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Camp Education

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Growing up I was always the fat kid. I was picked on and made fun of. During the summer starting at age eight until 17 my parents sent me to sleepaway camp. I was picked on just as much from age eight thru 14. On my first day of freshman year in high school I approached to sing the alma mater. The person was a senior and I told him no. He threw me up against a locker and said sing freshman. I told him okay and when he went to give me the sheet I punched him in the stomach. He swung at me and I ducked it and hit him square in the nose and broke it. I was then tackled by the gym teacher who took me to the vice principal. The other boy went to the nurse and then doctor. The teacher and principal asked me what happened and I told them I refused to sing and was tired of being picked on my whole life. They smiled and sent me back to class. By the end of the day the entire school was buzzing about what happened. I knocked out the toughest kid in school. On the way home I stopped at a record store and bought a few heavy metal tapes. When I arrived home my mom was pissed off and when my dad came home later he went into my room and yelled at me while writing down how proud he was of what I did.

The next week my dad took me to the basement and showed me how to use his weights. They were ancient but my father was a strong guy. We also had a long talk about my weight and what I needed to do to lose it. Over the next nine months I ate better and worked out and listened to my heavy metal music. The last day of school I was totally changed. I let my hair grow all year, took off about 60lbs, added muscle, grew four inches and started to wear contact lenses. I was pumped about camp and my parents were proud of me. When I came off the bus I was walking to my bunk when I was stopped by a girl who asked if I knew where I was going. This was Samantha who was the main person making fun of me. I told her no I knew where I was going. I walked into the junk and took the best spot and started to unpack. When I was kneeling down the other campers came in. The bully from last year told me to move my stuff this was his spot. I told him to find another one and he came up to me and pushed me into the cubby. I turned towards him and stood up and went face to face and told him to find another spot. One of the kids said it's Andy and I told them no it's the new Andrew. The bully actually backed down and told me okay he would move to another spot. Our counselor came in and when he saw me he did a double take and asked what happened to me. I told him I grew up and worked out with my father. He smiled and said it was about time.

After dinner when we had free play I put on my running gear and headphones and ran around the camp. I was stretching when a girl came over and said Andy is that you. I looked up and it was Terry. Terry was the one girl my age who never made fun of me. She also wore huge glasses and had bad skin. Terry had none of this now. She had contacts and her skin was smooth. I stood up and she hugged and kissed my cheek and told me she heard I looked good. I told her the same and asked about her glasses. She told me about the contacts and I told her about mine. She laughed and I melted because she always had a laugh that made me smile. I told her about my first day in high school and I worked out with my dad all year. She smiled and felt my muscles and said a lot of girls are talking about you. I smiled and said you tell them I'm taken already. Terry looked puzzled and I told her by you. Terry kissed my on the lips and told me she was glad she found me. I walked her back to her bunk and kissed her goodbye and went back to my bunk. When I walked into my bunk the bully was their and wanted to fight. I told him later I needed to shower. He pushed me and asked why I won't fight him. I smile and tell him he isn't worth it. I take off my shirt and he sees I don't have a stomach and my arms are muscular and tell me okay. I shower and while getting dressed he comes over and asks to shake my hand and tell me how good I look.

That night at evening activity all the bunks go on stage and the counselors introduced the campers. When my counselor gets to me he says last year most campers picked on him and called him fat. This year he is taller, leaner and meaner and his name is Andrew. A few people whistle and I smile. After the owner comes over and tells me how good I look. He then asks what I did and when I tell him to says I should keep it up. I see Terry and go over to her and give her a kiss. Terry smiles and we walk holding hands to the waterfront. She talk a little about how stunned everyone was at her bunk and how a few are jealous of her. I say they should have been nice to me all the other years. Terry and I make out and when I move my hand to her breast she stops me and says not now. I say sorry I got carried away. After more kissing she tells me she has to go. I stand up and she looks down and asks if she did that. I am hard as a rock and my shorts are sticking out. I tell her yes. She smiles and says another time and walks back to her bunk. I go towards my bunk but goes into the woods and jerk off to release myself. After firing off a good load I walk to my bunk and go to sleep. The next morning after breakfast I meet Terry and she asks if he ever went down. I smiled and said I took care of him. She laughed and said I bet you did.

I soon had developed a workout regime of running in the morning, swimming laps at free swim and doing push ups and sit ups before dinner and shower time. I was happy with Terry and things were going slow but I was happy. About three weeks in after a round of kissing Terry lead me to the boathouse. We went into a unlocked room and Terry asked to see him. I asked if she was sure and Terry nodded. I took down my shorts and out he came. Terry's eyes got wide. She reached out and touched my dick and we both smiled. She told me it felt so smooth and I said to her her hands feel nice on it. She stroked it for a minute and I told her I was close. She put her other hand out and I squirted my cum into her hand. She couldn't believe how much came out and I was in heaven. Terry then smelt my cum and put her finger in it and brought it to her lips. She said it tastes okay. We cleaned up and made out some more and then went back to our bunks.

On visiting day Terry met my parents and I met hers. We ate together and our parents talked about parents things. We did find out that we only lived a few towns over. Our parents exchanged numbers and after they left Terry and I walked to the waterfront and kissed and talked until dinner. After dinner I was set to run when Terry joined me. She said she wanted to try it and we ran around the camp together. Since it was visiting day we had no evening activity so we went to our boathouse room and made out. Terry then jerked me off and after she said it was her turn. I was sitting down when she took off her shorts and underwear. It was my first live pussy and I was hard in seconds. She came over and I touched her lips and Terry shivered. I felt all over and soon I was fingering her. Terry told me was close and she rubbed above my fingers and moaned, groaned and I felt her body vibrate and then she stopped and just smiled. I took my fingers out of her pussy and licked them. I told her I liked the taste. Terry sat up and said that was hr first orgasm. I kept putting my fingers into her juices and licking them off. Terry saw my hard on and told me it was payback time. She came over and started to jack my penis. I told her how great it felt and after a few minutes I squirted cum on her arm. We relaxed for a few minutes and dressed and went to our bunks. I showered and climbed into bed and fell asleep.

The summer went by fast and my counselor told me I need to drink more fluids if I wanted to keep up my strength. He smiled and said he new about the boathouse. I asked him how and he looked over to Terry's table to her counselor and she was my swimming teacher. He said he has been having sex with her all summer.

The next two days are a blur and we are on the way home. We sit together and kiss a little and talk. When we get off the bus our mothers are waiting for us. We hug our mom's and ask where our dad's are. My mom says getting steaks with Terry's dad and waiting for us at home. Over the last month our parents have become friends and have gone out together. We ride in the back seat and Terry's mom asks how the summer was. We say the best ever. We smile at each other and hold hands. Over the next few years we dated but when we entered college we decided to see other people. After my freshman year I went back to the camp to begin a life as a summer counselor at the greatest camp I knew.



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