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Bursting on the Beach

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I know that nude beaches are no supposed to be sexaul places, but it's hard not to get turned on/be a voyeur when when there are nice asses(men and women) so bare and free. I also can't help checking out other guys' cocks, intrigued by the bigger ones(mine is on the smaller side).

This past summer my girlfriend and I were staying at a cottage and I found out that there was a beach with part of it being unofficially nude not too far away. We decided to head there for the day. We passed into the clothing optional part and started to see naked bodies here and there, it was pretty empty. Easily finding a spot we ditched our clothes and relaxed.

Having people, some nude some not, pass by and see you naked can become arousing. When I was on my back I'd try to stay soft, but when I was laying on my stomach I kept getting hard. Intentionally arching my ass slightly or spreading/adjusting unnecessarily was fun and eventually led to me accidentally squirting into my towel. My girlfriend had a good laugh at that.

We returned two days later. Same set up except that the first day no one had approached us. This day a couple of people stopped to talk. I became slightly nervous/shy but there is no place to hide out there.

I was on my stomach when we noticed an older tanned guy coming towards us, I sat up when he came up to us to chat. My glances turned to ogling at his dick. It looked big, thick and juicy and it was only soft. When he left she said she had noticed him looking at my little package, and when I looked down there was a big bead of precum making its way down my semi which I now know he saw.

She's totally ok with my bi side (gay porn, dildos, anal plug etc), so she knows I have a desire to jerk off with another guy. Later on I told her I was going for a walk down the beach, she said 'have fun, tell me how your first time goes', another laugh.

I eventually came across my new friend in a somewhat secluded spot, he waved me over, and I nervously went up to him and sat down. It wasn't long before we were talking cock. He had seen my little guy leaking and asked if I wanted to have some fun. I said yes.

He told me to get on top of him, I got so turned on being told what to do. He laid back and I put my leg over him to straddle him. He grabbed me by the hips and backed me into his face.

My stuff had shrunk from my nervousness but I began to get hard as he reached to my front and started rubbing my little nub. He started squeezing and slapping my ass with his other hand.

It's strange, I thought I might say yes to anything at that point. I put my hand around his massive cock and started to stroke him. He told me to spit in his hand. I looked down at his hand stroking me and I couldn't hold back and blew all over his tanned stomach. He told me to get on all fours, I did. I arched my back trying to show my hole. He put his dick against the the top of my ass cheeks and started rubbing, then I felt cum shoot all over my back.

We both sat back up, his cum dripping down my back and my cum all over his belly. I don't think anyone saw us but I kind of hoped someone had of seen. I told him how much I had needed to do this and he said he completely understood. I said I had to get back to my girlfriend and walked back along the beach wearing his cum on my back until I slipped into the water to wash off. We met one more time later in the week.

I told her what went on and now she wants to watch me play with another guy. I wish it was easier and more acceptable to find and play with another guy, it's just cum and fun.



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