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Business Trip Fun

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This is a REAL experience that just happened to me last month. Enjoy-I did!


Last month (October) I attended an industry conference and trade show out of state. What happened during the last night there is an experience I will never forget, and probably one that won't happen again to me in my life.

I am a 43-year-old father of two, married for 18 years. My life is pretty average in every way; nice job, decent salary, three weeks of vacation a year (usually one with the family during the summer) and a good relationship with my wife. Our sex life is only so-so, and has diminished slowly in quality and frequency over the years. My sex drive remains in high gear while my wife's is only puttering along, and I supplement our infrequent lovemaking with regular masturbation sessions. During these sessions (most often browsing porn on the computer) my fantasies run the spectrum from the 'standard' (thinking about neighbors, women at work, etc) to the 'perverse' (sister-in-law fantasies, panty fetish, group sex, being with a guy). Throughout my life I have had very little variety and have only slept with 3 women besides my wife (before I was married) and had one masturbation experience with a friend of mine (male) when I was 14. I'm fairly fit for 43 and exercise a few times a week, weigh about 170 and am balding slightly. I'm no Tom Selleck, but like to think I'm not awful to look at.

The conference I attended was in Denver (I'm from the Washington D.C. area) and I flew out on Sunday night. The first day was full of breakout sessions, presentations and product demos, followed by a dinner at the Conference Center. Some hob-knobbing and networking paid-off, and after dinner I headed to the hotel lounge with a few other colleagues from the conference. I ended up sitting next to a guy I had met at a breakout session earlier in the day (Dave) for the better part of the next two hours, during which time our conversation became less and less 'shop talk' and more personal. By the time the evening ended we were talking like we had known each other for years. We had quite a bit in common (including our jobs, although he works for a competitor), like both of us being married 18 years and having 2 kids about the same age (he had girls, I have boys). We also both shared a passion for baseball, and during our conversation kept our eyes on the playoff game on the TV above the bar. At about 10:00 pm a band started playing in the corner and it got quite loud, and Dave suggested we could head up to his room to watch the rest of the game. Sounded good to me, and we headed up to the fifth floor (ironically we were only 4 rooms away from each other on the same floor).

He flicked on the game and I kicked off my shoes and pulled up the chair from the desk so I could see the TV, and Dave flopped back on the bed. We shot the breeze for the better part of the next hour, and we enjoyed the ballgame (Yankees/Twins). Once the game was over it was pretty late and as I headed for the door Dave was by my side. He picked up the In-Room Move Menu off the top of the TV and made a joke about settling in and having some fun watching a 'big boy movie'. I laughed good-naturedly and commented that I would probably do the same. We made arrangements to meet downstairs for coffee the next morning before heading over to the Convention Center for the day. I went back to my room and, as I often do when traveling on business, stripped naked and fell into bed with the remote control, rented an adult movie from the menu and masturbated before falling asleep.

The next day was relatively uneventful, and a group of us wound up back at the hotel again that evening for dinner. While the conference still was going for another 1/2 day, I wasn't planning on attending any further events and my flight out was scheduled for noon the next day. In talking to Dave again after dinner at the lounge (again with a ballgame on) I found out he had made similar travel plans. We watched the game for a while til the band started up again (not until 10:30 this time...) and our group began to break up. I offered for Dave to come on over to my room to finish watching the game (with, honestly, no intentions of anything happening other than watching the game). He told me sure, but first he wanted to stop in his room and get out of his suit. As we got off the elevator he said he would be by in about 15 minutes.

