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Camping Out With My Cousin

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This is a true story.

One weekend I spent the night visiting my aunt, uncle and three cousins (all boys) a couple towns away. It was summer and they had a good sized tent set up in the back yard.

Normally when visiting, I would sleep on the floor of my cousin Ryan's room. He was the older of the three; the other two being twins a couple years younger and sharing their own room. This night Ryan asked his mother if we could sleep out in the tent. She agreed and we got set up outside with our sleeping bags, flashlights and some snacks for good measure.

The backyard was pretty big, and the tent was set up somewhere in the middle, so we had a little privacy from the two story house that overlooked it.

It was already past 9:00pm and dark out. Our conversation ranged from many things kids talk about, but soon drifted toward girls. Ryan asked me if I had a girlfriend, which I did. He asked me different questions like if we had done anything. I told him we have only made out so far. He asked me if I have touched her or seen her naked. I said no and asked if him if he had seen anyone naked. He said he had seen his father naked before, and he had seen his friend's dick many times when they both were taking a piss outside before.

Just to see what he would do, I said I have to go take a piss. I got up and started to unzip the tent to get out. He said 'me too' and followed me outside. Instead of going into the house (which would have actually been closer) I walked over to the edge of the yard/woods in a direction out of occupied room window view of the house and pulled out my semi hard cock and started to piss. I was starting to get excited about the chance of seeing Ryan's cock, as I had not really seen any penises growing up (coming from a private family), not even my brother's. Ryan was right beside me and pulled out his cock and started to piss too. It was quite dark in this spot so I couldn't really see too well. We finished pissing and stuffed our meat back in our shorts and hurried back to the tent, as the mosquitoes were horrible.

We got back in the tent and settled down again, when I started up the conversation again, this time pretending to be curious about puberty and our development. I asked him if he had any hair down there yet. He said no, as he was just slightly younger than me, and hadn't hit his growth spurt yet. He asked about me and I said 'yes, I did' (which I had a fair amount of pubes by then).

I then asked him how big he was, and he said he wasn't sure. He asked me back, and honestly I wasn't sure either (I hadn't thought to ever measure it I guess). I asked him if he wanted to look at my cock to see if it was bigger than his or not. He wasn't sure at first, but after thinking about it for a minute he agreed. I slid my shorts partway down exposing my now rock hard cock and big balls. He looked at it and said 'wow, you are big', as my cock throbbed under the flashlight. I asked him if he was circumcised or not (I am not), and he said 'yes'. I asked him if I could see, because I have never seen a circumcised cock before. He agreed and pulled out his cock so I could see. I looked quite different than mine. It was a little smaller than me, but certainly had done some growing. He was hard too, and his cock was pointing steeply upward. I had never seen an uncut one, so his smooth cock with a big purple head on it looked interesting.

He asked me about my cock and foreskin, and I showed him how it can be pulled back, exposing the head, so it looks like his cock. He asked me if he could touch it. I said 'sure', but explained that because of my foreskin, the head of my cock was very sensitive to touching without lube. I pulled my foreskin forward and said he could touch it. He reached over and put his fingers gently on my foreskin, rubbing the head, then feeling the shaft. My cock was so hard, and his touch felt really good. I had never even masturbated myself before, so this feeling was all new to me. After not more than thirty seconds, he seemed his curiosity was satisfied enough and he let go. I wished he would just keep rubbing it.

Then I asked to touch his. He said yes and I reached over and touched his cock, rubbing my fingers over his head and rim and back and forth, slowly and gently on the shaft, making sure he liked it. He did, but I stopped and asked him to touch me again. He did, grabbing my cock and gently rubbed my shaft and pulled my foreskin back and forth. He asked me if I had ever ejaculated, but I said no I wasn't able to quite yet. I told him I should be old enough to quite soon, and I would show him sometime when I can. Ryan seemed very interested in learning about cum, but unfortunately I wasn't able to help him this time.

Once again, after only briefly touching me, he stopped and asked me to touch him again, 'because it felt really good.' I was slightly frustrated because I was having to do most of the work and not getting much back in return. I just said okay, this time grabbing his cock with my had and stroked it a bit firmer this time. I did this for several minutes while he enjoyed it. After his thorough rub, I stopped and asked him to touch me again. He massaged me for a few minutes (again not as long as I gave him) but what was I supposed to do, time him with my watch? When he stopped this time we both agreed to call it a night and go to sleep as it was now past midnight.



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