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I have been camping for decades, countless nights and days at various campgrounds over the years and across the U.S. and Canada. In all of those years I have a grand total of 2 experiences that are worth writing about. This one is the more recent of them happening 2 years ago. There is a beautifully kept, small campground we discovered in the late 1990s. We loved it instantly and returned year after year. We got to know the owners ( Robert and Barbara ) quite well. Barbara mainly stuck to the office and maintained the small swimming pool. The pool had a list of rules and a 'video surveillance in use' sign. They would monitor the pool from the office I assume.

Robert was very friendly, he often stopped by to make sure everything was going well. He would ask many questions sometimes more than I would expect but he was always very friendly.

Barbara was always very friendly and I always enjoyed checking in and making small talk. This time she was tending to the flower garden around the office when I approached. She was wearing somewhat short, yellow shorts and a light colored T shirt. Barbara and Robert are both in their early 50s I would say. She is slim, fairly tall for a woman. Probably 5'7" or so. Medium size bust, and average bottom. Nothing remarkable but a great smile and eyes that made you smile back at her.

Nothing about them signalled any thing out of the ordinary. One day my wife decided to go for a bike ride and both of our children decided to go with her. It was early in the afternoon and being late in the season the campground was not busy at all. I decided to take a shower since the pool area and showers were deserted. I took my shower bag a towel and headed to the showers. The bathrooms were empty, it was nice to know there would be plenty of hot water.

I undressed and stepped into the shower, I heard the outer shower stall door and was quite startled. Within a few seconds the frosted shower door opened and Barbara entered the small shower enclosure completely naked. She said that she had been asking her husband Robert for the past few summers to allow her to have some 'play' time with me. I couldn't really think as much as I wanted to say something either in protest or something to sound not so confounded. Nothing came out ( out of my mouth ) ... but something did come up. I looked down at her body. She was so close to me because of the limited space in the shower. Water droplets were beginning to steam slowly down her chest. She had large areolae with beautiful thick erect nipples. Her tan lines were so evident... I found that sexy... it was just one more reminder I was seeing parts of her body that are usually covered and hidden from my sight.

I was hard and my cock was brushing her belly, she said a few words. I honestly don't remember what they were. I did manage to say enough to let her know I couldn't have sex with her. She didn't respond except to put her hands on my chest and turn me around to face away from her. She pushed my legs apart and knelt and spread my ass. She fingered around my anus and with her other hand kneaded my scrotum. I moaned and longed for her hand to reach up and circle my shaft. It felt so good.... she didn't grab my shaft... she stood and said now do me. I assumed she meant do the same.... she did. I did taste her fabulous nipples on the way down... She came fairly quickly. After she did, she stood and turned to face me. She kissed my neck and ear as she finally grabbed my cock and I came on her belly. I looked down and touched her breasts once more before watching my sperm was down her legs to the drain.

Without another word she quickly exited she shower, dried off and donned a T-Shirt (no bra) and a pair of shorts ( no panties ). I had managed to see her pick up the 'Bathroom is being cleaned' sign as she left... she looked over her shoulder and smiled.

We have been back 2 more summers, but the incident was not repeated. She is still wonderfully friendly as is Robert. It is not 'in' me to bring it up or do anything to suggest a repeat. I've lost count of the number of times I've made myself cum remembering that day.



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