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Camp Show-off

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Camp Show-off
I'd like to share a true experience that has been the source of many erotic thoughts for me. Last summer I went camping with some friends. We are all mid to late twenties in age and good looking people. I am 6'1" and 180lbs. I keep in decent shape by playing hockey and working out. I have always been faithful to my girlfriend, but I can't help noticing attractive women.
A family was staying at the campsite across the road and down a bit from ours. I noticed a woman who looked about 35. She looked like she was probably some kind of rocker chick when she was a teenager. She had long wavy brown hair and was about 5'8". Her body was nice. She had a nice round ass (I'm a total ass man so that counts for big points with me) and probably C cup breasts. Her skin was fair and her face was quite nice.
She was far from perfect, but overall an attractive woman in my judgement. When I would pass by her campsite, I would observe how she was affectionate with the man that appeared to be her husband.
I also overheard bits of their conversations which lead me to conclude that she was part of a working class family and that she was not a prude. I think they were from Pennsylvania.
I seem to be somewhat of an exhibitionist. I find that when I take a leak in public, I want to be caught by some onlooking female. On this camping trip, I would avoid using the outhouse so I could find somewhere slightly private in the bushes. I would find a location that was in direct view from her campsite, hoping that she might catch an "accidental" glimpse of my cock in my hand. After finishing taking a leak, I would pull my pants a little further down than they really needed to be and adjust my pants and shirt to expose my whole cock and balls.
I have a respectable 6.5" penis that has satisfied all of my girlfriends and I wanted her to see it. I don't think she actually ever did that way, but just the thought made me grow longer and harder.
One morning when my friends were conveniently all away from the campsite for a little while, I felt the need to take down my pants in the tent. The temperature was perfect and a warm breeze blew through the screens of the tent's windows. The door of our tent opened toward the road. The tent itself was at the back of the campsite and the car was parked at the side. Then I saw the woman with her young children walking down the road past my campsite. I got a sudden rush of excitement and nervousness and decided that I would love for her to see me play with my erect cock. They were headed toward the river which was at the end of the road. The setup was perfect. By this time my pants were down to my knees and I was reasonably hard. I could feel my heart pounding with excitement. It was risky. I hid my cock from view until her children passed (they were running ahead of her). Now was the time. I pulled back my shirt and stood on my knees, leaning back a little. My cock was at it's fullest and was pointing straight up. I pumped it slowly as she walked past (the road was about 20 feet away). Then, she turned her head and noticed me. She stared at me and I looked her straight in the eyes. She kept on walking slowly and did not even blink. The excitement in me was peaking. I could tell from her reaction that she liked what she saw. She was very interested in what I was doing and was obviously caught by surprise by a younger man beating his cock for her viewing pleasure. She must have known that the show was just for her. She kept walking and I thought, geez this is wild. I waited a minute or so for her to come back.
Then I began part II. Again her kids ran ahead and this time she had her eyes trained on my tent, and looked straight in at me. Again, I presented my full cock for her to see. She stared right at it as she walked past. It was great. Unfortunately, one of my friends came back and terminated the moment. I quickly pulled up my pants and put away my cock which was rock hard. I could not even relieve myself until much later in the day.
I have had so many fantasies about how it could have ended if there had been no interruption. I have also thought about what she must have been thinking and feeling. What did she do after that? Did she have sex with her husband that night and think about her voyeurism experience that morning? Maybe she has used this event as a source of erotic thoughts for one of her own masturbation sessions. I love thinking about her laying back naked and pleasuring herself while she thinks about the show that I gave her last summer. This event has been the source of many powerful orgasms for me.
It would have been great if no one had interrupted and she had stopped in the road to watch. I would have shown her the grand finale. I would have cum all over myself for her. It would have been so erotic. I often think about this.
I would love to hear from any ladies reading this who can share what they would be feeling and thinking if they had experienced this like this woman. Also, any true accounts of voyeurism/exhibitionism would be great. Some of the stories on this site are very stimulating.
I visit this site weekly to read the new submissions.
-from Toronto, Canada



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