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Camping With my Parents

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When I turned 18, my Parents decided we should take a Camping trip to Canada the summer following my Highschool Graduation. It was to be our last Camping trip before I left home for College, and the rest of my life...
We went to Banff, and Lake Louise, and found a Campsite just up the hill, out of town...After we had put up the Tent, I was Hot and Sweaty and decided to take a walk around the camp-ground. It was a Hot July day, so I thought I would take a Shower, and maybe Jack-off...it had been two days, and I was really Horned!
I went back to Camp, got my towel, put on my Sandals, and struck off for the Showers...This was in the 70's, and the Building looked like it had been there for awhile...upon entering, there were benches along the walls and wooden shower stalls that came down to about knee level...each had a showerhead, with a row of lights above.
I hastily stripped down, and got myself into a booth at the end...there were other booths right in front of the row I was in, sort of like double, if someone was in the shower stall right in front of mine, they would be facing me...I lathered up, and had an immediate Hardon...not bad for a boy, about 6 1/2 + inches, and hard as a Stone!
I was lazily stroking my Dick, when I heard someone else enter, but thought nothing of it as my door was closed...Suddenly, the other guy entered the booth right in front of mine, and turned on the water...I glanced down at the light reflection on the wet floor, and saw a slow rhythmic shadow...I soaped up again, and heard a soft sloshing sound...in harmony with the rhythmic shadow...WOW!, some guy is strokin it off, not 2 feet away from me...perhaps they had seen my shadow while they were sitting on the bench taking off their clothes...maybe they got a hard Cock, just from watching me stroke on mine.
I sort of knelt down and looked at the hairy legs across from me...water shooting, rhythmic shadow, slosh, slosh, slosh...overloading my senses, I knelt down further, trying to peer under the wall, when I noticed he was doing the same...suddenly, he was on one knee, and I could see his fist tightly grasping a beautiful Cock...slightly turned up, circumcised, thick, and about 7 1/2 inches just barely turning to his left side...was that from wearing it hard in his pants to the side??? or maybe from lots of jacking with his right hand??? No time to wonder now...I knelt down too, and he moved closer to the partition between the stalls...water rivulets running through the hair, slowly slosh, slosh, sloshing...now he was about 8 inches away from me, so I reached out and felt the wet, swollen slippery head in my hand...it was terrific...soft and hard and wet and slippery from pre=cum and the water...he started to stroke a little faster, and I reached over and massaged his hairy balls and could hear him breathing hard now...suddenly he was cumming...shooting wads of hot cum onto my arm, my hand and the floor!!! Me too, now hot bursts onto the floor, the shower wall and onto his arm and hand!!! It was so hot, and I immediately loved the idea...but I was scared after cumming...what if anyone else was in there watching?
I hurriedly got out, scarcely drying off, dressed rapidly and headed out the door...Thankfully no one else was around...just the Hot stroker and myself!!
When I got back to Camp, my Mom said...did you see Dad? He went to take a Shower about 15 minutes ago!!
It was never mentioned, but I knew he knew I knew and longed to do it again...



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