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Bus Stop Boy

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Story of my first jackin buddy I had in 6th grade


I made friends with a guy named Tom at the bus stop my first day of middle school. We had lots in common, favorite shows, video games, music. I was a bit short for my age, brown hair, green eyes, and had a lil belly on me. Not overweight but still a lil baby fat. Tom was different, he was half italian. He had a kinda big-ish nose, black hair, blue eyes, and was trim. He also had bigger feet than me.

Anyway throughout the school year we hung out more and more and started having sleep overs. It was at one of these sleepovers I confessed to Tom that I had recorded some soft core porn.

'I've never seen pornos, just some nudie mags my Dad left' Tom said. I had never talked to anyone about jacking off and talking openly with Tom about it was a major turn on.

'Well do you wanna watch it?' I said.

'Yea! as long as no one else finds out' Tom said kinda nervously.

Tom was on a small cot low to the floor to my right and we agreed to stay under our covers while watching the movie. I could see Tom while looking at my TV and he was none the wiser. The movie kicked off and eventually I could see some movement under Tom's blanket. I had been absently squeezing my 4' boner through my boxers but Tom's whole arm was moving.

'Dude are you whackin it?' I stammered.

'Y-yeah hahaa' Tom laughed. We both laughed and this broke the ice and eventually I pulled my boner through my boxer fly.

Tom's movements were getting more frantic and the cot creaked and shook a lil from his movements. I could hear the soft slapping of skin as I beat my meat harder getting turned on by the whole scene. Eventually Tom moaned quietly followed by a low grunt and a couple of spasms. I followed up only seconds later with a dry orgasm. We probably only lasted about eight minutes.

'Phew' Tom exhaled, he turned to look at me with a kinda crooked smile and I could see he was slightly sweaty. 'That was awesome!'

'Yeah hahaha' I laughed.

'Can you toss me some tissues so I can wipe up my load?' Tom asked. I was shocked! I didn't want to act less developed than my friend so I played it off and acted like I needed to wipe up my own jizz too. I was very curious as to how big his dick was compared to mine and how much hair he had but I didn't want to make it weird. I had just grown a very light patch of blonde-ish pubes and still didn't have armpit hair. Things weren't awkward afterwards and I knew we would get a chance to jack off together again soon.



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