Sure enough, 15 minutes later Dave knocked on the door and he had changed into a pair of sweats and a tshirt (I had put on a pair of comfortable shorts and golf shirt). The game was on and I invited him to make himself comfortable on one of the beds (I had a room with 2 queen beds while his had 1 king). As we watched the game we talked a bit more in depth about our families, and our conversation inevitably swung towards our sex lives. He described his wife as being a loving mother who had gained considerable weight over the years and while he loved her, his sex life was next to nothing. I shared a similar story, and offered up how I had been relegated to frequent masturbation sessions over the last several years. Dave sat up at this point and told me how he too had become 'chronic masturbator' and that he could never seem to get enough. We shared stories of how often we did, where we did it, if we had ever gotten caught (I had once by my wife, he had gotten caught by his wife twice and almost once by his daughter!). We started to get into somewhat dangerous territory when we started to talk about our fantasies, and I was surprised to find Dave had similar taste to me in terms of what turned him on. He told me his favorite fantasy involved his wife's best friend and he went into exquisite detail explaining what she looked like and the time he had seen her in a bikini. Our interest in the ballgame had faded, and we were both laughing and joking about the things we fantasized about and the fact we were a couple of married, dirty old guys (he was 45). I was the one who broached the subject of 'guys' when I asked him if he ever had fantasies of doing things with another guy. It just seemed a natural part of our conversation, and I wasn't uptight about it in the least. Neither was he. He said he had an experience in college with a roommate that had been interesting and he had thought about doing it again once in a while.

We sat there and looked at each other for a second, and it seemed like we were reading each other's minds. After a brief pause he looked at me and said, 'Want to?' I just smiled and said, 'Yeah, if you're up for it. I mean, I've never thought about butt screwing and all that, but anything else sounds like it might be fun to try.'

'OK, cool!' was his response. I suggested we pick out an adult movie on the pay channel to get in the mood, and tossed him the remote and told him since he was the guest that he could choose. He laughed and lay back on the bed and began flipping through the channels and making selections. To be honest I have no idea what the title of the movie was that he picked. As he was setting things up I settled back on my bed and put on arm behind my head and slowly began to rub myself through my shorts. I was semi-aroused already, and when the movie started and flesh showed up on the screen I was hard as a rock and raring to go.

Dave sat up again and said he was a bit nervous and asked if I was. I told him a little, but that I was horny more than anything else. I pointed to my crotch to show him my erection pressing against my shorts and he laughed again and said that we had to make sure that no one ever found out, and I told him that would be NO PROBLEM. He laid back and began to do the same thing as me-rub himself slowly through his sweatpants. I could see that he had an erection as well. We commented on the big-breasted woman in the movie who was getting drilled from behind, and Dave mentioned that was his favorite position. I told him I was going to get more comfortable and stood up and removed my shorts and tshirt (I favor boxers and had on green-and-red plaid ones). As I went to get back on my bed, Dave said I should lie next to him. I hesitated for a moment and then joined him. I was very aware that our legs were touching, and in less than 5 seconds Dave moved his hand over onto my crotch and began massaging me through my boxers. I let out a soft groan and he smiled at me and said, 'Feels good, huh?' I smiled back and told him it sure did, and I cautiously reached my hand out and found his erection through his sweats. He felt rather large, larger than me for sure, and I felt his hips sink further into the mattress as my hand explored his hard-on.

We continued that way for several minutes, and I felt like I was going to explode. Eventually I moved away from Dave for a second and suggested he take of his sweats and shirt as well. As he stood up on the far side of the bed, I lifted my hips and pulled off my boxers, exposing myself to Dave. It was the first time I had done something like that (other than with my wife) in more than 20 years and it felt awesome, nasty and sexy all at the same time. Dave chuckled when he looked over at me, and gave me a hearty, 'Looking GOOD, man!' as he stepped out of his sweats. I noticed that he also kept himself in good shape (I knew through talking to him over the past few days he loved play basketball and was an avid golfer). His legs were muscular, and he had surprisingly nice abs. I had never 'admired' another guy's body before, but found myself really checking him out. All in all he was a very good-looking guy. He had very little body hair, while I am a moderately hairy guy. There was one thing we didn't have in common; he wore white briefs. He quickly shucked them and hopped up onto the bed. As he did so I couldn't take my eyes off his cock. It wasn't monstrous, but was definitely longer and thicker than mine. I would consider myself average, about 6' when erect and fairly thick. Dave's was at least 7' long, and (as I found out later) too wide to fit my entire hand around. As he settled back on his pillows I did the same and we resumed stroking ourselves. We masturbated in front of each other, alternately watching the movie and asking each other questions about our techniques. Dave was right handed, I was left handed (we didn't have as much in common as I thought hahahahaha). He preferred long slow rhythmic strokes while I liked to go a bit more quickly and relax momentarily to let the sensation build and subside in cycles.

