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Busted in Car

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I was driving around last night and the summer nights really had the girls out. I was in my usual routine of jacking off while looking at the girls running, walking, and driving. I was getting hard as I drove and noticed a pay phone. I decided to pull over and call a phone sex line. The phone just happened to be in the parking lot of a video store. I called my favorite sex line and started to chat with a young thing while watching all the girls coming and going from the video store.

I was getting hard and since my car sits up high and has tinted glass I decided to pull my shorts down. Here I was with my shorts around my ankles talking on a pay phone when I noticed a car pulling up beside me. I looked over and saw my niece Kelsey sitting in the passenger seat. I was so freaked, there I was with my hand wrapped around my stiff cock and my shorts pulled down. I tried to play it off and cracked the passenger window about half way. Kelsey was in the car with two other girls, the driver was in a bikini top and the girl in the back was wearing one of those tank tops with her red bra straps showing.

I said, 'whats up?' and Kelsey replied, 'nothing, what are you doing?' I said 'just calling my credit card company,' I was reaching over to hang up the phone and did not see Kelsey jump out. Next thing I know she is standing on the side board of my car looking in the window. She just stared and then said 'oh my god, he is beating his meat.' She started laughing and looked back at both girls. The driver started cracking up and the girl in the back shouted 'gross, what a perv.' Kelsey looked right at me and said 'what were you doing, sitting here looking at the girls and whacking your meat.' I just stuttered and said 'Kelsey, you have seen me do it before, please tell your friends not to say anything.'

By now both of them were out of the car looking in the window. I had lost my boner and was just sitting there holding my limp dick in my hand. Kelsey turned round and told the girls to be quiet. Both of them said that they were going to tell everyone unless I jacked off for them. We drove around the back of the store and I parked. All three got in my car and I just sat there. Kelsey said 'Brianna wants to see you get hard. Play with yourself now or else.' I started to pull my cock and looking in the rear view mirror at the two girls in the back seat started to get hard.

I started to say things like 'oh yea, you sluts, you like to see guys beat off to you.' Both girls were just giggling and Brianna started acting like she was jacking off and started moaning. She stopped and said 'at least we don't get caught beating off in our cars, keep it up we want to see you cum.' Kelsey was looking right at me and said 'do it, you know I like it.' I was stroking hard and fast and said 'oh yea girls, I am going to cum looking at you. I have jacked off to all of you in Kelsey's back yard while you laid out.' Both girls said 'that's gross, now we know who was looking in our back packs and playing with our panties.' With that I shot a long shot of cum on my belly and then another, I asked how did you like that. They all laughed and said 'let's get out of here, he is a perv.' The third girl looked at me as she jumped out and said, 'why don't you go home and jack off some more you loser.' I hope none of them tell.



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