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Camping Neighbor Watches Me?

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I was recently camping in a van at a crowded campsite. The people next to me had a large trailer that they were camping in. They had two girls with them that appeared to be around the age of puberty. One still had a girlish look, while the other clearly had breasts and the shape of a young woman. I guess they were about 11 and 14. The woman of the group was overweight, but attractive with nice big breasts that caught my eye. She was wearing a tight sleeveless top with quite a plunging neckline.

It was getting dark and I was reading in my van with the curtains drawn and lights on. I had heard the girls listening to terrible music and talking for a while. I went out to check something and noticed that the two girls were in pyjamas, as I had a great view inside the trailer. I casually got back in the van, turned out my lights and opened my curtain on that side. I was too late, as they were now putting on big heavy sweatshirts. I got excited thinking about what I could have seen if I had been watching earlier. Maybe I would have seen the girls changing and comparing bodies?

The woman was working in another part of the trailer, which I could see through another window. She had changed into a plain white t-shirt, and her breasts looked as good as before. They were swinging as she worked, like she wasn't wearing a bra, but I could see only hints of her nipples and they seemed very high for her size. Maybe she was wearing a lightweight bra?

Our two campers were very close, there being only 12 feet from my eyes to her chest and this was quite a turn on for me. I had a good erection going by now and decided to get myself off, giving up on the neighbour lady. I closed the curtain and turned on my light. I got out a new lingerie catalogue I had with me and started paging through, enjoying myself. I then realized that I hadn't really closed the curtain all the way, it was open a bit and I could still see the window where the woman was working, so she could see me if she looked.

The thrill of being watched or discovered got me even hotter. I turned and laid so that I could see if she was at her window. I think it would have been hard for her to see my face or the catalogue, but I made sure she had a great view of my cock, as the light was right on it. It felt hard and big, so I knew I was going to have a good orgasm soon. I put a paper towel on my stomach and continued stroking, while looking over to her trailer. I also continued to look at the catalogue.

I saw her go by a few times and maybe hesitate at the window, so I wondered if she was she watching me. If she did look out, I don't know how she could have missed the bright light and the movement. Then after seeing her pause at the window, the light went off in her trailer. Was it so she could watch me? I can't be sure, but I looked down at my big hard cock and after a few more strokes I was coming. Nice globs of goo all over my hand and the paper towel! Oh, that felt good!

After I stopped stroking I laid there for a minute or two in case she was watching, so she could enjoy the sight of my gooey cock. I then cleaned it up, as if I had no idea if I was visible to anyone.

It was a good night for camping.



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