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By the Pond

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Last Tuesday I was in the garden sitting by the pond, the sun was shining bright and the heat seeped through my top warming my cool flesh. There was a slight breeze, not enough to take the humidity out of the air but enough to gently flutter the hem of my skirt. I was reading a book, one of my favourites, when the breeze picked up and blew between my thighs, the cool air teased my lips and brought on a sense of naughtiness. What if I secretly brought myself to orgasm, rubbing my clit and penetrating. I fidgeted on the cushion, trying for a discreet position where my sister couldn't see from the windows.

I swivelled round dipping my toes in the chilled water, I hitched up my skirt enough for me to stretch my panties to one side to allow my fingers access to my clit, at this point the anticipation was enough to get me to orgasm on its own. I started rubbing gently, sliding my fingers in to my pussy juices, then gliding them back up to my clit, the slow movements brought slow shivers up my spine and my arousal to intensify. I spread my legs a little more, moving my feet around in the water to disguise the real purpose for the spreading of my legs. After gaining more access to my pussy, I laid the book down beside me, turning my face to the sun. I spread my lips apart and inserted a finger, crooking it to rub on my G-spot, this sent my hips into movement, thrusting onto my hand, my juices dripping down onto my hand and down to my anus, the wetness driving me crazy, my breathing quickened, my thrusting becoming more frantic, my sisters presence forgotten about.

I was cumming and nothing was stopping that. I started to rub my clit with my left hand, gentle circles then hard strokes, I felt the pressure building I was coming, my leg started to twitch, I was moaning, I couldn't be too loud or my neighbours might hear me, I heard the young boy next door running around. I bit my lip trying to control my excitement at the brilliant orgasm ripping through me. I sat there quietly revelling in my best orgasm yet. I brought my fingers to my lips and tasted myself, licking my fingers clean. I couldn't have been anymore satisfied than I was then. I gently pulled my panties back into place over my sensitive clit, and patted my skirt back into place.

I sat there a minute reliving my first outside masturbation session, I normally only pleasured myself at night in my room when everyone was asleep. But today I just picked my book back up and continued reading while my juices still dripped down to my anus tickling my pussy. I loved it and hope to be able to do it again soon. Hope you enjoyed. I know I did. But now it's late everyone's asleep I think its time for me to be going, as my pussy has started to relive my little adventure outside.



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