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By the Bookstore Clerk

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By The Bookstore Clerk
Above all others, one sexual encounter is most pleasantly burned into my memory. It occurred the very first time I ever visited an adult book store. I had just turned 18. My innocence, coupled with the fact that it was my birthday, were probably the factors which prompted the lady working the floor that night to show me "extra-special attention."
I am a lean, thin man. 6'4'', but very thin. This lady looked around 50, yet her long blonde hair was still long and smooth, and her ample tits didn't sag an inch. She had on tight, tight dark blue jeans, and a white halter top which fit snug around her jugs. I must have looked disoriented upon entering--I'd never seen so many pornographic pleasures in one place in my entire life! Perhaps this is why she went out of her way to converse with me, to put me at ease. Her name was Jerry. Since I was feeling so disoriented, I was glad she was keeping the conversation going with questions, asking me what high school I attended, what I planned to do after graduation (I remember I lied and told her I played on the school's football team--yeah, that must have looked believable!), and if I had a girlfriend (the answer was no). Oh, and she asked me if I had ever been into "a place like this" before, too (again, the answer was no). She was a very direct, confident lady; this didn't put me at ease. I remember trying to act cool and collected, but the more I tried, the more I stuttered and fidgeted and failed to produce the kind of "Tom Cruise" responses I was shooting for. She leaned forward over the counter, lighting up a cigarette, and her eyes narrowed. I felt she was looking deep into my eyes; I felt like she saw the nervous, shy boy that I was, that I couldn't hide. Also, as she leaned forward, I could tell that the top of her shirt was very, very low. A nice slice of cleavage was exposed. I saw this out of the corner of my eye, but I didn't dare look at her directly!
She slowly--thoughtfully--blew a long stream of smoke out of her mouth. There were no more questions for now. She simply stared at me with that piercing gaze (and maybe a slight smile, I couldn't tell for sure). I stood sheepishly, wanting to talk with this beautiful older woman longer, but questions just garbled in my brains. I turned to a magazine rack and scanned it; gazing over all of the pictures. "Wow," I said aloud, "those are some babes!" I didn't expect a response, but I got one. "Yes indeed." And then, quite directly, "Have you ever fucked a woman before?" I didn't expect that question, and so it startled me. For two reasons: One, that she used the word "fucked." Not "made love" or "had sex," but FUCKED. And two, she said "woman." Not "girl," but specificallywoman.She had me stuttering again. "W-well," I stammered, "Not exactly. Actually no, I haven't done it with anyone at all." I turned my head from the rack to look her in the eyes, and cleared my throat as I met her narrow, serious eyes. "No, I've neverfuckedawomanbefore." I blushed, but I'd said it! And there was a definite smile from her lips in response. "Well, you're an awfully sweet kid; you're going to certainly please some lucky chick sometime soon," she said. I noticed that my dick was growing very hard suddenly. It wasn't the tits, it wasn't the jeans, nor was it the hot ass blonde hair of hers that fell down around her dark tanned neck--it was that smart, confident attitude that did it to me; that smooth cockiness of hers made me wish she would just lock the doors and turn up her ass so I could give her a pummeling right then and there behind the counter.
She didn't lock the doors, and I didn't get to pummel her--right then and there, anyway. As I leafed through a magazine, I noticed out of the corner of my eye a doorway across the room. Above it in neon lights a sign read "Private Viewing Booths." I immediately had a good idea of what was back there, because I had heard older guys talk about the booths wherein you could watch movies for mere quarters. But, I utilized the opportunity to talk to Jerry again. "So what's back there?" I awkwardly extended my arm, pointing. She blew another stream of smoke, "Those are where the movies are...the ones all your buddies have talked about in the locker rooms all your life." She smiled; I blushed. "So, do I need some quarters?" I asked. "Do you?" She grinned. Damn, her attitude just wouldn't quit. "Come here," she added. I went to hand her a few dollars in exchange for quarters. "Forget about it!" she smiled. "Keep your money, young man. Consider this a birthday present." Five dollars in quarters were dumped into my open palm.
