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Camp Fun

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This happened when I was nine years old.


I was attending a one-week summer camp. On the second night of camp I woke up and had to pee something really bad. All they had out in the woods was out-house type of toilets. I was so scared to go out there by myself, I almost peed in my shorts. Luckily I saw a camp counsellor and asked him to come with me because I was afraid by myself.

He was about 16-18 years old, don't really know. We came to the toilet but I was afraid to go in unless he held the flashlight so I could see. He hesitated at first but then said okay. I pulled down my shorts and panties and tried to sit on the pot. I was so afraid I'd fall in that I asked 'Ken' to hold me on the thing. He sat down first and I sat between his legs and began my long awaited pee. He held me with his hands on my boobs (just starting to bud at the time) and I started to have a funny feeling in my body.

He started to squeeze my breasts and rub my nipples. The sensation was becoming stronger and stronger and I began to have a tingling feeling between my legs. I never felt anything like this before. I never really touched myself down there but remembered humping things when I was younger. Anyway, I started to open and close my legs and I pressed my head back into Ken's chest and had a few soft moans.

All of a sudden he put his hand between my legs and started tracing my slit with his fingers each time applying more pressure. It was beginning to feel great and shortly I felt a tip of his finger trying to pry its way into my tight pussy. It kind of hurt at first but then it felt wonderful. He moved his finger around and in and out and made me really wet. Then he found my clit and touched it in a light circular motion and I almost went nuts with anticipation.

I had my first orgasm and shuddered and shaked for a few minutes. After, he held me until I simmered down and he took me back to my tent and we parted for the night. I remember just laying there in my sleeping bag wanting that feeling to come back. We fooled around the next couple of nights and that was it. Once I got home from camp I decided to try and get that sensational feeling back. I laid in my bed and started to put my hands in my panties and just rub like I remember Ken doing. Nothing happened the first night, but the second night I hit the Jackpot! I have been masturbating ever since and trying all sorts of enjoyment. My favorite is in the bathtub just letting the water fall on my vagina and holding it open exposing my clit with my fingers until I orgasm.



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