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Bus Stop Boy (2)

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Me and Tom's jackin adventures continue


My buddy Tom and I watched that same tape and jacked off under separate covers another three or four times over the next couple of months. One day while at Tom's house he went to take a shower and came back to his room wearing only boxers. This was the first I had seen him shirtless. He had a nice flat stomach and small patches of dark black hair in his armpits. It drove me crazy. This was my first inclination that I might be bisexual.

We goofed around and played video games while he was still in his boxers. He mentioned about a half hour later that he had a semi-chub and I glanced over and saw a small lump in the front of his underwear. We joked about it and he was saying something about how strong his dick was and set the game controller in his lap. He then flexed his dick so it lifted the controlled somewhat, even though he was not fully hard. It was hot. I wanted it to continue but his Mom called and he got dressed.

A couple of weeks later I had the house to myself for a night and Tom came over. I was never allowed to use the computer and get on the internet with friends but since no one was home we surfed the net for porn after watching some movies and eating pizza. We watched a couple of soft core clips before moving to harder stuff. We were both pretty silent.

I noticed Tom rubbing his dick. We were both wearing gym shorts and t-shirts.

'Damn, this is some hot stuff huh'' he asked.

'Mmmhmm' was all I managed to say.

Eventually I was rubbing myself through my shorts too and Tom was pretty aggressively stroking the length of his boner through the mesh shorts.

'Ummm, do you wanna maybe?' Tom asked.

'Well, yea if you want to I mean'

'You can't tell anybody. People would think we are so gay!' Tom interrupted.

'Of course! I'm not saying anything' I said. We both nervously sat there and we agreed to pull our shorts down at the same time.

My four inch erection popped out and I immediately glanced to my right to see what Tom was packing. I was shocked. He was at least five and a half inches. He was perfectly circumcised with no scar and had a HUGE mushroom head. He also had a decent amount of wirey black pubes. My dick looked a bit thicker, but his was perfect in every way.

'Damn dude, you got a big one' I laughed. I felt stupid as soon as I said it.

'hahaha, thanks for noticing fag. Yours ain't too bad' he joked.

We kept the chatter to a minimum and returned to the porn.

I kept watching Tom beat his huge dick from the corner of my vision. I wanted to reach out and grab him so badly. I noticed he started playing with his balls a lot with his free hand, something I never did. It felt great. As a big tittied girl screamed out on the screen Tom said 'Oh god, would love to show her what my dick tastes like' This made me crazy. I felt like I could cum any minute. Tom was beating his meat faster and faster, somewhat rocking in his chair. I wanted to orgasm after him.

'Oh shit, fuck yea' Tom groaned as he lifted his shirt and shot a few decent ropes of creamy jizz on his pubes and stomach. This sent me over the edge and I gasped as I felt my balls pull up and waves of pleasure hit. I saw stars as a couple of small streams of clear cum shot out of my dick and onto my shirt, surprising me.

We cleaned up and things were kinda quiet but we were back to normal before he left my house to ride his bike home around one am. This was the beginning of a great friendship!



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