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Campervan Memories

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The beginning of great times. Names changed to protect others. This happened in Australia


Soon after we got married (I was in my late twenties at the time) and before our children came along, my wife and I hired a campervan and went to stay at a very small caravan park just outside a country town. It was during the week in the off-peak season and as we happened to be the only ones there at the time, we could choose any site we wanted. We found a secluded little corner and immediately began to relax. Marilyn had told a couple we knew (who I will call Tim and Helen) that we were planning to stay there for a few days. As they were also going away at about the same time, Helen said they might drop in if they happened to be passing by on their longer trip.

We got on well with both of them. Helen had known Marilyn since they were at school and saw a lot more of her than I did of Tim. Once they told us how they had been to a nudist beach and I had a quick fantasy about seeing Helen nude, but they didn't mention it again so I didn't give it much further thought. Anyway, my wife and I unpacked, showered and were lounging about in our underwear wondering what to have for dinner when we heard a van pulling up alongside. I looked out the window and recognized Tim and Helen's car. So they had made it after all. Well, this should help fill in the time.

Marilyn called out a greeting and they replied they'd be over soon, so I began to pull on my shorts and shirt. Marilyn said, 'Don't bother, Helen told me they like to wear little or nothing on holidays. Hope you don't mind,' she added, with a wink in her eye.

A quarter of an hour later there was a knock on our door. 'May we come in as we are?' 'Come in any way you want,' my wife replied, already comfortable with a glass of chardonnay and not bothering to open the door for them. I guess she expected they might be naked but that didn't seem to bother her.

I heard Tim say 'Surprise, surprise', the door opened and Tim and Helen entered with drinks but without a stitch on. It was the first time I had seen either of them naked and it wasn't a bad sight either. Helen's breasts and protruding nipples swung nicely, and she was skinny enough for her inner lips to be on show as well as her outer ones. Her husband's circumcised penis was thicker than mine and, not surprisingly, semi-erect. I tried hard not to embarrass him by looking at it too much. Marilyn acted as if everything was normal.

Marilyn and Helen briefly hugged, then Helen suggested we both get naked too. 'Are you happy with that, hon?' Marilyn waited for me to consent. Then she took off her bra, pretending it was no big deal, though I suspected it was a bigger step for her than it looked. We chatted and joked a bit longer while retaining our modesty. Thankfully, neither Tim nor Helen attempted to push us in any way. Finally Marilyn came over to me, kissed me and said 'Take my pants off, honey.' We hugged and then took the final step while Tim and Helen clapped. I saw a wet stain on my wife's panties and wanted to finger her there and then.

At first we stood sheepishly together in front of them, blushing while trying to talk about anything else. Tim laughed 'It's not that bad, is it?' while Helen said 'Everyone's nervous the first time'. We all tried not to show too much interest in sex until Helen began fondling Tim's penis while we chatted. Marilyn stopped talking and watched. I decided to stand behind her to fondle her nipples, already resembling little buttons.

My wife then said, 'If we're going to cuddle, why don't we do it in comfort?' She stowed the campervan table and brought out some pillows, while Tim went back to their van and got some more. Then we all sat on the floor of our van. Marilyn handed out some tissues and to my shock produced our own private, well-used tube of lube which started a discussion about which was the best lubricant. Helen noticed a curly hair sticking to it and asked whose it was. After checking no one was wandering around outside, Tim left, still nude, returning even more erect and with a toilet bag containing their own sex aids, including a dildo. I was amazed when Helen and Marilyn discussed the contents as if they were ingredients for a recipe, which in a sense they were! I felt exhilarated about trying out Tim and Helen's lube on my penis while they looked on.

Helen then said 'This is fun, but don't go all the way first time.' We all agreed, then settled back to a relaxed afternoon of rubbing and exploring. Helen agreed to spread her legs wide so I could inspect her vagina, and, after blushing, my wife agreed to do the same for Tim. They laid back while we manually assisted other's spouse, discussing the most intimate fantasies. Tim was a gentleman. I knew I would squirt very soon.

What finally brought Helen and me off together was Helen clutching and squeezing my penis while my fingers triggered her vaginal orgasm. When it was my wife's turn to come, Tim helped out by kneeling behind her and rubbing his penis against her ass, while I found her G-spot and Helen tickled her anus. Finally Tim, who had been holding back, announced he was coming and blew in style, right over Helen's lower back. And what a lot of it there was! Marilyn was amazed. Then we cuddled and groped some more, finally cleaning up.

There were many firsts for my wife and I that afternoon. During the cuddling and groping, I had dared to touch Tim's penis, and he, knowing it was me, had done the same. Even though I consider myself a straight guy, it still felt warm and wonderful, and we repeated the experience the next day. Likewise, I knew Helen used the opportunity to explore Marilyn gently, as only a woman can do. My wife closed her eyes and silently yielded and responded. Later we talked about it and had wonderful sex that night. I asked Marilyn if she and Helen had ever been that close before. She replied no, but had a similar pleasurable experience during her college years.

From then on while we camped together, there was minimal need for privacy. We showered together, even peed together, and seldom needed to ask permission to touch another up. Full intercourse was reserved for our own partner. There had to be some rules, and we were all grateful for that.

That was the first of many glorious holidays with Tim, Helen and later their group of friends.



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