I was getting real excited thinking about what I was about to see in one of those booths. I had never seen a XXX movie before, only pictures in magazines. I felt myself beginning to jitter with excitement inside. Adrenaline rushed through my head. "Thanks, Jerry," I grinned. Two things happened right about then. Along with the rush of adrenaline I was feeling came a renewed confidence--almost a cockiness. And second, that confidence came gushing out in a most direct, even rude, compliment to Jerry. "Wow, you have great tits." Even Mrs.-I'm-calm-and-collected's eyes widened, and her mouth dropped open significantly. And I know I should have blushed, but I didn't. In fact, I actually added more. "I mean, they're soroundandtaut--absolutely wonderful looking. And your skin, and your hair, and...I mean, you're just a real babe!" At the word "babe" she went from silent amazement back to that calm, collected smile again. "A babe, huh?" "Yes, for sure," I added once again, "Whoever your boyfriend is, he is sure one lucky guy!" And I have to admit...somehow (though I've never been able to figure out how I knew) I was sure that she didn't have a guy anymore, and that the last one in her life had been, simply put, a jerk. And I was right. "Well..." her eyebrows furrowed, "Thank you for the compliment, but I don't have a guy...anymore that is." She put the cigarette out, then looked up with a sudden smile on her face, "And really, it's a very good thing! He was a jerk." I tried to offer a condolence. "I'm sorry, I didn't realize...." "No," she interrupted, "Thank you for the compliment. You know, it's true...you really are an awfully sweet kid." There was a long pause during which she bore down on me with that see-through-you gaze again. I stared back like a stupid deer looking into headlights. There came that awkward silence again. But this time, she broke it by turning her head to look at the entrance door. So far no one had come in; we were still alone. She slowly turned her head back to face me, and simply said, "Why don't you go back there...ok?" Her voice was sweeter, gentler. My dick began to tingle and grow firmer. I complied. And as I walked slowly to the back where the booths were, I remember seeing her walk around to the front of the desk, and then hearing her doing something near the front door; the door made a clicking sound, and I knew that it had been locked.
I walked into a booth. It was very spacious, with a carpeted bench running all the way around it. A dark and empty video screen spread across one wall, with a coin deposit slot next to it. I stood for a few seconds, shrugged, and put 2 quarters into the slot. Immediately the dark screen lit up with bodies, nude and sweaty and fucking. Two black men were giving it to a frail white woman. One had a massive cock lodged into her cunnie, while the other's meat filled the woman's mouth. Both men pumped in and out vigorously while the woman squealed in response. I remember my eyes just widening like sauce-pans, and my mouth falling open. Never had I seen a fuck-movie. I felt my dick being pumped full of lust and desire, and I instinctively undid my belt and dropped my pants so as to join these two men in screwing this woman (myself via asexual activity, or course). I was pumping hard when I heard a click, and the booth door opened. There was Jerry. She stepped inside, and closed the door behind her. "How ya doin' there?" she said. "Having fun, kid?" I sheepishly took my hand off from around my intense erection. "Uh, hi--I mean--well--" "Sit down," she commanded in that smooth, collected way of hers. I did, and immediately the most glorious thing happened. Kneeling down, she engulfed the head of my cock with her lips and began sucking my dick--MY VERY OWN DICK!!--this tough, confident, sassy good-looking BABE...Jerry was sucking my dick. "MMMMMmmmmmmm," I moaned, "Ohmygod is this really happening!!" I can't remember if I was asking a question or just making a statement, but she lifted her head just long enough to take a breath and reply, "Oh, it's really happening sweetheart. Oh yes it is!" My dick is average length...well, around 6 inches anyway. But it's fat--a good 3 inches in diameter, which looks even fatter when compared with my thin frame. I pulled her head closer as she moved it up and down over my cock. I pulled her all the way close, so that she was engulfing it. I held her head there firmly. I could not believe what I was seeing. This hot, experienced 50 year old woman was sucking..ohgod, now LICKING...my swollen, teenage cock.
