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Calling Her Bluff

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I got married again a couple of years ago to a woman a bit older than me. She has four grown up kids. Well in the spring of this year the oldest girl 'Jean' (36) and her two youngest kids came to live with us. The agreement for them to stay was simple, just help with the bills since they would be bigger with them there. She kept to it for the first two months and then stopped. With each paycheck after there was a new excuse as to why she couldn't pay. It started to be an issue between my wife and I so she said she'd talk to her about it, but with no results. So I decided to talk to her myself when I could get her alone.

Last week I got my chance....I had a 'use it or lose it' personal day coming so I took it mid week. As per routine my wife took Jean to work as she had no car and would usually pick her up before I went to work. A little after she got home she said she wasn't feeling well and wanted to lie down but couldn't because Jean would need a ride home. I told her since I was staying home I'd go get her and to go ahead and get some rest. With that she went to the bedroom and lay down. Knowing I had some time before she'd call I enjoyed some self-love, something I usually did with/for my wife or late at night when all were in bed. After a few hours she called and I told her I'd be there because her mom was sick and she said fine though clearly not happy about it.

The trip takes about 30 minutes so on the way up I thought of what I would say about the money situation and her possible reactions, I wasn't prepared for what she did say.

I picked her up asked how her day was and as we got to the highway started to ask why she wasn't paying as agreed and reminded her if she didn't start again she'd have to move out. She sat silent for a few minutes then in a noticeable change of mood asked how my day was. I said fine, then she asked if I played with myself any or if it was just something I did at night. I was surprised because she usually doesn't like talk about sex even playfully.

I asked what made her think I do that and she said she'd seen me do it several times in my den at night. All I could say was OH..then thinking she had something on me went on to ask what she thought her mother (my wife) would do if she ever found out. With that I knew I had the upper hand and said 'Are you kidding, she loves it when I jack off even likes to watch sometimes sez it gets her hot' Jean didn't know what to say. I followed that with my own question 'so I guess you like to watch too eh? 'I never said that' she said. 'well you did say you've watched me a few times, you must like what you see' She was stunned. 'next time I'm in there come on in a get a better view, but there's one condition' 'what?' 'well you've seen me I get to see you, I don't mean walk in naked or anything but if you want the money shot you gotta give me some inspiration..show me your tits or something ok?' With that she turned and stared out the window the rest of the way home.

When we pulled into the drive and were about to get out she turned to me and said 'ok'.

Who knows what'll happen next, but I'll keep doing my nightly thing, what ever happens next is up to her.



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