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Buying Clothes Was Fun

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My name is Jon, I'm 36 and live in the UK and don't like shopping at the best of times, but when my girlfriend, Sue, who is 26-years-old, suggested it really was time I bought some new jeans, and even offered to pay for them, what could I say. We got into the car and drove to the nearest shopping mall and proceeded to check the racks in a shop for something I liked. I selected two pairs and we headed for the changing rooms. Sue stopped at the entrance and said, 'Go on, you go in and try them on.' She is very shy in public (but not in bed) and just wanted to look around the shop, but with a little persuasion, she joined me in the corridor looking for an empty cubicle.

We found one, stepped in and drew the curtain. Within seconds I was standing in front of the mirror in just my briefs, Sue was sat on a small stool behind and to my left. I could hear rustling of clothes and people talking all around us. There was no ceiling to the cubicle, just a thin purple curtain to the outside. Suddenly I had this strange feeling of exposure and wanted to take it further. I looked at myself in the well-lit mirror and could see the outline of my cock getting bigger. Sue noticed this and blushed, at that moment I just wanted to feel her hand on me so I grabbed her hand playfully and rubbed it over my covered cock.

The feeling was intense and a full hard on quickly developed. Sue was really embarrassed and whispered 'Just try on the jeans for god's sake,' I could tell Sue was very uncomfortable, but I was so horny and just kept rubbing her hand over my cock through my grey briefs. I was becoming aware of the time we were taking in the cubicle and could hear people outside waiting to try on clothes. This made the experience more intense and I noticed a huge wet patch developing. That was it, I needed relief and dropped my briefs and stepped out of them. So there we were, surrounded by waiting people with just a thin curtain separating us.

Sue was embarrassed; I was stood in front of the mirror with a hard on, my shiny pre-cum dripped to the floor. I whispered, 'go on just wank me, I promise to be quiet.' She reluctantly agreed and slowly started masturbating my cock. The sight in the mirror was very erotic, Sue fully clothed, with me with my t-shirt raised to my chest, and a hand from behind wrapped round my cock. 'Faster, faster' I whispered, and with that Sue picked up the pace and wanked me hard and fast. I pinched my nipples with one hand and listened to what seemed the deafening sound of my very wet cock being jerked.

By now, we both needed to be out of the room as quick as possible so Sue did all she could to bring me off quickly. She played with my ass hole with a finger and raised her skirt a little and opened her legs so I could get a glimpse of her panties in the mirror. Then it happened, my legs shaking, my balls tightening, stars in my eyes. I shot the biggest load of cum all over the mirror and floor. I was so quiet too. We were both a little embarrassed by this point and quickly looked for something to mop up the spunk that was running down the mirror. There was so much of it that we used all of the tissues that Sue had in her bag.

I quickly dressed and we exited the cubicle to a few strange looks, but I'm sure no one really knew what had gone on inside. We almost ran back to the racks to replace the jeans that I didn't even try on, just in case the next occupants noticed some spunk we missed and complained. It was only when I placed the second pair back on the rack that I noticed a big blob of cum all over the leg. Sorry to anyone that tried them on later. We went on to shop in another store but this time Sue stayed outside, bless her. We later both agreed that it was a fantastic experience but probably a one-off and proceeded to masturbate each other as we talked about it. Yes, I finally did purchase some new clothes, thank you Sue.



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