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'Can I See It'?

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Something every 16 year old boy must only dream about hearing. That evening; I heard it!


I was with Lisa when this happened. We were in my car having an evening out together. She was wearing a short skirt that evening and the way things were going I guess my hormones were really stirring or something. She also had on a very low cut top and I'd had several looks down it at her beautiful boobs. Things all did a number on me is all I can say and as a result I was having a problem with getting erect. I just couldn't stop it from happening.

Then, it happened. Lisa saw the bulge in my pants. It was sticking up almost like a tent pole. She looked up at me with a big grin on her face and I asked her 'What is it'? She then looked back down still grinning. I looked down and said 'Oops' and quickly threw my hands over it. I said 'I can't help it'. Lisa looked at me and ask 'Do I do that to you'? I just shook my head yes. Then, she said what every 15 or 16 year old boy only dreams about hearing from a girl. She asked 'Can I see it'?

I answered her 'You really want to'. She said 'Yes, I've never seen one like that before'. I said 'OK' and my hands were shaking with excitement as I reached for my zipper. I pulled the zipper down and reached in. I got hold of my penis and then pulled it out the opening. Lisa sucked in her breath when she first saw it and she then said 'It's so big'! Then she asked the next most exciting thing a 16 year old boy could ever hear. 'Can I touch it'? I told her 'If you want to'. She reached over and put her hand on it telling me 'It's so hard'. She then moved her hand gently over it and it was then that all hell happened. I came! Cum shot out of it straight up landing on my shirt. Lisa pulled her hand away real quick saying 'Oh my god'! I, of course, just kept shooting my cum. It went on my shirt and pants. Lisa was sitting there with her eyes wide open as well as her mouth as she watched. I was sitting there kind of gasping for air as I came. It finally came down to just easing out of my penis running down the shaft.

Lisa said 'I'm sorry. I didn't know that would happen'. I told her it was alright. I then got a tissue and wiped off my penis as best I could and put it back in my pants and zipped up. I felt so embarrassed yet so good. I'd never cum so fast and hard in my life.

I then took Lisa home being we couldn't go anywhere with my clothes being so messed up. Lisa and I continued to see each other and we did this a lot after this first time. I also got to see and feel her pussy. My first girl to feel like this. What a night that was. Not only for me but for Lisa too.



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