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First it must be explained that Kali is my one of my best friend's twin, I hang out with Matt(her brother) a lot more often than Kali. However I've known them both since Kindergarten and ever since the fifth grade had a unexplainable crush for Kali, but still hang out with her and have been referred to by her as a really good friend. I actually had expressed my feelings toward her when we were alone one time and she said it didn't interest her. We're still great friends but mow Kali is going out with someone else from the group of friends me and her hung out with in high school. I've also got inside information from her ex-best friend that she's completely oblivious to relationships, masturbation, sex etc.. She thought an average dick was like 2.5ft that got me laughing, anyways so she's going out with Jack so I remain a friend.

I also am still a virgin and have never really exposed myself to anyone before or been seen naked by anyone that I can recall.

That was all just the epilogue to the story:

This last weekend me and all my buddies from high school got together to go camping at a lake out in the bush, everyone but me and Kali had gone to the coast for the weekend so I was her ride and we were going to meet them at the campsite Sunday.

We figured camping would be tight so me and Kali were going to head out nice and early (10:00) to get a spot for all of us, (truth be told we got the last spot by 20 minutes) and the other guys since the drive was long and they slept in wouldn't arrive till after 6:00. Which meant 8 hours of doing nothing with the girl I secretly love in the bush waiting for her boyfriend and our other friends to arrive. Meanwhile she's wearing short shorts and a tight tank top just to add to my arousal of simply her presence. The funny part is she's a complete bitch and basically a loner; really keeps to herself yet this unexplainable desire of mine persists. Our conversations go no where, no openings for anything ever happens in our eight hours of me and her alone waiting. I don't do tents so I had the camper with me and there's a fire ban.

So when the rest of the guys got there we got swimming, having not got to bust a nut for the last week for personal reasons the beach was a little awkward needing to hide my erect business. Also during the eight hours of alone time with Kali I had plenty of opportunities to scope out her whole figure and I took every chance and when that involved her loose short shorts and her on the tailgate with me sitting in a chair opposite resulting me getting to see more of what I wanted to. All the while this just built me up more and more.

Around 2200 hours everyone passed out except me and Kali, she says she doesn't sleep at all and is lucky to get four hours of sleep a night if she tries so it's me and her in the camper with nothing to do and me wide awake all jacked on energy drinks. I was so stoked on midnight swimming but everyone fell asleep on me; between when everyone went to sleep and midnight however mine and Kali's conversations turned somewhat sexual. I don't want to talk about it but she clearly didn't know what's up with the sexual world; I will sum up with one question that comes up later. She actually asked me 'What's the big deal about sex' and that was before any of the conversations went sexual. She's down below on the fold down table bed and I'm up top in the compartment over the cab of the truck so my little room is sequestered off from the rest of the camper but a sliding curtain and it's no taller than three feet. So when midnight rolled around and I got changed to go swimming which meant at one point was fully naked for the first time within two meters of the girl I passionately desire, behind a curtain of course; however it still gave me a rush when I realized it. So as soon as I hit the lake and after scoping the shoreline agreed everyone was asleep stripped down and went for a little nude swim only to add to my sexual thrill ride that started 14 hours ago. I got back to the campsite and changed into nothing but shorts outside the camper then returned to my bed above the cab realizing Kali was indeed still awake just in her own world listening to music. The curtain soon became my best friend realizing I can strip down to nothing and continue that nude proximity rush.

After checking to see her music is still in her ears I ease my shorts off and there it is, that excitement; that real strong spank the great white hammer now feeling. I let it be but I needed to go further so I started talking to her again and pulled the curtain back so we could talk face to face. Her only able to see my shoulders up with me able to see her whole body: which wasn't covered up since it was so hot out which meant her stripped down to light T(seethru) that was only to her belly button and :O the same thong I jizzed my pants to in grade 10(another story) but I think really showed how much she thought of me as just a friend seeing how Jacks told me she's still a virgin and hasn't seen her naked. It happened while she was talking about her relationship, I don't recall what she said but my dong pulsed. Then she said something I don't recall exactly but I remembered 'What's the big deal about sex' and that Jack said how oblivious she is I could probably get away with it. So I said screw it turned on some music and kept just asking her questions and getting her to go on about things mean while I just stroked my manhood, I won't lie to y'all I usually blow my load after a minute maybe? of consistent pumps however this time I was just going to town and not getting even close to climax just barely getting the itch in my toes.

We talked while I jacked it for a solid 20 minutes when she stopped talking because of our conversation brought up her brother and me taking his side being one of my best friends and all leaving silence and me silently jerking. I watched as she put her head phones back in her ears and turn away from me exposing her ass to my perfect view and that's where it happened. (The last time I saw that view with that thong I sincerely for one almost none of the times I can notably remember skeetin my shorts) I actually convulsed once through my body and knew it was coming, not actually having planned to do this I had nowhere to drop off the kids forcing me to throw on the clamp. Usually when clamp this close I carry through orgasm resulting in a unsatisfied dissatisfaction; however this time I had time to get a tube sock fasten it over myself and got to go back at it still in the peak of orgasm getting to look at the near nude rear end of the woman I hope to mutually love one day, it was heaven for a minute at least and ended when she rolled over asking me what time it was. Telling her it was 12:50 something she says she's going to try to get some sleep she takes her music out and turns back facing me actually looking up at me but not saying anything. Me naked in post-orgasm bliss not even the slightest concerned with her knowledge to what just happened it just got me hard again the fact she was looking at me in this state and completely oblivious. We talked a little more but shortly after this I donned a pair of shorts and passed out. Before I passed out I did go out and get some fresh air and noticed the distinct smell of jizz when I came back in. Right then I was standing over her, she being almost nude me being in nothing but shorts I wanted to strip her there and make her the happiest woman in the campsite right there, but thinking of her relationship with Jack the whole feeling drops as quick as it rushed me and I crawl back into bed and pass out.

The next night she passed out when everyone else did leaving me awake unable to sleep with the situation from the night before. I just stripped down and used her again a quick visual and J'd my D real quick just so I could sleep however on the second night I wasn't discreet thinking she was asleep and when I was done I discovered she was awake the whole time. I was her ride home the next day we didn't talk the whole ride; I hope I didn't fuck anything up here just because I couldn't control my urges..



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