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Bus Ride

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I was riding the bus across country and had already been riding for almost a whole day. I was restless and couldn't sleep. I was 17 and always horny. There was a black lady sitting in the seat across from me, but the bus was not very full and there were empty seats all around us. Anyway, I was just letting my mind roam and you guys out there know how the motion of a bus can have strange effects. Well, I got really hard. I had worn sweat pants and a sweat jacket in case it was chilly on the bus. Needless to say, sweat pants don't do much to hide raging hardons.

I glanced across the aisle and the black lady looked up from my lap and smiled really wide then turned around in her seat towards the window. Wow, that got me really turned on. All I could think about was how her eyes were staring at my hard cock. I figured she doesn't seem to mind, so I leaned back, took my dick out and was rubbing slow and hard. It felt fantastic. I was watching the lady across the aisle trying to will her to turn around and see my dick with no sweatpants covering it. When it happened I wasn't even expecting it. I had been distracted watching myself and when I looked up again she had turned back around and had that same smile on her face.

'Do you mind if I watch?' she asked.

I said, 'No. Do you want to come sit over here?' As soon as I said it she was out of her seat and sitting next to me. At first I just continued rubbing my dick and looking at her body and watching her watch me. She looked good-about 30, nice shape. I reached over and squeezed the tit closest to me and she didn't say anything, so I put my hand between her legs.

By this time my dick was constantly running pre cum all over the place. I couldn't reach between her legs easily as I was jacking with the hand closest to her and reaching across my body to feel her pussy so I stopped and she said, 'No, go back down there. ' Then she said, 'Wait a minute,' and pulled her jeans down to her ankles and scooted down in the seat with her knees up on the back of the seat in front of her. 'Let me do that for you,' she said and reached over and got a good grip on my dick. I slid my hand between her legs and started rubbing up and down her slit. She was soaked. She must have been as turned on by the whole thing as I was. I got carried away and she had to tell me, 'Not so hard,' then I settled down to rubbing her clit steadily.

It wasn't long before her body stiffened and she squeezed her legs together on my hand. She still had a grip on my dick but had stopped stroking during her orgasm. When she had recovered she started stroking again and this time she gave my dick her undivided attention. It felt great. She was milking my cock as good as I do it myself. I looked at her and her eyes were glued to my dick and had a kind of sexy glazed look in them. It was all I could stand and I started coming hard. I squirted and squirted it got all over me, her, and the back of the seats in front of us but she never quit stroking until I was drained.

She helped me clean up, pulled up her pants and moved back to her seat. With that same smile she looked back across and told me, 'You should be able to sleep now.'

I have had many other experiences jacking off for and with women I have never met. Maybe I'll tell more later.



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