

As stupid as it sounded, I asked 'Did you pee yourself?'

She went red from embarrassment.

'Not really, it's not pee. It's......something else'

It honestly took a few moments to register and when I realised it, I asked if humping tables makes her that hot and heavy.

As she tells me, I find out that she has a thing for humping solid/heavy wooden tables or desks, so she wouldn't hump any student desks and that when doing so, sometimes would look at pictures of the girls she had a crush on, or even naked women if she could manage to get such a magazine to school, as there were no such tables or desks at home for her to do so.

The funny thing about this is, I reacted more to her humping tables than she did telling me she was a lesbian.

Not wanting her to get caught by a teacher, I told her that she could come to my place and do it there, as I had a couple of large, solid wood tables that she could do it on. They needed at least three people to move them, so one lightweight girl wouldn't even budge them.

The tables were in a shed in the back yard, it was more like my own living area as I had a small room as I was living with my parents but I had the shed which was about the same size as a granny flat, it actually had been converted and insulation put in to make it that bit more liveable during winter and summer.

While I did live with my family, no one else was home till at least eight pm so there was plenty of time to let her do her thing. I would leave Kaylee in there for about an hour so she could do what she needed to do while I studied inside in the dining room, which funnily enough worked better for me as I had less distraction and as a result my grades improved.

At first she wasn't over much and when she wanted to come over she would usually send me a message after finishing up at school asking 'Can I use your table?'

I had my licence and my own car at that point too fortunately, so it wasn't much of a hassle as it was only a few minutes drive to the school and more so she really only lived a block away from me.

As a result of coming to my place, she stayed back at school less, while she didn't stop it completely, she wasn't staying back every day and getting home near dark on some days. The unfortunate side effect for her was that she was going through far too many track pants and sometimes would wear out panties as well.

There were a handful of occasions where she got me to watch her to see if she could obtain a greater orgasm. I never did find out if she did but by the time we finished school she had nice, rounded just-D cup breasts, so those few occasions when I did, just watching them jiggle about was more than enough for me.

After school and exams were finished for senior year, she still came around for almost another year before she ended moving away as she found a well paying job that she wanted to do.

What I didn't tell her was that after she finished humping and went home for the day, I would go back into the shed and sometimes I could smell her scent on the table and jack off like crazy. It was especially strong on the warmer days. While the shed had proper cooling, she would purposefully leave it off but take off her top and get really hot and sweaty in there.

One day she left a nudie mag on the table she was at, she claims by mistake but I say otherwise, as that day it was rather hot and when I entered, I could just smell her in the room, so I took it upon myself to 'browse' the mag while jacking off at the same time. One of the few times I actually had a really good orgasm myself that I collapsed onto a nearby couch, after turning on the A/C of course.

Oddly enough, when I moved out of home, I took those solid tables with me and moved into my own house, first girl I met after moving out of home also loved to hump tables, though wasn't really picky as to what kind, so long as she got off from it, though we only dated for six months before we broke up (I always joked that she found someone else with better tables).



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