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Camp Tale

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The summer my parents got divorced, my father put me in sleep-away camp for six weeks while everything turned upside down at home. I was 13, and I hadn't been homesick during typical two-week visits in past summers, but this was a different summer. Things felt so uncertain and I was feeling really lonely.

We had coed classes and activities but stayed in same-sex dorms (they called them 'cabins' but they were dorm rooms). Dawn was one of the swimming teachers and assigned to watch over the 13-14 year-old boys' cabin, alternating with another counselor, a guy named Chris. She was young, probably only 16 or 17, but cute as a button, shining blue eyes and big, round tits that made her t-shirt billow above her skinny little waist.

Chris came in to check on us each night, but Dawn would stay up in her room and, if you had a problem, you could stop by to see either one of them. One night Jonah, one of the kids who shared a four-bunk room with me, was gone for hours and didn't come back until the middle of the night.

We all asked him where he'd been and he said he'd been in Dawn's room, and she was hugging him because he was homesick. I was sort of surprised that Jonah was homesick, too, because he was there for the full six weeks but didn't seem to mind at all. He was a tanned kid who was tall for his age and he always had such a confident swagger.

If Jonah was OK with saying he was homesick, I didn't feel so bad about checking it out, too. When everybody else was asleep, I got out of bed wearing my boxers and my t-shirt and padded down the hall to Dawn's room. The door was closed but I could see light underneath the door, so I knocked softly.

I heard a rustle and a shuffle and what sounded like the 'thump' of Dawn's dresser drawer being yanked open and the door opened. Dawn was there wearing a long t-shirt down to her mid-thighs and looking a little rumpled.

'Sorry, Kev,' she said. 'I was sleeping. Is everything OK?'

I hesitated, unsure whether I should say anything.

Dawn took my hand and let me into her room. It was as big as the room I shared with three other boys, but it had a big bed and an Adirondack-style rocking chair in it. (Ed. Low slung, curved slatted wood).

She sat down on the rocker and pulled me onto her lap and I just started to cry like a little baby. I didn't even get many words out at first, just whimpered and sighed and started bawling. Dawn held me against her chest, pressing my face (which was hot with tears) between her breasts as she rocked me back and forth in her lap, with my legs turned sideways under her armrest.

She rubbed my back and I sobbed and told her what was happening and she just said, 'It's OK, baby, it's going to be OK,' and held me there tightly.

As my crying subsided, I became more aware that her shirt was a mess and stained with my tears and I innocently rubbed my fingers along the wet spot, accidentally touching a nipple as I rounded the curve of her full breast. Dawn shuddered and tightened her butt muscles beneath me.

I didn't realize what had happened right away, thought I might have tickled or hurt her so I apologized. She shook her head no and said something like, 'You can do that again, baby.'

My sadness gave way to wonderment. This was the first woman's body I'd ever touched and I'd thought about her in her high-cut, one-piece bathing suit plenty of times at the pool, imagining what her tits must look like under her suit, trying to reconcile the full and eye-catching curves she had with the flatness of my classmates' chests and the dirty picture's I'd seen in a Playboy Mike Hayes and I jacked off to back at home (a totally separate story).

I didn't realize exactly what was going on then, though, just kept rubbing my fingertip against the wet, tear-stained fabric of Dawn's t-shirt and making her shudder over and over again. I suddenly was aware of the firmness of her muscular legs underneath my lap and the relatively little clothing I had on ... that in turn made me start to swell up in my boxers until, there I was, sitting on this curvy, sexy girl's lap rubbing her nipple with a full 5' hard-on pulsing in my thin, worn, yellow cotton boxers.

Dawn tilted my chin back on my neck and kissed me on the mouth ... just a little peck on my lips, at first, but then she proceeded to part my lips with her tongue and I was having my first French kiss! I didn't know what to do, so I let her guide me. She probed my tongue with her tongue and I pushed back just as tentatively, still pinching her nipple, which I could feel swelling and stiffening between my thumb and fingertip.

When Dawn asked, 'Do you want me to take my shirt off?' I could only nod dumbly yes. She pulled the T off and I could see both of her round, full tits, nipples sticking straight out, areolae puffy and inviting, her slender pre-maternal hips, taut and muscular stomach and the thin straps that ran from the white cotton triangles of her surprisingly small panties.

'Get up,' she urged me, and I froze, aware of the embarrassing boner that was tenting out my little boxers. She put a hand high up on my left thigh, inches from where my shaft was leaking precum into an unmistakable stain in my shorts. 'Get up,' she said, again, much more firmly this time.

I cautiously withdrew my legs from under the armrest and wiggled myself off her lap. My cock bounced and hiked my shorts into my ass-crack as I stood awkwardly to my feet.

It wasn't that easy to jack off at camp (although that would change, a story I'm happy to tell if this one is to your liking) and I was pretty full of cum since my last solo escapade in the shower the week before. I hadn't yet reached the point where I needed to cum every day or I'd have a wet dream, but it had been almost a year since I'd started tugging on my cock regularly before and after school.

'Take those off and sit here,' Dawn said, patting her curvy but muscular thighs with the palms of her open hands before hooking a thumb inside the waistband of my boxers and giving them a tug that tickled the head of my leaky cock.

I pulled them down as requested and she turned me so that my naked ass was flush against her tensed thighs (her legs were closed) and my back and shoulders were grazing her naked, erect nipples.

'I can make you feel better, baby,' she offered. And then she wrapped her thumb and forefinger around my shaft and started stroking my loosely-cut foreskin back about midway up my cock. Her other hand cupped my balls and started to tickle my taint and the inside surfaces of my butt. Her grip firmed up slightly and she started moving her whole hand up and down my shaft, slowly at first, but quickly getting to the frantic and overzealous pace I used on myself when I was in a hurry before school in the morning.

I felt the tingle within my balls and asshole as cum started to rise within me and, just before she let me go off, she started to cup my balls the fingers of her left hand, squeezing slightly.

My cock shot like I was peeing with a boner, straight up in the air and back over my shoulder, some of it surely hitting Dawn's chin, lips, skin...I had never had an orgasm with anybody else touching me before, and I pulsed and came wildly, writhing back and forth on Dawn's lap as I gripped the armrest of the chair in one hand and her strong legs in the other.

Dawn milked me until I was empty and then patted me on my shoulder and said, 'You needed that, baby.'

Did I ever! We kissed and hugged for about twenty minutes more. I didn't know how to get Dawn off and mostly we just smeared my cum into her tits and my t-shirt and kissed me some more.

'Put your undies back on,' she said, and sent me on my way, dazed, legs slightly shaky, heart still racing.

It was one of three hook-ups we had that summer; the others got a little bit kinkier.

Hope this story turns whoever reads it on as much as it turns me on to write it.



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