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Can I See It?

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This happened six years ago when I was 29. I lived in an apartment building in a unit next to Karen. Karen was 26 and pretty with long curly brown hair and an athletic build. At six feet, Karen was three inches taller than me. We were neighbors for a year and a half and got to know each other well. I would sometimes hang out with Karen, her really tall boyfriend, and her other friends. When her boyfriend was working or out of town, Karen and I would work out together. When we were alone we joked around a lot and occasionally flirted.

Karen was pretty, but when she dressed for work she looked so hot. She worked at a law firm with a strict business dress code. When I saw her that afternoon we were both getting out of our cars after work. She was wearing pearl earrings and necklace, a grey sleeveless blouse that also exposed her shoulders, a black skirt that stopped a little above her knees, and black stiletto heels. She towered over me in those heels. We said hello and started walking together to our apartments. During the walk Karen asked me if I wanted to work out with her. After I said yes Karen told me to get dressed and come over to her apartment.

I went to my apartment and quickly changed into a t shirt, basketball shorts and sneakers. When I entered Karen's apartment she was at her desk in her work clothes writing emails. She told me that she would change in a few minutes. I got a glass of water and sat down. I watched Karen, who had her back turned to me. She was crossing her legs, so I could see her legs and some of her thighs. I have always loved long legs and Karen's were very long. As I watched Karen I thought about fucking her in nothing but the stilettos she was wearing. My dick got hard and was visible through my shorts.

When Karen finished her emails she turned around and saw my dick through my shorts. As she walked towards her bedroom to change she made some sarcastic comments about my dick. The last thing she said was 'Are you trying to show it off?' I sarcastically said back 'Why? Do you want to see it?' She entered her bedroom and closed the door. I thought that that was the end of our exchange.

About two minutes later, Karen came out of her bedroom. She had only taken off her earrings and necklace. She sat down across from me, looked at my dick, and said in a serious tone 'Cu..cu..can I see it?' I thought she was joking. I sarcastically said 'What are you going to show me first?' and expected she would laugh. Instead, Karen stood up and unbuttoned her blouse, exposing her red lace bra. She then took off her bra and sat back down. Her tits were Cs and looked firm, but did not seem that big because she was so tall. She had a confident and seductive look on her face.

I then stood up, took off my shirt and shorts, and sat back down. I left my briefs and sneakers on. Karen appeared frustrated that showing her tits was not enough and pleaded 'Please let me see it!' I said 'You will have to show me more first.' Karen reluctantly stood up again and took off her heels. She then slowly took off her skirt and slip and sat down. All she had on was a red lace thong. Her thighs were so hot, I almost gasped. Now she looked a little embarrassed.

I then undid my sneakers, took off my socks, stood up, and took off my briefs. I was now naked in front of Karen with a huge hard on. Karen stared at my dick for a while and then said 'Cu..cu..can you stroke it for me?' I could tell she was really horny because her thong was really wet in the front. I wet my hand using water from my glass, looked over at Karen, and started stroking. I was careful not to cum fast because I wanted to watch Karen. As she watched me, Karen spread her legs, pushed her thong aside, and starting rubbing her hairy pussy. With her other hand she grabbed and squeezed her tits. She would moan and sometimes talk, saying things like 'That looks so good' and 'I've always wanted to see your cock.' As I started to cum Karen yelled 'Yes! yes!' As I sprayed cum on the apartment's carpet, she started cumming violently. After we both came, I got dressed and left.

The next day Karen visited my apartment. She said that she regretted what we did. I think she felt that she had cheated on her boyfriend. I said that I had no regrets, but understood how she felt. We were neighbors for six more months, but were never as close. Whenever I asked her to work out or hang out she had an excuse.

I still think about that afternoon six years later. I would if Karen still does.



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