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Camping Truth or Dare

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I grew up in the suburbs of New York City, and this one particular summer my dad announced we were going camping. This was in the early 1980s and I was 15 years old. He told me that I was allowed to invite one friend to come along for a three-night campout up in Pennsylvania. His brother (my Uncle Bill) was joining us and bringing his 12 yr old daughter Lindsay (my cousin) and she was also bringing a friend.
So on Friday morning we all piled into my uncle's Plymouth station wagon: Me and Matt (he was the same age as me) all the way in the back, Lindsay and her friend Beth (who was 10) in the middle row of seats and my dad and Uncle Bill in the front. After a 2-hour drive we pulled into the campground, which was really great. The sites were HUGE and there was lots of room in between them. The latrines and showers were about 100 yards up a path through the woods. We unpacked the car and got our camp set-up. There was one large tent for the four kids, big enough for us to stand and move around. The two-man tent was for my dad and Uncle Bill. We gathered large rocks to expand the smallish campfire area in the center of the camp, and our tent was on the side closest to the path to the latrine, and the adult's tent was about 30 yards away, caddy-corner from where ours was. After everything was together we got changed to go down to the river for a swim. When Lindsay came out of the tent in her bathing suit I was stunned. Even though she was only 12 she was HOT! Her body was incredible, and she physically looked at least as good as most of the girls in my grade. She had long brown hair that was pulled up on top of her head, and she had these deep brown eyes. Even as a little kid she was cute, but I hadn't seen her in 3 years and didn't notice what a babe she was until she was in her bathing suit (she wore baggy sweats and a big tshirt in the car). Here she was in a 2-piece yellow bathing suit, her breasts were perfectly round (I guess about the size of oranges) her stomach was flat and tan and her ass was small and firm.
Beth was pretty cute, too except her body was just beginning to develop. She only had little bumps for breasts but I also noticed briefly that her ass looked great in her one-piece black and pink swimsuit. But honestly my attention was 99% on Lindsay.
Matt and I went into the tent to change and the first thing he said was,'Holy shit, Ben your cousin is HOT!'. I'm like, I know, I know and as he pulled down his underwear to get his suit on I saw he had a boner. He saw me looking and quickly turned around. We had seen each other naked before, but had never talked about sex or masturbation (although we did talk about girls a lot). He was embarrassed that I saw his hard-on and he quickly got dressed without saying anything else and left the tent.
We spent about 3 hours down by the river until it was dark, swimming and having fun and everybody was getting along great. Uncle Bill and my dad were busy drinking beer and reminiscing about old times, and eventually we went back to our campsite, made a fire and had some dinner. Around 11 o'clock the 2 adults announced they were going to bed (they were pretty jovial) and that we needed to get in our tent. First the four of us walked together down to the latrine to wash up and to get changed. When we got back we heard that Uncle Bill and my dad were already asleep by their snoring, so we were excited that we wouldn't have to go to sleep right away. We hung out in the tent with the lantern on just talking and laughing and then Lindsay came up with the idea to play truth or dare. Of course Matt and I were interested because we had played a game about 2 months before where one girl actually flashed us and we got to see her boobs (before the game got any more interesting her parents had come home and we had to leave though...). But here the adults were asleep, and we were with my hot cousin and her friend.
The questions/dares to start were pretty lame. Lindsay asked Matt if he ever French-kissed before on a 'truth' (he had) and I asked Beth if she ever saw a dirty magazine or movie (she hadn't). Then Lindsay dared me to pee on the campfire. I was nervous at first, but I walked out to the fire with my back to the tent and lowered my shorts and underwear. I really had to pee so it was easy, and as I was finishing up I turned around slightly before my pants were all the way up and I heard both the girls squeal and giggle when they saw my penis (it wasn't hard - yet). The girls were really cool, and one of the things I noticed was that even though Lindsay was physically very mature, she still acted a lot like a little girl in how she talked and giggled about silly stuff.
Next Matt dared Beth to take off her shorts and walk halfway up the path to the latrine in just her underpants, and she didn't have any problem with it. When she took off her shorts and we saw her in her white panties was when I started to get horny. She was cautious outside at first, then she ran up the path and tore back towards the tent. When she got there she dove in and fell right on top of me and she had to have felt my erection against her leg as she was getting up.
I then dared Lindsay to take off her top and do the same thing Beth had just done, and she gave us a lot of excuses at first as to why she couldn't or wouldn't do it. Finally she relented and took off her tank top. I will never forget seeing her in her white bra (contrasted against her dark summer tan) and the beautiful shape of her breasts - they were perfect!. She of course tried to cross her arms and hands to cover her breasts but we could still see plenty. She took off down the path and ran back, just as Beth had done, and jumped into the tent. She was giggling and her breasts were bouncing and I thought I was going to come without even touching myself. She quickly found her shirt and put it back on and the game resumed.
