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Camping Adventures-(1)

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Jackin on the River. This story is one of three and takes place on my first trip back to the Kern River as an adult. Since it happened 11 years ago it is to my best recollection as to the specifics, based on my years of 'practicing' the art of masturbation.


We were on a four-day camping vacation the summer of 1994 with my wife and two young sons. Since my birthday is in June makes me 32 at the time. This was the first time I returned to the river since the age of 12. My parent, two brothers and I always had great family fun, fishing and playing in the water. I wanted my family to have the same experience I remember as a child. And I was to experience some new ones.

We were camping at a place on the upper Kern that I had never been to before. The third and last night (that was originally optional in our schedule), we moved to a spot that backed up to the river. We were hooked after this and have been back nine times. The river was running exceptionally low allowing my wife and I to take turns floating down the river on rafts and walking back to camp. We also had a small two person boat that was fine for one adult. It was on one of my excursions down the river that took a little bit longer than expected.

After going down the length of the river in front of the campsite, I decided to paddle to the opposite side to explore what was over there. I was thinking it would be great to find a private place to stroke my dick. I pulled the boat onto shore and walked through the brush along side of the river. There was an open area that appeared to be a dry part of the river that would be under water at much higher volumes. Of course after three days of not busting a nut, I immediately found myself thinking this would be a great place to jerk off. If you are like me once you set you mind to stroke the bone you just got to do it. I leave work early some days when I go home for lunch just to have more time for a slow jerk.

I could see some homes across the clearing through more brush about two hundred feet away. I assured myself that the homes were far enough away that it was safe, and if someone was watching I would be gone before they could do anything about it. Then again maybe they would do what I would do if I saw someone jerking off - and just watch - or jerk off and watch.

My dick was hard just thinking about what I was going to do. I rubbed on the length of my cock through the fabric of my yellow volleyball shorts. Because I was not wearing any underwear the tip of my cock was exposed each time I rubbed upwards. Precum was flowing steadily; I used my finger tips to spread it around the tip of my cock head. I soon found a large rock still near the river bank. I stood facing the homes so the rock would conceal the lower part of my body from anyone on the river that may come close. At first I just pulled my cock completely out of the leg opening and began stroking. My hard seven inches at its full glory. The sun was very hot, made even hotter by the surrounding rocks and sand beneath my sandaled feet. As I leaned against the rock I felt the incredible heat on my ass through the thin fabric of my shorts.

Once I was comfortable and into a rhythm (in all of about 45 to 60 seconds), I took the next step untying my shorts and letting them fall to my feet. I resumed stroking my cock as I stepped out of them keeping my sandals on to protect against the very hot ground. When I leaned back against the rock again I winced from the intense pain from the rock nearly burning my ass. It really added to my excitement. The pleasure from jacking off is the only thing that made it bearable. Within two minutes I was ready to blow my load. I leaned forward in time to watch my spunk shoot out onto the rocks and sand below my feet. It would have been about three good shots, and then some drips below and between my feet. This gets me hard just thinking about it again.

I don't think anyone is interested in the rest where I get dressed and return to camp so I will end this story here. I can tell you that I always have a great attitude on the days I orgasm. I know many of you out there have masturbated in nature. For those that haven't yet, I hope you find a way to do this yourself someday. Jacking in nature is great.



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