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Bus Travel Can Be Hard

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I'm not sure if this story even qualifies for Solo Touch because what I am about to describe is not a full masturbation and orgasm but I feel my recent experience is in the spirit of this fun site.

I was on a night bus to Philadelphia to spend a few days visiting my older sister. It was a rather long trip from Chicago and I was on the night bus to save money and (hopefully) be able to sleep while riding.

The bus wasn't full and I was lucky enough to get a seat to myself for the whole trip. I had a snack, did some reading, and listened to my portable music player until it was late and people started turning off the lights and going to sleep in their seats.

After closing my book and putting it away, I turned off the reading light and noticed that the woman in the seat across the aisle had turned off her light to get some rest too. She was a woman perhaps 40 and had a 'girl next door' attractiveness. As she got ready to doze off I glanced over in time to notice her reaching behind her back to release her bra, then casually adjust her breasts for comfort. She was wearing a sweater so nothing showed, but I found it exciting to have seen these personal touches as she prepared for her night on the bus.

I fell asleep without much difficulty and although it was not a good sleep, I got a surprising amount of rest. I awoke to discover dawn was breaking outside and my morning erection was straining against the tight fabric of my jeans. It hadn't occured to me that my habit of waking up 'stiff' would be an awkward feature of sleeping in a public place. I figured I would just wait things out as usual for my penis to relax but as I remembered the sight of that attractive passenger unhooking her bra for the night, my erection strained all the more painfully against my jeans. I glanced over. She was reading and from the apperanace of her bust which looked high and firm, I knew she had already 'hooked herself up' for the day while I had been sleeping. It was a lovely, arousing thought, but I was in a difficult position with too much penis for the space available and it was really painful. There was no sign of it softening up and the more I thought about it, the harder it seemed to get.

Finally, feeling somewhat desperate, I took my coat from the aisle seat and draped it over my lap, then reached under it and undid the button and zipper. I felt a flood of instant comfort as the pressure on my erection was relieved. After sitting for a few moments, savoring the relief, I thought it might feel even better to take it out of my jockeys since no one would be the wiser. I glanced around and casually pulled the waistband down and sat there in the dim light of dawn with my hand under my coat, wrapped around my hard penis which was free and pointing upward. It was somehow very comforting to be sitting there with my penis in my hand and my thoughts drifted to my wife's comments when she holds me like that. She has wondered how anythig can be so hard, yet so soft to the touch. Sitting there, I realized it really is a unique feeling and I lay there in a dreamy state, much too afraid to stroke it more than once or twice for fear of being seen. At one point I slipped my hand a bit lower and sat watching the scenery rush by with my testicles resting in my hand. It was delightful.

About fifteen minutes later the driver turned on the microphone and announced we were going to be arriving in another fifteen minutes. I still had a boner that wouldn't quit and began to panic at the thought of how I was going to be able to get off the bus with my erection. I turned toward the window and forced it down into my underwear and zipped up. Women might not realize it, but it is very painful to force an erection down like that but I knew the discomfort and the restriction of my clothing would soften it up (and it did).

I put on my coat as the bus pulled into the station and was relieved to see that nothing showed.

As I inched my way down the aisle, the woman, still sitting in her seat, said 'Did you find it hard sleeping on the bus?' She was smiling, and her glance was at the level of my crotch.

'I sure did' I said, wondering if she had meant her double-entendre the way I had taken it.

'Next time maybe we should both wear looser clothing' she said with a smile, briefly cupping her full breast through her sweater.

I agreed and hurried off the bus before my penis started to fill up again.

My sister was waiting and innocently said 'I bet you've had a hard night.'

Laughing to myself I said 'kind of' as we headed out to her car.



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