It was Lindsay's turn and she shocked me when, on a truth, she asked me if I 'jerked off'. I hesitated and mumbled and asked her what she knew about that and she said that she and Beth heard about it from their friends. So throwing caution to the wind I told her that I did it and I liked doing it. That caused more squeals and giggling. This started a round of truths where everyone was asked if they masturbated (the guys did, Beth didn't and Lindsay said she had once a few months ago in the shower but it really didn't feel that good), if we had ever seen anyone of the opposite sex naked (everyone had, even Beth - she saw HER 13 yr old cousin the summer before) and if we had gotten to first, second, third or home (no one had ever been past first, except Matt who told everyone he felt his current girlfriend up under her top, but over her bra).
The next was a dare from Lindsay, who dared me to French kiss Beth for 10 seconds. Now Beth was cute and all, but she was only 10 (almost 11). She said she would do it if I would, and I said ok so we did it, and it was GREAT. It made me super horny, especially when she put her hand around my neck and held me while she stuck her tongue in my mouth. It was obvious the game was going to a different level, but no one knew what was going to happen next. The girls seemed pretty cool with it, and I know Matt and I loved it.
Matt then dared Lindsay to touch my penis for 10 seconds through my shorts. That was met with an 'Oh My GOD!!!' from both the girls, and more laughing. Finally she moved over next to me and looked down at my crotch. It was obvious to everyone I had a hard on through my shorts as I leaned back on my hands. She tentatively reached down and placed her palm against me through my shorts and rubbed up and down for a moment, and then she grasped my penis and tugged on it a few times. Then she fell back laughing. Thank god she only did it for a few seconds, otherwise I would have spurted all over the place.
Then Beth had an idea. She said they would take off their shirts and pants if we would too and we could play the rest of our game in our underwear. Matt and I said 'SURE!' and were quickly down to just our underwear (I had on boxers, Matt briefs). Matt's hard-on was just as apparent as mine, and the girls were surprised that we did it so quickly. We immediately told them that we had done it and now they had to as well. Beth didn't hesitate and took off her shorts and tshirt (she was wearing a training bra) and then Lindsay removed her shirt - again. Finally she took off her shorts to reveal a beautiful pair of pink panties with lace around the edges. They fit her snuggly, and it was easy to see the cleft of her vagina.
It was my turn and I dared Beth to touch Lindsay's boobs for 10 seconds (even though I wanted badly to do it myself). They were like,'Ewwww, no way. That's queer. It's gross'. But Matt and I reminded them that if they didn't do the dare they lost and would have to do whatever we told them for the rest of the trip (that was what we agreed to before the game started). So finally Beth sat in front of Lindsay cross-legged, put her hands up onto her breasts and held them there. She didn't move them at all, and after both of them laughed a little to begin with they both got quiet and then Beth took her hands off. Lindsay's erect nipples were easy for everyone to see through her bra, and she was blushing.
Lindsay was next and she spent almost a full minute thinking up a dare. She then dared Matt and Beth to strip completely and run together around the tent, and then pee next to the campfire.'NO WAY!' Beth screamed and laughed. At first I didn't think she would do it - I knew Matt would. Finally after we coaxed her she said OK. I was transfixed on her as she removed her bra (front snap). I had never seen a real naked girl before (I had seen some friend's Playboys though) and I couldn't wait. With great difficulty she removed her panties while trying to keep all of her private areas covered. She wasn't successful and I got a great view of her hairless vagina and her little breasts. Her boobs were nothing more than little bumps capped by surprisingly large and puffy nipples. As she was going through her gyrations Matt simply stood up, pulled off his underwear and stepped outside. I thought Lindsay's jaw was going to hit the ground - she was speechless. Matt had an average size penis, I guess about 5' (cut) and not very thick, and he was completely hard. When Beth followed him I saw her beautiful little ass in all it's glory. I was SOOOO horny at this point.
So Lindsay and I were on our knees right next to each other looking out the tent and we watched as the two of them made a quick circle around the tent. Matt's boner was bouncing up and down and hitting his stomach, and he stopped in front of the fire, grabbed his penis and stood there trying to pee (he had a 'hard' time because of how aroused he was). Beth was right beside him and she squatted down (giggling) and immediately let out a long stream of pee between her legs. Matt looked down and saw it and began to laugh, and then he was finally able to let go too. I will never forget the site of them both there in the light of the fire, pissing away. Beth finished first and jolted into the tent, flying by me with her vagina mere inches from my face as she rushed to put on her panties (she left off her bra and just covered her little boobs with her arms). Matt coolly walked back into the tent and discreetly covered his penis (which was more or less flaccid now) and then put on his briefs.
