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Camping With Cousin

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OK, I've been masturbating since I was 14, but don't have any brothers, and my dates have been pretty G-rated. I had never seen a real live penis, and was obsessed by it. Last summer, I was on a camping trip with my parents, and we met up at the campsite with my uncle and his family. My male cousin (I'll call him Ron) is 20, and was on vacation from college for the summer. I hadn't seen him for about six years, and I could tell right away there was a physical attraction between us.

He had grown up tall, muscular and hunky, and I was still about the size I was, with more curves, I guess. We all went backpacking for a two-day trip, but the adults were sore and tired near the end of the first day, and decided to turn back. Ron and decided to continue on to a lakeside campsite, then return the following day. I immediately started thinking about the possibilities! We stopped for the night an hour later, and set up camp, including the little two-person tent...no room to escape, Ron!

That evening, talk turned to the usual 'so do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend' stuff, and he asked me if I masturbated. Thrilled with his boldness, I shyly answered yes. He then said we should hit the sack, early day tomorrow. We got into the tent, and he zipped up the door. We looked into each other's eyes as we both removed our shirts. His eyes rested immediately on my lacy little bra. He sat back on his butt and worked his hiking shorts off, then shoes and socks. There he sat in his tighty whities, and I could clearly see a bulge. My heart was beating fast.

I took off my jean shorts, and sat for a moment in just my bra and tiny panties. His bulge had grown. Suddenly I felt very naughty...I seductively unhooked my bra and let it drop. My nipples were sticking straight out of my very small and cone-shaped breasts. Ron gasped, 'Oh Steph,' and pulled off his underware. There it was...I was seeing my first real dick. It was bouncing up and down, and appeared to be about seven inches long, hard and quite thick. I got on my knees, and tugged my panties down off my hips, then sat back on my butt to get them off my ankles. I gave him a good view. He arranged a blanket on the floor of the tent, then took me in his arms and kissed me. He told me he'd wanted to do this when we were kids, but was too shy.

He said, 'God, Steph, you've made me so hard...what are we gonna do about this?' I answered him by pushing him back on the blanket and grabbed that big thing with both hands. Finally! I examined it up close, running my fingers over its rock-hard, curved length, and wandering over the huge, hard purple mushroom cap on top. Ron was in heaven. He just lay back and moaned, content to have me feel him up.

I wrapped a hand around it, and moved my fingers up and down his sinewy length, to gauge his reaction. He moved his hips around and moaned louder. Then I moved my other hand down and squeezed his large ball sack. More moans! I started jacking him a little harder, and squeezing his balls, too, lingering with my fingers on the bottom of his sack, working the two nuts inside. I was also jacking the lower part of his dick with my hand. Ron got louder, and his hips started bucking. I wanted to watch him orgasm, so I grabbed him even harder, working him up and down. He cried out, and long streams of hot white cum jetted out of the end of his purple dick head. It was beautiful!

I moved up to lay beside him, holding him, until his breathing returned to normal. It was then that he told me that he had girlfriends he made love with, but had never seen a girl play with herself and come off. I said I think we can fix that tonight. He kissed me long and deeply, then moved his tongue to my ears. I was already getting wet! He moved his mouth down to my nipples, murmuring about how he's fantasized about me since I was younger. I told him my tits are about the size they were then, and that got him even hotter.

He reached down to start fondling my slit, and I spread my legs from one side of the tent to the other (I'm very flexible). I moved my hand down between my legs, and took over and started rubbing my slit gently up and down. I thought I was seeing stars! The sensation was incredible, with him staring at me. I was now at the bottom, and working it to the top. I discovered my swollen little clit, and worked it with a finger, while I drove a finger from my other hand in and out of my hungry hole. Ron had now got hard again, his purple head swollen, and he was stroking himself whilst staring at me fingering my hole.

After a few minutes, I felt my climax coming, and I bucked uncontrollably as Ron tried to stay with me jacking furiously the whole time. He moved up to hold me, and we french-kissed, our hands all over each others' bodies. I straddled him, placing a knee on either side of his torso, and leaned down to french him again. This made us even hotter, if that was possible. He reached a hand up to my crotch, moved his fingers into my wetness. I bit his earlobe, then slowly lowered my cunt onto his thigh. I started rocking backwards and forwards against his firm thigh muscle, still with his fingers up inside me and moved my hips up and down, both of us enjoying the sensations, just humping each other.

Ron's moans were music to my ears, and the sensation of this big thing rubbing against me was unbelievable. Soon I started a rhythmic humping motion. Ron reached up and sucked on each breast in turn for awhile, but soon was lost in the moment, and just laid back and groaned. 'Oh Steph, you're so hot, so wet!' His talking got me even hornier, so I told him that he was 'so big, so hard'...we humped like that for what seemed forever (or I just wanted it to be), then his moans got louder. He was gonna cum and I could feel mine close, too.

In a huge final climax, I humped him like an insane person, my small pointy tits bouncing, his hips thrusting up to meet my downward lunges, my cousin, with his huge, hard, wonderful dick pressed against my inner thigh, had a monster orgasm, with me right behind, my vaginal muscles contracting on him like a milking machine. We collapsed on the blanket.

After the hike back to the main campsite, we had a hard time saying goodbye without raising suspicion from the family. We hope to do this again sometime. Life will be lonely until then, with only the memory of my cousin's big, beautiful cock. At least I've got lots of fantasies at my disposal now for great jilling sessions!



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