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This story requires a little background first. To begin with, I've been masturbating for as long as I can remember. I remember when I was little pressing against everything from my tricycle to my rocking horse and grinding. I remember my first orgasm courtesy of the arm rest on the couch. I had no idea what had happened, only that it felt wonderful!

Eventually, I learned what it was that I was doing and I began experimenting with other ways to do it. Around the time I was 14 I became very curious about sex and wondered what it would feel like...specifically what it would feel like to have a penis inside me. A girlfriend told me that she used her hairbrush handle to simulate a penis and that it felt great....so I decided to try it. Unfortunately the handle on my hairbrush was not good for masturbating...so I tried a glass drink bottle (narrow end of course)....and I was hooked. If there was something laying around the house that was remotely phallic in nature, I probably had an orgasm or three with it. I used everything, candles, fruit, veggies, bottles and of course, handles on everything from tools to hairbrushes.

I was very lucky to have quite a bit of time alone after school before my parents got home. I was usually home from school by four but my parents didn't usually get home from work until 6:30 or later....as a result, I had all kinds of time to get pretty inventive with my masturbating. Around the age of 16, I discovered my favorite way to masturbate. I went to the store and bought a hairbrush with masturbation in mind. It had the perfect shaped handle! I got home and immediately went crazy with it....I then wanted to find a way to mount the hairbrush so that I could ride it like I would ride a guy....I hadn't had sex yet at that point, but I was determined to make masturbating as close an experience to sex as my limited knowledge could make it. I tried stuffing the hairbrush between the cushions on the couch, but that didn't work too well. Next I put the brush between the mattress and box springs on my bed and backed onto it...that worked fairly well....but, one day when I was doing it that way, I noticed that a foot stool that I had in my room might work better. The legs on it were made out of wrought iron and each leg was made from two pieces of iron that split apart just far enough to fit my hair brush into. So I tried it....It was perfect. The hairbrush handle was at the perfect height and angle to put it in me while I was on my knees just like I was straddling a guy, and since it was a foot stool, I could lean on the cushion and really go to town on it.

My mother had a neck pillow massager that wraps around your neck and vibrates. I wrapped it around the leg of the footstool above my improvised dildo and turned it on....and WOW!! it vibrated right on my clit....so this became my preferred way of masturbating to this day....I could cum sooo hard. I could usually make the hairbrush hit my g-spot (didn't know what it was then, just knew I could make it hit a spot that felt great) and the massager stimulated my clit....so the orgasms are so powerful.

So, now that I've explained how I masturbate, let me get to the part where I got busted. I had been using my hairbrush and neck massager in the manner I described virtually everyday (or several times a day) for about a year. My routine was that I would get home from school, go to my room and get undressed...then I would get the footstool, hairbrush and massager and my laptop and head to the living room. I did it in the living room when I was using my computer to look at porn or read erotic stories because the modem was in there and the signal was much stronger than in my room....nothing's more frustrating than trying to masturbate along with a video and having to wait for it to buffer...lol....I always set the alarm on my cell phone so that I wouldn't get carried away and still be going at it in the middle of the living room with porn going when my parents got home.

This system had worked flawlessly everyday for over a year until one day.....on this day, I got home from school, got naked, and got everything set up in the living room. I had found a particularly graphic porno with a guy that had a massive penis (I mean this thing was friggin huge!) and a woman was standing over him riding him....or at least trying....he was a bit big for her, but she was giving it her best....I was so turned on and had been going at it for nearly an hour....I was having small orgasms over and over and each one got bigger and bigger....I could feel a massive one coming on and I was totally lost in the feelings and the porn....so lost that I didn't hear my parents drive up...I also didn't hear their best friends (who were a couple with a super hot son that was my age) car pull up behind them. Unknown to me, my parents had gotten off work early and invited their best friends (and their super hot son) over to cook out.

So, here I am, butt naked and riding an improvised sex machine, watching some seriously explict porn, cumming like crazy with a massive orgasm building and completely oblivous to the crowd that is about to walk in the front door (which happens to be right in front of where I'm doing my thing). About the time that the door opened, one of the most intense orgasms I've ever had in my life hit....There wasn't much I could do, I was past the point of no return and nature took over....my parents were yelling at me to cover up, but my hips wouldn't stop thrusting...my Mother ran over and threw her coat over me while slamming the top down on the lap top....as I attempted to stand up and run for cover, the hairbrush came out with a loud pop which sent another wave of orgasm through me...I let out another moan because the pleasure was so intense and liquid rushed out of me which made a noticeable splashing sound on the hardwood floor....that had never happened before....I burst into tears and ran stumbling back to my room....leaving my homemade sex machine and my mess for all to see.

My parents friends and their hot son were stunned...I heard him say 'that was the coolest thing I've ever seen...' I was mortified....needless to say, the cookout didn't happen...luckily for my reputation, their son went to another school....I was pretty much grounded for the rest of high school and my parents never looked at me the same again....what was so terrifying was how I just couldn't stop after the door opened on me....I was screaming and moaning, my hips were thrusting involuntarily. I was aware of everyone watching me, but it was like I was out of my body, or certainly not in control of it....my parent's friend's son and I ended up going to the same college and actually hooked up. To be honest, he ended up being my first...we talked about that day several times and he said that he had never seen someone cum like that or fuck that hard. He said he could tell from the look on my face that I wanted to stop and run away, but that I couldn't.

Apparently my hips were going a million miles an hour and that they heard moaning as they walked up....I waited until my second year of college to ever have sex....I think the only way I made it was because of my constant experimenting with masturbation. I told my roommate in the dorm about how I masturbated in case she ever walked in on me....I didn't want her as freaked out as my parents....she was impressed with my ingenuity...lol....and she did walk in on me several times...though I usually didn't do it with my makeshift sex machine unless I knew she was gone home for the weekend. I've been caught several times and for some reason, I never get caught when I'm doing it in some 'normal' way....it always seems like I get busted doing something weird...lol....my sorority sisters went so far as to buy me a blow up sex doll with a vibrating penis....that is another story and a funny one at that!!!



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