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California Fun... 1st Time Man to Man

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2 years ago, I was in California from the East Coast on business & called an old friend of mine who lived in California so see if he minded if I stayed with him for the weekend so I could go site seeing, since my company would only pay for my weekday stays. He said he'd love to see me & that he'd love to show me around.
I worked with him for my first year out of college before he moved out west to follow a promotion. He was extremely handsome & we were the best of friends. I knew he was gay & he knew that I was straight.
The first night I got there he made dinner for us & we decided to rent a movie & stay in to catch up on the last two years since we had been living on separate coasts. After dinner, we got into comfortable clothes, me in boxers & a white tank top & he in pj pants & a white t-shirt, & sat on his bed to watch the movie. At one point during the movie, I noticed he had a crotch tent forming in his PJ pants even though there was nothing sexual on the screen. I had always wondered what it would be like to jerk-off with another guy, so I was intrigued that this may be a sign of an opportunity to live out my secret desire, & if I'm going to do it, why not with a guy I could trust & as good looking as him. . . As a result, my dick started to swell up & tent out my shorts.
After about 15 minutes of this tension between us from our obvious sexual arousal, I noticed a wet spot on his pants at the tip of his cock. He was completely aroused & precumming. I'm a heavy precummer too, so I understand what that means. I decided to make the first comment & said, 'looks like you've got something that needs attention there. ' He responded, 'seems to be a common problem this evening. With that, he rolled over on the bed to face me & put his hand on my abdomen. I didn't make any effort at moving away or showing discouragement, so he started rubbing all over my abs & pecs, feeling them through my tank top. My heart was pounding. I reached out & did the same to him.
He then reached under my top & pulled it off over my head, revealing my full torso, which is covered in dark brown fur (I'm a VERY hairy chested guy, you can barely even see the skin on my pecs, was from age 15, & have a nice trail going down my stomach into the top of my shorts). He obviously loved my heavy furriness, as he let out an audible 'mmmmmmmm!' as he combed through it with his fingers. He rubbed up & down my torso for a while & eventually worked his way under the waistband of my boxers & into my curly, wirely, black, thick bush. About 15 seconds later, he wrapped his warm soft hand around my thick cock root. He commented about my size (9 1/2' with a thick, purple mushroom knob) & my shape (I'm sort of curved like a banana). I couldn't believe that another guy was touching my hard-on! I nearly shot my load then & there!
I then went for broke & grabbed his dick through his PJ pants. It was such a strange sensation feeling another cock besides my own. He reached down, untied his waist on his pants & slid his PJ's down revealing a straight as an arrow dick about 7 inches long, with dark brown skin & uncut with dark black neatly trimmed bush & balls in a wrinkly brown hairfree sack, not shaved, he just wasn't very hairy. I was so intrigued to have a cock in my hand, let alone an uncut one!!! I lost my foreskin when I was born. . . his is the first I ever saw an intact cock upclose before. It was weird to feel such loose skin on a cock.
He then reached over & slid his t-shirt off, revealing a completely smooth & perfectly sculptured torso without a single hair other than a thick patch under each arm. We were quite the contrast! When we were both naked, he rolled over on top of me dick to dick. It was so hot feeling his masculine smooth body on top of my masculine hairy one. He rubbed up & down over my body, saying how hot it felt to feel my furriness against his smoothness. I was amazed at how different a man's hard body felt against me, versus the smooth soft one of a woman.
Then he reached down, taking both of our drooling cocks into his hand & gave us a luscious hand job. It wasn't more than 10 minutes before I could feel the heat simmering in my lower abdomen & hardening nuts. I indicated that I was about to spooge my cream & he must have been ready too, since he didn't say a word, but just smiled wryly & kept stroking our doubled up dicks.
In about 30 seconds later, we both let out simultaneous yelps & groans & moans as we both spewed our loads all over my wooly abs & pecs. We both came at least 6 spurts from my chin to my belly before we both dribbled our last few oozers over his hand & onto my bush & nut bag. He sat up, rubbed our cum into my hair & we collapsed onto the bed to recover from my 1st man to man action.
About an hour later, I woke up & decided to shower before getting back into bed. The noise of the shower woke him up, he joined me for a clean up. We both popped wood again, but didn't act on it. Instead we got into bed bare-assed together & slept the night next to each other. We did jerk off 2 more times that weekend before I returned home. The first one was the best, however. . .
I've seen him two more times since that time & we've never done anything again & probably never will. I'm totally in love head over heals with my girlfriend & hope to marry her soon. I'll forever be thankful to him though for letting me see how it feels to be 'man-handled'.
I'm totally hard now recalling this. . . gotta go deal with it! Hope you enjoy my story. . . by the way. . . I LOVE this site!



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