"YESssss!" I exclaimed. It was so good. I could see my cock fat and glistening in the video screen-light as she took the time to make some long, slow strokes up and down it. "Touch me," she said. I hesitated. I hadn't realized how nervous I was to do this. "Go on!" she said. "Have me!!" The way she said those last two words made something snap inside me."Have me,"she'd said.I will certainly have you, I thought. I stood up, and she stood up with me. She seemed surprised when I began stripping off her clothes--the shirt, the dark sexy pants, everything including her panties (she hadn't been wearing a bra, it turned out). I could she didn't mind and that she was getting excited by my vigorousness. "Go on, you wild teen! Go on, do what you want with me!" I was throwing things off of her like the wind. "I'm old enough to be your mother boy, but I still need that fresh, young dick up in me." She was stroking my dick. "C'mon!!" she commanded. I pulled her panties all the way off. Having done this I forced her back down, onto her back, on the carpet bench. Her back was against the wall. Grabbing her ankles, I lifted them high into the air above her head and spread them apart, and leaning forward, fed my meat into her cunt. I have always had a lean, washboard stomach, and as my young energy pumped this woman full of my cock, she ran her fingers over my stomach muscles. She grinned, "Oh yes! this is turning me on...You young stud!! Who's the lucky one here?? I am being had by an innocent, lusty teenager!!" This comment didn't make me feel belittled; I realized she was getting hornier, and it spurred me on. I took a step back, turned her around (her chest was now up to the wall), and made sure her legs were spread apart as she knelt on the bench. She grinned in intense expectation. Grabbing her breasts, I again lunged my meat into her warm, womanly cunt. Oh, this was real heaven I remember. She moaned as I pumped and humped her doggystyle, burying my face in her hair and kissing her smooth skin on her back. I, a mere 18-year-old, was fucking this hot grown woman--I couldn't get over it. "C'mon, you stud, faster!!" she commanded. I complied. "Faster!! Fuck me fuck me fuck me oh FUCK ME you lusty BOY! Her warm clit was now a fiery hot cunt; juices were trickling down my shaft as it slid in and out like a machine. She bucked and bit her bottom-lip in desire.
Suddenly the video screen went out and we were in the dark. I kept pumping, and still this sassy, hot lady was crying for more. "C'mon, yeah, C'mon!! C'mon, FUCK ME, MM, MM!!" She moved her ass back and forth. In the dark I pressed my palms down upon her ass. I squeezed as I lunged in and out of her hole, and was amazed at how tight her ass was. And then--it must have been a combination of her moans, and the darkness--I gave in to a deeper lust. Before she knew what I was doing, I had pulled my swollen cock out of her cunt and was pushing it against her anus. "Wait! No, uh-uh, don't--" But whatever her reasons for lack of comfort were, I didn't give a damn. It was going in; I went in. She yelped as six by three inches of meat filled every inch of her tight--oh, it was SO tight--ass. She tried to squirm away, but I held her in place and began to ream her craphole like there was no tomorrow. "AAH, AAH!!" She yelped a couple times, but she'd stopped struggling. I simultaneously slid three fingers into her cunt and began working them in and out. I felt her legs shaking a little bit, and a fine, oh-so-quiet whimper escaped from the back of her throat: "oh my god...." Which was followed by a much more hearty, desperate "OOOH my GOOOOOOOD." I could tell she was going to orgasm. "OOOOOOOOOOhh MMMYYY GOOODDD!!!" She was going to come any second; Her bucking and jolting had given way to a solid stance, though the muscles in her inner thighs were shaking like jello. "FUUUUUUUUCK!!!" She yelled the one word, and then I felt it--gushing all over my hand, down my arm...sweet juices. I could feel her inner thighs give way to a violent tremble. "I'm going to COME!" I added into the dark. And I did; warm, hot semen coated her insides and spewed out of her ass as I slid in and out of it. I realized I had been holding on tight to her breasts. As I slowed down and the coming stopped, I took the juices on my hand and rubbed them all over her tits. From the silence I heard her make a noise finally, "...Oh dear God. Oh, you young stud. That was invigorating!" And then, as she moved in the darkness and I was left wondering what to do next, I thought she was getting her clothes until I felt a warm pair of lips close over my hanging penis. She licked and sucked me, and I rubbed her tits some more, and I'll tell you--that day was the best birthday I ever had, the best day I ever had...hell, it was simply the best.



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