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Camping Out With Cousin & Friend

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This story occurred when I was 14 years old. I lived in a rural part of New York State, in a nice neighborhood with huge backyards and lots of woods boarding the back of our property. That summer was filled with lots of baseball, playing in the woods and the discovery of a rather large cache of old porn by my friend and I next to the garbage can at a park down the street. The innocent enough looking paper shopping bag was filled with a dozen different kinds of magazines ranging from Playboy and Penthouse to 'Come-Together' and 'Masturbation Pleasures'.
The day we discovered these magazines we were excited beyond belief - in more ways then one. We made a beeline down the path behind the basketball court several hundred yards into the woods so we could pour over the magazines. While I had been masturbating for about a year, I had never talked to ANYONE about what I did and never gave much thought to whether other guys my age did the same thing. In any event we were back in the woods until dark with raging hardons as we laughed, giggled and drooled over pictures of women and sexual situations we had only imagined in our dreams up until that time. When it was time to go home we decided to stash the magazines in a tree trunk in the woods behind my house. Of course I was smart enough to get a large plastic garbage bag out of the garage to protect them from the rain - and a good thing since it rained that night, and again for two days following!
During this time my cousin Beth came to visit for the week. Beth was kinda cool, but younger than me. I believe she was 10 at the time. She was from out of state and would spend a week every summer at our place, and while it was fun to have her around, as I got older I saw her presence as 'cramping my style'. In any event, my friend and I would occassionally camp out on the back of our property on summer nights - it was a blast since my parents were cool with us having a campfire, and Tim (my friend) had a great tent - big one where you could actually stand up and move around. We would spend hours in there, talking about everything under the sun (including girls we thought were hot), eating, and just being goofy.
We had made plans to camp out on this one particular Friday night when my cousin was over. My mom said we could, but only if Beth camped out with us. I was royally pissed at first since Tim and I had planned to spend the night looking at our new stash or porn, but ultimately I had to relent or there wouldn't be any campout at all. After dinner Tim came over and the 3 of us began getting our 'campsite' ready for the evening. Tim whispered to me 'how are we going to look at the magazines with HER here'? and I could only reply by shrugging my shoulders. So we roasted some marshmallows on the fire and drank a TON of soda and after my dad checked to make sure we were ok for the night (around 10 pm) we were on our own. Tim suggested that we play a game of Truth or Dare, and Beth was really excited by the idea. I think she thought it was really cool being with 'older guys' and was probably willing to do anything to seem like she was older and mature. At first we did a bunch of silly 'truths' and 'dares' when Tim asked Beth if she ever saw a boy naked. I almost freaked out cause I thought she would immediately want to go inside. Instead she told us no she hadn't but she thought about it and her and her friends talked about it alot. This piqued both our interest quite a bit. One thing led to another, and the game quickly turned to all dares.
'I dare you to show me your underwear'
'I dare you to lift up your shirt'
'I dare you to take off your pants and run around the campfire in just your underpants'
That sort of thing...
Tim and I both knew what we wanted to do, although no words were said, and finally he said he has to go pee. He came back about 2 minutes later, carrying the bag of magazines. As he came into the tent Beth immediately asked what was in the bag and he told her it was magazines we had found the other day and she could see them but she couldn't tell anyone about them. She said 'are they DIRTY magazines?' and I told her yea.
We took them out and spread them on the floor of the tent. She was giggling quite a bit, and I saw that she was blushing, and I was already getting horny. I should tell you what we were all wearing. It was the middle of July and about 80 degrees at close to midnight, so I had on a pair of gym shorts (with briefs underneath) and a tshirt. Tim had on gray sweatpants and a blue tshirt (and also briefs). Beth had on light blue jogging shorts and a tight white tshirt. We also knew from our game of truth or dare she had on a white bra (really just a training bra) and white panties with tiny red roses on them. All this time I had a raging erection, and in looking at Tim's sweatpants saw that he did too.
Everyone was nervous it seemed, including me, not knowing what, if anything, was going to happen. I know I wanted to jerk off like there was no tomorrow. I also REAALLY wanted to see a girl naked, because I never had before. Even though Beth was younger, she was VERY cute, with long brown hair and a great smile. Her body was in the early stages of developing, with slight bumps for breasts and a very impressive round butt that I had noticed even the year before.
As we paged through the magazines Tim made a few comments like 'wow, look at THIS' and 'oh my god, this looks so cool'. Beth picked up the 'Come Together' magazine which had pictures of men and woman masturbating together, and lots of pictures of ejaculations. I was next to her and said 'do you know what that is' and she told me yes, its when men shoot sperm, its what makes babies. So Tim blurts out 'I can shoot sperm' and Beth's eyes went as wide as saucers. I managed to get out 'So can I! - wanna see?' and I couldn't believe I said it. I really thought that would be the end of it and she'd want to go to sleep or go inside.
Beth looks at us both and says 'Really? You can shoot that stuff out of your penis? I wanna see'. So after much nervousness Tim and I stood in front of her and before we undressed told her that we would do it but she has to let us see her naked too. She hesitated at first until Tim pulled down his sweats and underwear in one motion and his cock sprang out right in front of her. She giggled (again - there was lots of nervous giggling) and then took off her tshirt and then her shorts. As she did that Tim and I got completely naked in a matter of seconds. It was weird seeing my friend naked and hard (had never seen another guys with a hard on before...) and his cock was really long and alot skinnier than mine. Mine was pretty average for my age I guess, and pretty thick. I'll never forget Beth sitting their in her bra and underpants looking up at us and our hard ons.
She finally took took off her bra - it was a front clasp and as she shucked it off her shoulders Tim and I both started jacking at the same time (instinct I guess). Our eyes never left her crotch as she stood up to remove her panties - we finally go to see our first girl naked! Her ass was better than I ever imagined, and her pussy was bare. As she sat back down, her legs parted slightly and I noticed the wetness down there, which made me jack even more furiously. Tim (being the one who kept his cool) mentioned that girls like to rub down there too, like in the magazines, and suggested Beth try it. She spread her legs abit further and leaned back on her left hand while putting her right between her legs. She let out a little 'ohhh!' and sighed as she gently ran her middle finger up and down her slit (thinking back, she had probably played with herself at some point before). This brought both Tim and I to the verge of coming. Beth was obviously enjoying what she was doing, but there were no loud moans and groans like in a porno. She kept shifting around a bit and I soaked in her beautiful, nubile naked body - her nipples were quite puffy and pronounced for her age, her stomach was flat and smooth, and she was very tan - which was made more striking by the areas where she WASN'T tan :) I glanced over at Tim and noticed his technique was about the same as mine, only he was using his right hand and I used my left. We both had a tremendous amount of pre-cum flowing, and the oily sound of us stroking our cocks was surprisingly loud. He shot first, one long thick stream of come that somehow missed Beth and landed about 2 feet behind her. Lots of simmering, bubbling come seeped out of his cock after his first stream all over the floor right in front of us. That did it for me - seeing him come and Beth rubbing her pussy (and just before coming I noticed her rub her breasts...) brought me all the way there. I came differently than Tim - 4 or 5 solid streams of come, most of which landed on Beth's right shin and thight, and some even went on her right breast! I think this alarmed her somewhat as she stopped playing with herself and began looking at the mess I had made all over her. I quickly got a towel out of my backpack and handed it to her and apologized, and she said no problem.
Afterwards we got dressed, drank alot more soda (I remember being VERY thirsty) and then watched each other pee out back behind the tent. When we went back inside we decided to get naked again, which led to some more shenanigans, but that's another story....



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