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Busted but Worth It

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My first female expreince came as a major suprise!


I had been masterbating since I turned 12 and use to think about girls all the time while doing it. Till one day a friend of mine gave me a porno mag. It was all big-breasted (and I mean HUGE!) women. From that day on started my big breast fetish. This, however, caused a twist in my life.

My mother at the time was 33 and very well built. She had divorced my dad two years prior and had not been dating since. She use to walk around in nothing more than a bra and a thong when she was home and I use to think nothing of it-this was my mother after all. Except for after my friend gave me that mag, then I noticed my mom's chest. Her chest was HUGE! She was as big as those ladies in the mag. When I started seeing this, I went from masterbating two to three times a day to more than six.

One day I was just sitting watching TV and my mother walked in. She had on this tight bra that caused her breasts to over flow some and a tiny white thong. She mentioned something to me that I really didn't hear and went to pick something up, bending over forward in front of me. I got the best view down her deep cleavage and of course got instantly hard. I crossed my legs over and just nodded while she talked until she went back to her room. When she did I made a mad dash for mine. In not even five seconds I had my shorts off and on my bed stroking like mad. I was just starting to really get into it when-yep, you guessed it-mom walked in.

She walked in, looked at me and stopped. I didn't know then but I do now-her eyes were glued to my shaft. She stood there for what was something like 30 seconds just looking. I have been lucky in life in A LOT of counts one of them is I have a nice, big cock. At the time I was 7 inches long and almost 6 inches around. I started scrambling for my shorts. Before I could reach them she stopped me. She smiled, trying not to look at me too obviously and started talking. Going on about how she is sorry for not knocking and that what I was doing was okay and normal. After calming me down she smiled and surprised the hell out of me by asking me if I would like some help.

I was so stunned all I could do was nod. She just smiled and pushed me back down. Then she reached out and took hold of my shaft and slowly started stroking it, I got so hard it was almost painful. While stroking me she asked me a few question (nice timing, huh?) she asked me how often I jacked off, was I only jacking off or was I engaged in sex with girls, and of course she asked what got me hard. I told her about how I loved big tits. (Mind you, she was still stroking me, but slowly. It felt good but not over whelming.) She paused for a minute and looked at me asking, 'Big tits like mine?' I nodded and told her yes and that I jerked off thinking of her all the time. She asked if I was thinking of her when she walked in and I said yes.

She almost seemed to get this glow in her eyes she looked dead in my eyes and asked me if I wanted to see her tits! Hell yea! So she stopped stroking me and undid her bra, and her tits nearly popped out from the release. They were so big! Each one had big silver dollar sized nipples that stuck out nearly an inch! She grabbed up my cock again and started stroking again. This time faster, and it really made those boobs jiggle! I couldn't take my eyes off them it wasn't long before I exploded. I shot eight to 10 big, thick streams which landed a few on my belly before my mother aimed my cock at her tits and I blew the rest of my load all over them. She leaned over and rubbed my cock head all over one of her tits before letting go to rub in my cum with her hands.

Looking at me she smiled and asked me if I wanted to touch them. Hell yea! I sat up and reaching out, started feeling them all over, just rubbing and squeezing. (I was only 13 not too experienced.) She started moaning and placed her hand between her legs telling me not to stop. I watched as she used her fingers to rub herself quickly. After five minutes she started shaking and moaning real loud. This got me real hard again.

After she recovered she saw I was up again. She laughed and called me a horny little devil.



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