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Camping and Jacking

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Learning the true meaning of camping


On one particular weekend my mother suggested that my step dad and I have a boy's weekend and go camping. I didn't live at home and my step dad and I didn't really know each other. He'd been part of the family only a few months, and I figured it would be a good way to get to know who he was so I agreed.

He owned a cabin up in the mountains right next to a little lake. It was a nice cabin but small. It had a bathroom, kitchen, living room, and only one bedroom. The bedroom had a king size bed so he suggested that we share it, I took one look at the couch seeing how old and uncomfortable looking it was I agreed.

My step dad was older in his 50's and I was just entering my 30's. He was a monster of a man he was 6'8' close to 300 lbs. He had that nice old man look with grey hair that covered his body like a thick blanket. He had a thick beard that he maintained well with strong blue eyes that captivated you if you looked at him to long. His muscles were still well defined from years of work on a farm. He was Italian and had a nice hint of olive in his skin.

After we unpacked our stuff we started to get dinner ready. We were bbqing some steaks and began to talk about random things. The conversation bounced back and forth between sports, work, and sex. He started telling me about all the women he'd fucked when he was younger. The conversation was getting me turned on and I couldn't help but feel my cock come alive. I could see that he was having a hard time controlling his cock from moving too.

I watched as he the sat on the couch twisting his hips to allow his cock to grow. I tried not to stare, but I could see that his sweat pants were beginning to get tight and my eyes uncontrollably shifted back and forth from his eyes to his crotch. The rest of the night we talked about all the sexual things we'd tried. He mentioned an orgy he participated in, and I told him of my threesome. Both of us were getting extremely turned on, and I wanted some relief.

I must have been rubbing my cock when he said 'Looks like you have a problem?' I did and said I'd fix it later. To my surprise he asked why wait till later and he got off the couch and stripped down his sweat pants to reveal the largest cock I'd ever seen. Now most men would kill for his cock. It wasn't very long about 7.5 inches, but it had that uncut thick hot as hell fuck me look. It was straight as an arrow with a monster head covered in just the right amount of skin.

His bear paw hand grabbed his cock and he started stroking right there. 'I don't know about you, but I can't take much more of this without giving myself some of this.' he said and started going to town on his cock. At first I just stared in amazement. He sat back down and with his free hand he began to fondle his balls. His head tilted back and his eyes stared straight up. I was listening to him begin to pant and moan, when I felt myself get off the bar stool and walk over to the couch. I vaguely remember grabbing his cock with my hand and stroking it as hard as I could, but I remember the most amazing sound when he erupted all over my hand. His dick was so thick I couldn't wrap my hand around it, and it was so hard I thought I was gripping a steel pipe. When he came his entire body froze for a moment then it began shaking uncontrollably and I saw his eyes glaze over in that after cum effect. When his body stopped convulsing he looked down at me and said 'Your turn!' I stripped off my pants as fast as I could to reveal my 6 inch rock hard cock. I felt his hands reach my cock, and his fat fingers gripped tight. He started to stroke slowly watching his hand glide over my cock. Every once and while he jack the speed up, then slow it down. He played with my dick for about 10 minutes before I told him I couldn't take it any more and came.

That night my step father and I played with each others cock and balls all night but never fucked. I remember laying in bed with him looking at his naked body knowing we'd only just started a tradition of boy's camping trip. He had one hell of a cock and with the introduction of Viagra we continue our semi-annual trips. We never did fuck, but I jerked him off at every opportunity and he did the same for me.



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