It was Beth's turn now, and she had obviously thought it through as she said,'Lindsay and Ben you have to get into one sleeping bag together and then take off everything and hug for 2 minutes'. ALL RIGHT!!! Perfect. I zipped back my sleeping bag and laid on top, and then Lindsay, with surprisingly little protest, laid down next to me. I reached over her and zipped up the bag, and as I did so she looked at me with those gorgeous brown eyes and smiled, a mischievous smile. We were VERY snug in the bag, lying side by side with my left hip and leg pressed up against her right. Without hesitation I lifted my butt and slid down my boxers (I had become good at doing this under my covers at night before I jerked off...). I took them in my right hand and waived them above me to show I fulfilled my half of the dare - or at least part of it. I managed to twist to my side and I could tell Lindsay was nervous. I told her to relax, I wasn't going to do anything to her. She shifted slightly and my cock was against the bare skin of her thigh! Ahhh, what a sensation. She jumped like she had been electrocuted, but I laughed and continued to tell her to chill and she did relax. A few seconds later she reached behind her and unsnapped her bra, and after much maneuvering held it outside the bag for all to see. I couldn't see her bare breasts - yet - but I couldn't believe I was laying this close to my cousin, naked and her with just her underpants on. She began to squirm again and I could tell she was trying to get out of her panties. As she did her left forearm brushed across my erection, and ended up getting a slick of pre-come on her. She whispered 'Did you pee again' and I said,'No, no, that happens when guys get excited, before they have an orgasm.' I felt her reaching down to get her panties from off her feet, and as she brought them up she very slowly and deliberately (she was now on her side facing me...) slid the panties up my left leg and dragged them, and her hand, over my cock. As she did so she giggled and pushed her panties in my face for a minute before letting Beth and Matt see them. She then turned her back to me and very gingerly pressed back against me. I was acting purely on instinct as I felt her ass burning against my leg, and I pressed forward. My erection like a magnet found the crack of her behind and I nestled it in. Lindsay let out a soft moan and an 'mmmmmm' sound, like she was enjoying a soft nap.
As we 'snuggled' Beth shouted out,'OK you have 2 minutes starting NOW!!' I don't think Lindsay or I cared how much time we had at that point, it just felt SOOOO good lying naked together and touching each other. Lindsay continued to press back against me, and I began to let my dick slide up and down her warm, sweet behind. As I did boldness overcame me, and I reached around to hug her, and let both my hands wander to her breasts. More moans, by her and me. They were a perfect handful, better feeling that I ever could have imagined, and her hard nipples jutting directly into the middle of my hands. Just before I became totally lost in bliss, I heard noises from behind us where Beth and Matt were sitting. As I turned my head back I saw that Matt had brazenly pulled his briefs down to his ankles and he was slowly masturbating as Beth sat mesmerized, in just her panties, directly in front of him (with her back to me). He saw me and just smiled, then put his head back and closed his eyes and enjoyed himself.
Lindsay had grabbed my right hand off her boob and I thought our 'encounter' would be finished right then and there. Instead, she took it and guided it down her belly to between her legs. To reach there I had to lean forward slightly, causing my erection to press ever harder against Lindsay's ass. In seconds I felt the delicate, soft pubic hair covering her vagina. As I twirled the hair momentarily with my middle finder, she became more insistent and grabbed my hand with more force and moved it down directly between her legs. As she almost shoved my hand down there, she spread her legs apart to give me better access and as she did, and as my fingers felt around for the first time in my life between a girls legs, I felt the warmth and wetness I now know and love. As I slid my fingers up and down (not really knowing what I was doing) she grabbed my wrist as I hit her pleasure areas and she literally began humping my hand. As she worked on getting herself off using my hand, her ass was causing incredible feelings of pressure on my penis. As she moaned a bit more loudly and clenched down on my hand (I later realized this was when she orgasmed) I bucked my hips in earnest, my cock slick with pre-come sliding up and down and all around her sweet ass. I could hold back no longer and let out a low groan (I probably sounded like a male dog hahaha) and sprayed her butt and back with my semen. Now mind you, all of this was being done in the sleeping bag so there was no real visual, only the feeling of these things happening - almost like being in the dark. I made quite a mess all over Lindsay. I do remember to this day how wonderful her hair smelled. I always wondered what kind of shampoo or perfume she used.
As we were coming to our senses, we realized that Matt was still masturbating like a mad man and Beth was almost in a trance watching him. As I sat up and Lindsay reached around me for her clothes, Matt grunted an 'oh GOD I'm coming!!!' and he squirted out 3 good long streams, some of which hit Beth on the leg. She, of course, found it very funny and started giggling and laughing again. Since we were all such a mess, we decided to walk up to the shower/latrines to clean-up. The next 3 days were lots of fun, and we found a few moments here and there for touching and kissing but no time for out-and-out 'fun'. Lindsay and I did have two more sexual encounters over the next few years before I left for college and she still to this day is the most beautiful girl I've ever been with, and one of the most gorgeous women I've ever met. She is happily married to a very wealthy stockbroker in New York and has 2 children, and we still see each other occasionally at holidays.



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