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Bus Ride Back To University

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A memorable ride back to school


It was over 40 years ago.... I was returning to the university after the Christmas holiday season. The university was about 300 miles away. Getting back there was a trip I was not looking forward to. As a sophomore struggling like many other students, I could not afford anything but a bus to get back to school.

The holidays were over. The four hour, 30 minute bus ride was something that had to be endured. There were snow flurries the day I left. It felt damp and cold. I should have checked the weather report.... but what difference would it have made?

I got on board the bus. I knew it was going to be a weird trip when I realized the only empty seats on the bus were the first row seats on the right side of the bus. I really didn't want to be near the bus door because of the cold. We got underway.

The first two hours of the trip were as boring as the trips before. I did notice that it was getting colder. Evening had set in and it was particularly dark. The bus door was drafty, which did not help. I bundled up by using my overcoat as a blanket. I slept for quite a while.

I was awoken by the bus slowing to a stop at a rural bus station. I had no idea where I was or how long I had been sleeping. The snow was coming down very heavily. The bus driver drove slowly, and I guess he had been driving slowly for quite some time. For some reason it seemed that the driver was taking an unusual route. I did not recall coming this particular way before.

I was somewhat surprised that within a matter of 10-15 minutes we stopped at another bus station. I was getting a bit annoyed with the opening and closing of the bus door. I was freezing! At this stop a guy hopped on board, and much like my boarding, he found the only seat available was next to me in the first row by the door. Now, I could not stretch out as I had been with the other seat taken. I re-arranged myself in the seat pulling the overcoat over me as much as possible.

Maybe I could sleep the remaining ride away. So, I settled in and tried to get as warm as I could. I was in a semi-doze when I felt something on my thigh, almost like a mouse had crawled on me. It was brief - maybe I was dreaming. I tried to go back to sleep.

Again, I felt something on my left thigh, about the height of my crotch. I pulled my overcoat away to find the culprit - nothing found. I got a bit nervous thinking that maybe a mouse was really there.

Again, I felt it but this time it was more deliberate. I looked under my coat to see the hand of the guy next to me lightly touching my thigh. Was he trying to pick my pocket? I didn't know what to do. It never occurred to me that he had other things in mind.

Once again I felt the touch on my thigh but this time it was a sensual squeeze, this time I realized that my seat mate was copping a feel. And, I liked it. I liked it a great deal.

I had a male experience before in my early teens. At the time it was wonderful and traumatic at the same time. I had vowed then not to repeat that experience. But here I was with a guy's hand slowly rubbing my thigh and my cock was getting very, very hard. I opened my legs a bit hoping that he would get the message. He slid his hand to the inside of my thigh just a little bit. And I responded by opening my legs a bit more. He got the message. His hand slid over my hard cock. He was rubbing my shaft up and down through my pants. I was getting very hot. My cock ached to get stroked by his hand. He knew it too.

I arranged my overcoat so that he and I were sharing it as a blanket. We were only four feet from the bus driver, although, it was very dark. He slowly unzipped my pants. It was a struggle to get my cock undone sitting in that bus seat. I almost had to get up and undo my pants entirely. Finally, he managed to pull my cock out of my white briefs. I felt his hand on my cock stroking it. I sat back and relaxed, enjoying the feeling. It felt so good to have his hand on my cock and I was so incredibly hard.

I wanted to feel his cock also. In my case there was none of this working up to it. I simply reached over and unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. I had the same problem getting him undone as with mine. I started stroking him. This was the first time I really enjoyed a guy's cock. His cock was good sized, longer than mine and a little thicker. I enjoyed how he felt and his reactions as I stroked him.

As I started stroking his cock the pace on my cock quickened. He was going to make me cum. Now what? I'll have cum all over the place and no ability to clean up. I slid forward to the edge of the seat. He knew exactly what to do. He made sure my cock was as low as possible. I starting shooting my cum on the bus floor. It was wonderful.

I continued stroking him but he was not interested in getting off. He put his cock back in his pants and zipped up.

Surprisingly he got off the bus about five minutes later. We never said a word. I have no idea of his name or age. All I know is that I enjoyed him jerking me off and I enjoyed doing the same to him. After I got off that bus it was if the trip had been only two hours. To this day I've never had another experience quite like that one.



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