I decided to make the first move and rolled over onto my side, facing him. I inched myself towards him and reached over. As I moved to take hold of his cock, he naturally moved his hand away to let me take over. As I took it in my hand it was warm and solid, and wet with precum. I stroked it for a second and asked him how it felt, and he told me great. He asked me to play with his balls as he really loved that, and I complied. They actually felt heavy in my hands, and he groaned as I rolled one and then the other around in my hand. I returned to his cock and began to stroke him in earnest. As I did so I moved even closer, until my cock was pressed up against his hip. He looked at me and smiled and said, 'If only our wives could see us now!' We both burst out laughing, and when we stopped he worked his hand down between us and began to play with my cock as well, not stroking it so much as just playing with it. We were very comfortable and at ease, and there were several fantasies of mine I wanted to try out. I laid back and asked him to face me. Dave turned my way and I pressed forward until our cocks were touching. He got the hint and we began to grind against each other, our slippery cocks sliding up and down against each other. To get better leverage we placed a hand on each other's shoulders and got a very nice rhythm going. It was Dave who then leaned closer to me; I thought he was just overwhelmed by the feelings shooting through his body. Instead he surprised me when he kissed me on the lips. Taken aback at first, I didn't respond (I had never really fantasized about kissing a guy) but then I felt his lips on mine and began to get into it. We probed each other's mouths with our tongues, and I never felt so erotic and horny in my life. While it only lasted a few seconds (I think we both realized that, while it felt good, it was probably beyond what we had wanted to do) it was wonderful. Definitely mixed feelings.

As we broke contact, Dave moved down towards the end of the bed. I forget the exact sequence of events, but in a matter of seconds I felt the warm wetness of his mouth engulfing my erection. He smiled up at me and told me I had a 'nice mouthful' and proceed to give me a wonderful blowjob, almost to the point of no return. I asked him to stop after awhile as I didn't want to ejaculate yet, and then moved to return the favor. First I sucked gently on his testicles (he had done it to me and it felt GREAT) and I knew he liked that, and he was groaning like crazy. Next I licked his cock up and down, and while it was salty and musky, it wasn't quite as terrible as I expected it would be. When I took him in my mouth I could only take in about 3/4 of his length, but using my mouth/tongue in combination with my hand I had Dave telling me in a short time that he was about to come. I told him I wanted to see him shoot up close, and to shoot all over my chest. I sucked on him a bit more, and then began to masturbate him faster and faster. His hips were bucking wildly, and although I was off to his left side towards the foot of the bed, I almost got a knee in the face at one point hahahahaha. When his cock head swelled and he groaned/screamed that he was coming I moved my head back just a bit, but not quick enough as Dave's first stream of ejaculate caught me under the chin. I continued stroking him with my right hand while cupping his testicles with my left, and he unleashed at least 3 more copious ropes of come that spilled all over my chest. His cock gurgled out several small eruptions that coated the back of my hand and flowed down onto his balls and dripped onto the mattress. As I released his cock we both slumped back. Dave's breathing was still ragged when he said, 'Man, that was unbelievable! I haven't come that much in years!' I told him I was glad it felt good, and laughing told him that he had made a big friggin' mess all over me. He sat up in mock horror and looked at his come all over my chest and neck, and then his eyes locked in on my still erect cock.

