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Busted (2)

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If you haven't read my other story 'Busted,' read it first...in it I explained my favorite way to masturbate and explained that I have been caught masturbating several times and that I always seem to get caught when I'm masturbating in some unusual way.

Well, when I went to college I lived in the dorm and I explained to my roommate how I liked to masturbate so that she wouldn't be as freaked out as my parents were if she were to walk in on me one day. I was lucky in that she was open about sex and masturbated almost as much as I did and we were always walking in on one another....well, one weekend I woke up in our room alone. I assumed my roommate had gone home for the weekend like she usually did and I got everything ready for an afternoon of masturbation. I set up my hairbrush with the footstool and got off several times that way. I decided to do something a little different though.

I had been watching a porn video where the girl was getting it from behind and I decided I wanted it from behind as well. I put my hairbrush between the mattress and box springs and got down on my hands and knees and backed onto the handle. I had been going at it for sometime and finally had a wonderful and powerful orgasm...all of a sudden I heard applause and giggling...I look up to see my roommate and three of our friends/sorority sisters standing there laughing their butts off. I got dressed and we all had a pretty good laugh....I ended up going home for the rest of the weekend just to spare myself anymore ridicule.

When I got back, I walked in my room to see what looked like someone laying in my bed with the covers over their head. I thought maybe my boyfriend was surprising me or something, so I pulled the covers back....it wasn't my boyfriend....it was a male blow up doll complete with vibrating penis. There was a note from my sorority sisters saying that they hoped I enjoyed it....it was pretty funny....I looked at the penis and it was pretty big and it was a powerful vibrator...they must have spent some serious money on this goofy thing. I decided I would try it out just once...I mean, what the heck, right? what's the difference between using that doll or just using a dildo? if you haven't figured it out yet, I'll masturbate with just about anything that looks like it might feel good up inside me as long as it's clean.

So I got undressed and hopped on top of it. I put the penis in me and then just about died laughing when I looked at the doll's goofy face....but then I turned on the vibrator and wow....it felt really good. I ended up really getting into it and riding it hard. To make a long story short, the whole thing turned out to be a set up....my sorority sisters wanted to see if I would actually use it...they had been waiting on me to get back from home and when they saw me drive up, they had my roommate set up a video camera and then leave the room with the love doll in my bed. Since I am quite the practical joker, this was their payback on me as well as blackmail to prevent any future practical jokes I may have been planning. It was pretty damn funny watching myself fuck the hell out of a blowup doll on video...I was really going at it hard!! I did end up getting a pretty compromising video of my roommate later on...but that's another story!! if you think it's gross that I did it with a blow up doll...all I can say is don't knock it till you've tried it....lol



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