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By the River, Once Only

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When I was 16, and had had my license for about 8 months, one of my good friends from the swim team and I took a drive out to the mountains of Virginia. I knew of this great island in the Shenandoah River that had a good swimming place just above a rapids. We explored the island for a while, and decided to take a swim, as it was a pretty hot day. I didn't know if he would want to go skinny dipping, which I wanted to do, but to my surprise and happiness he didn't hesitate to strip down and go into the river naked. I had seen him naked before, but only in little glimpses. He was one of very few uncircumcised guys I'd seen, and his foreskin was a mystery to me.
We swam around for about 45 minutes. While we were swimming a couple of canoeists came by, but they couldn't see that we were naked. After watching the canoes shoot the little rapids, my friend suggested we do that, too, so we did, and floated down the river along the bank of the island. I knew that meant we would have to walk back naked for about a half mile.
When we got out, we climbed up the bank and began walking. The center of the island was treeless, and the sun felt good, and it was nice walking along with him in the nude.
When we got back to our stuff, he suggested we sun bathe, so we both lay down on our towels next to each other. I positioned myself so I could see him, and just enjoyed looking over his young, strong, body, with his penis laying limp to the side and his foreskin puckered a half inch over the head of his penis.
After a while he asked if I wanted to see his varicose veins, which he was scheduled to have removed in a week or so. I said OK and sat up, and he stood up in front of me, pointing to some veins in his crotch and upper thigh, pulling his penis and ballsack to one side to expose the veins to view. I'm not even sure I knew which veins he was talking about, but I enjoyed the closeup view of his genitals. He said, 'Here, feel them,' and let go of himself, meaning for me to feel the bump of the veins he was referring to. That meant I had to handle his penis and ballsack to get them out of the way, so I reached up and held him gently. It felt so neat to hold him that way, and I started to get a boner. I couldn't resist the temptation to pull back his foreskin, so I slowly pushed it back, exposing his head. He just stood there smiling, seeming to enjoy the touching, and he started to get hard. Pretty soon we were both sporting full 6 inch hardons, and I was manipulating his foreskin.
Then he said the magic words. 'Lets jack off, OK?'
I agreed, and he lay back down and started to stroke himself. I remained sitting, doing the same, and watched him as he did himself. I got really turned on watching him masturbate, and when he tensed and started to shoot, I had a crashing orgasm myself. We both had semen all over ourselves, and just lay and sat there enjoying the afterglow. After about 5 minutes we got up and rinsed off in the water, then lay down to dry in the sun.
I closed my eyes, and thinking about what we had just done, got another boner. Suddenly, without warning, I felt his hand on my penis. He was playing with it like I had him earlier, but of course I didn't have a foreskin to skin back. He said, 'This feels neat.'
I agreed, then he started to jack me off, to another great orgasm. After I recovered I sat up and did the same to him, and we both had to wash up again.
When we had to go, and reluctantly got dressed, he said that had been a lot of fun, and was glad we did that. I agreed, and gave his penis a little squeeze.
We never did that again, though I would have liked to. But we felt closer to each other after that, and it has always been a fine memory.



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