I told him that he didn't have to do me, that it was OK and that I knew that once I had come I really wasn't interested any more. I told him I would be happy to jerk off while he watched me, but he was very cool about it. He said, 'Hey, you got me off now it's my turn. Anyway, I want to see what it's like'. He reached over and began stroking me, and I swear in less than 60 seconds he had me on the edge of orgasm. Dave started talking dirty (which I hadn't done to him, and it had never really turned me on before), saying things like, 'Yeah man, let me see you shoot your load. Let me see you come all over the place. Yeah, your cock is SO hard.' It really got me going. Through gritted teeth I announced that I was going to come, and Dave's hand was pumping so hard it was like a blur. I locked my legs out straight (like I always do when I orgasm...) and lifted up my hips, and grabbed Dave's hand and had him lock it around the base of my cock. I erupted with a stream of come straight up into the air, almost like a geyser (unusual for me since I'm usually an 'oozer') and it plopped down on Dave's hand. He started to pump me again, and 2 more streams, in smaller spurts this time, shot out of my cock and all over my belly. Dave continued to milk me until I was spent and my cock was sensitive, and I finally had to move his hand away. He looked at me, laughing, and said, 'Hey man you look like you just filmed a porno movie. You have jizz all over you!' And he was right-I did and it felt strange yet erotic at the same time. And it was funny; usually after I come I 'lose the feeling' and I'm not horny any more, but this time I still felt like I wanted to get off.

I told Dave I had to clean off and take a shower, and as I entered the bathroom I stopped and looked in the mirror. I had come from the base of my neck all the day down to my pubic hair; it was all over me. I leaned out of the bathroom and said to Dave, 'You can join me if you want'. He had been sitting on the bed and had already flipped back to the game to catch the score, but he stood up and briskly walked into the bathroom. 'You're a mess,' he laughed as he took control and pulled back the shower curtain while turning on the water. As he did so I noticed his butt; it was completely hairless and amazingly tight, and even though I had only come moments before I began to feel new stirrings in my groin. He checked the temperature and stepped in, and held the curtain open for me to join him.

As I climbed in, Dave faced me and leaned his head back to get his hair wet. As he did, I took the bar of soap and used it to soap up his cock. It instantly began to grow hard in my hand, and he looked down and said, 'Man, you don't waste any time'. He washed his hair as I began to stroke his cock, then I took the soap and began to wash him all over. It was quite a different experience from washing a woman (which I had done many times in the past with my wife). It was a bit weird, but strangely erotic, running my hands all over his shoulders, feeling the solid muscles of his chest, and then he turned around. My hand went immediately to his ass, getting it nice and soapy. It looked very inviting, and I realized I was once again fully erect. I stepped forward, wanting to feel myself pressed against him, and my cock naturally slipped between his ass cheeks. The warmth of the water, the slippery sensation caused by the soap and the firmness offered between Dave's buttocks was indescribable. We both moaned in harmony, and then laughed at how ridiculous we sounded. I let my hands wind around his torso, feeling his abs and then working my way up to his pecs. He pressed back against me, his head arched backward, and as I tweaked his nipples and humped his ass, he turned his head towards me and we kissed, again. This time it was actually more, um, passionate, and I as our tongues intertwined I let my left hand lower down to his cock. We were locked together now, him pressing his ass back against my cock, me humping him, kissing with fervor and my hands working his cock and nipples. The feelings were electric, and something I never fantasized about doing with a man. We remained this way for several minutes, moaning in lust, and Dave broke our kiss only to announce he was coming. As he stiffened my hand became a blur again on his cock and I actually felt the contractions pulsing through his member. His come shot out against the shower stall wall, not as much as earlier but still an impressive load. I was intent on coming with him (or shortly thereafter), and I grabbed Dave's hips and he bent forward slightly which allowed my cock to slide firmly up and down between his cheeks. My orgasm was quick and powerful; without using my hands I ejaculated all over his back, producing at least as much come as my first orgasm. Dave reached back and pressed against the top of my cock, catching it between his hand and ass. He then took his middle finger and put it in his mouth, tasting my come (that is definitely something I did NOT want to try and wasn't a turn on...). He then turned around and we embraced, just hugged and held each other for a moment. We then rinsed off in silence, got out and dried off.

Dave got dressed, somewhat awkwardly as we kept our eyes on the eighth inning of the game (Giants/Marlins). He shook my hand and said thanks, it was a lot of fun, much more than he ever thought it would or could be. I thanked him as well and asked if he wanted to have coffee in the morning. He said he had a conference call before his flight and that he wouldn't have time. He left the room and that was the last I saw of him. I do have his work phone # and email and have thought about calling just to see how he is, but like me I'm sure he had second thoughts about our encounter after it happened.



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