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Bus Trip

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A Story of a boy experimenting


It started when I entered high school (South Africa, 14. We were paired in classes, coming from primary school 'clever' to 'need assistance'. I was lucky that I ended up in class A (Clever) with some gorgeous boys, really cute, from tall blonde blue eyes, to shorter stocky but goodlooking.)

I had always had a crush from the first day I saw the two boys. They came from a different primary school as there were two in the town we lived in. It took me about a year and a half to befriend the boys. Sometimes going home and fantasizing over them whilst jerking off... those were great, shooting loads of cum, two to three times in the afternoon whilst my sister was in the room next door.

So finally when I was part of their inner circle and they all knew I was gay this happened. We were on a sports trip to another school about 100km from our school. The very cute, blonde haired boy and I ended up sitting next to one another on the back seat of the bus. We were pretty close at this stage and he used to be very flirtatious with me, so I decided to take it further.

As the evening drew closer, the bus driver did not turn on the lights inside and we were kinda stuck in darkness hoping we would calm down and sleep but... my opportunity! As D sat next to me we kind of sat real tight against one another even though there was no reason to. He kept whispering soft words like 'I'm horny and wouldn't mind grabbing one of the girls'. I replied 'sure'.

My hand slowly moved across from my lap over to his and brushed his now hard cock. I kept it there for a while waiting for him to protest.... he did not. So further I went and undid his trousers, now exposing his rock hard seven incher through his underwear. I was as hard and leaking. I proceeded to rub his boner for a while watching him trying to keep a straight face for the girl that had suddenly turned around to chat to us from the seat in front. As I continued stroking him I could feel his underwear getting wetter, I loved this. He soon dismissed the girl and she turned away. He told me to stop before it gets unbearable, as if I would at this time.

I carried on stroking him, moving my hand more and more inside his underwear, taking hold of his throbbing cock. No need for a foreskin, 16 years old and extremely horny, he made enough precum to cover the whole shaft.

He was bucking his hips as I caressed his smooth shiny cock-head. I continued this until he could not take it anymore. At this time his hand was frantically searching for my rock hardon safely tucked away, although now I wished I had released it for him. A couple of minutes later he heaved silently, bit his lower lip and shot rope after rope of hot steamy creamy cum into his pants and into my hand, it was great as I used his own cum to further stimulate his throbbing cock.

I had shot a full load in my own training shorts without him knowing, it was awesome, lucky black shorts to conceal the wet spot from my mother when she fetched me from school.

I never thought this would happen, he's so straight, yet open to MM experiences. He whispered in my ear that it was great and that he is not opposed to doing it again as long as he does not have a Gf at the time, he remained single for most of our highschool years. Only contracted a Gf in senior year. We had some other experiences, those I will tell later.



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