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Busted...sort Of

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I work in my family business that serves the housing industry. With the crappy economy we have had to do with less. I work like 70 hours a week and my social time is zip. We used to have a few cute girls in the office. Now that work is left to me and my Mom and a high school intern working at minimum. My parents hammered into me that you do not mess with the help. That is a recipe for trouble. I had a buddy who was a contractor who lost his business over a sexual harassment suit so their advice was not lost on me.

When we had an office staff of cuties and Mom stayed home the girls would constantly be throwing themselves at me. I made it clear that as long as they worked for us I was not in play. Luckily I had girlfriends that eased the stress and provided an outlet. Now I am frequently the one opening up and closing up and working in the warehouse most of the day so I have no social time. I wack-off most mornings, if I wake up in time.

The intern, I will call her Elle, (She looks like a young Elle Macpherson) works mornings and is supposed to come in one evening a week to clean for extra money. She was a good kid and we trusted her to work alone. She was the only person who ever worked for us that showed up on time without fail, did what was expected with out complaining, and was a quick learner.

When you work close to family there tends to be a lot of fireworks especially when you are stretched to the max. Elle was a calming force, great to have around worth twice what we paid her, but some weeks no one in the family took home a pay check, so she worked at minimum, never complaining happy to have a job.

It was Thursday night I had a date for the first time in weeks and mutual masturbation and maybe more was definitely on the agenda. At the last minute my Dad dropped a BS state report form on me that was due the next day. My parents were going out of town to a trade show so it was left to me. I tried to knock it out fast, but it was not to be. It required numbers off of reports that had not been run in months. I called my girl and offered a rain check, but she was pissed. I do not know what she expected me to do, but she was up for some fun, she said she would be out clubbing with Cindi her room mate, and not to expect her to be at her apartment when I got done.

I worked into the evening finally I took a bathroom break. The guys bathroom is out back but no one was around so I went in the girls room in the office. I sat to do my business and there was a magazine rack with magazines and catalogues of clothes. They were out of date probably left from the girls that used to work for us two years back. Ever working, I set about the task of weeding out the old stuff. I came across a lingerie catalogue and had a flash back to wacking off at home to such stuff when I was a kid. I started leafing through it and came across a model that was the spitting image of Elle. She was wearing a teddy, with a rather pronounced camel toe. I was instantly hard. I started wacking. It had been at least four days since I had any release.

With the prior plans I was definitely primed! I normally take at least 10 minutes to cum but I came almost instantly. It was different than I had ever experienced, I started spurting before I really even felt a contraction. It caught me off guard. The contractions built and I really started to pump. I was way too hard to direct it into the bowl. I knew I would have to clean up so I dropped the catalogue on the floor and grabbed for some toilet paper. The role was tough to start and by the time I had it in hand I had stopped ejaculating. I looked down at the catalogue and was cursing my luck. I had fully bathed the page with Elle in a Teddy the rest went in my underwear. I would have liked to keep that page for future endeavours. At least it made the clean up easier.

The story does not end there. As it turned out this was the evening that Elle picked to clean the office. She sees me coming out of the girls room with a stack of womans catalogues. I was no doubt flushed already, but I am sure I turned 5 shades darker. I told the truth about not wanting to go out back and tidying up the magazine rack. It sounded pretty lame though. Elle in her light hearted way busted on me saying she would definitely need to spend extra time in the bathroom. There was a half dozen ways I could have taken that, but I laughed it off as the most innocent, and deposited the catalogues in the trash on my way back to my computer.

About an hour later Elle shows up at the door all red in the face. She is holding the lingerie catalogue opened to the page I had soaked. She did not say a word. It was inescapable the resemblance. She had to have noticed. I stumbled for words visioning sexual harassment law suit. I pleaded that it was an accident. She was not intended to see. I pleaded for forgiveness. Although it was all true, it must have sounded incredibly LAME. The room fell silent and as she took it all in. Then she shyly asked do all guys cum this much. I finally could exhale. I told her again truthfully that it had been some days, and I was extremely horny. She acknowledged my sincerity, and then stated the obvious 'this girl looks a lot like me.' I again was racked with visions of a law suit. Then she asked 'Do you think I am hot?'

I stopped and collected myself and I lay out that she is one of the best employees we ever had and that it would be completely in appropriate for me to think that. Then she asked again if I though she was hot. I went on the say how sweet she was, how she was a calming influence, a light hearted girl, and any guy would find attractive. I finally closed with, even if I thought she was hot, there would be no way I or we could act on that as long as she was working for us. She finally asked point blank, 'If I did not work here would you want to date me'. I answered that we would cross that bridge when we come to it. She was unrelenting. 'If I found another job would you want to date?' I had not even allowed my mind to go there but with the question asked I did. My first thought was to my parents that would have been pissed that I chased off the best employee we have had in a long time, and I told her so. So then she asks would it be worth it? I finally said defiantly if it ended up being a long term thing. I would be real saddened if it did not work out and she was without a job.

So she tells me that her parents wont let her date until she is 18 and she already has a summer job lined up that pays double what we pay. She would have stayed here because she so enjoys me and my family, but she says she thinks she is going to take the other job. She then tells me she is going to keep the catalogue until then because I am not the only one who enjoys a little inspiration. Of the several ways that could be taken, all of them were hot. She smiled at me in a way that had me rock hard again and went back about her work. I finished work about the same time as Elle, as she got in her car she waives and raises the catalogue to her nose with a big smile and says 'Have fun at home, I know I will. See you tomorrow.' I cannot wait for June.



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