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Budding Friendship

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I just read the comment called 'Sources' posted in May in which the author speculates that among 200 boys millions of masturbations must have occurred between the first event and age 20. I think he is right. Here is one of mine which I had forgotten...


At the time, we were both 11. Lou and I went to the same all boys school and knew each other although we were not really friends. Our mothers were however. Lou was an introverted kid from a family which seemed to have everything. In their efforts to improve Lou's social graces, his family began inviting me to spend the weekends and holidays with them at their country house. I went grudgingly because I did not want to be isolated in the woods with Lou, and because I feared that if he and I had to sleep in the same bed room, I would have to go three days without masturbating. My worst fears were realized; he and I were to sleep in his bedroom in twin beds. I had a good enough time with swimming, hiking, outdoor barbequing, etc., and hoped the invitation would not be repeated. Three weeks later his mother at their weekly bridge game told mine how pleasant it was to have me for a house guest; that I was a perfect little gentleman, and made other remarks revealing her inability to penetrate my outward deceptions. When she came home, my mother praised me for the impression I had made, and announced that I was invited to spend the next weekend with them again. I set up a howl, complaining that it was no fun to be cooped up with Lou for three days; that we had nothing in common. It didn't do any good, and I went with his family again to their house in the country. This time I decided I didn't want to sit in a group with Lou, his sisters, parents, and guests until dark, and then have to listen to all of them at supper and afterward 'till bed time. So when we arrived I proposed to Lou that we go for a hike on the trail running around the lake, anything to get away from this boring crowd. Lou agreed, and we set out. I was at a loss to think of something to talk about, so I asked him what he thought of Jennifer's behind. To my surprise, he wasn't shocked at the question, replied she had a good one, and he had a time hiding the hardon she gave him. From there, things looked up. It developed that we had one thing in common; an insatiable horniness. When we were half way on the path, we came to a secluded little wooded area, and Lou suggested we go back into them. We arrived in a little hollow with a fallen tree in it. Lou suddenly asked if I jacked off. I was surprised, but admitted I did. Next he asked if I was hard. Admitted again. Then he asked if I wanted to jack off now. Surprised again, I agreed again. We took out our hard peters, sat down on the log, and began stroking. We were at it for a few minutes when Lou began telling me how much he was relieved to know that I liked jacking, and that he worried that he would have to live through another weekend without his usual pecker exercise. When we were at it for about 5 minutes, I told Lou I was close, and started to come. Lou kept going for another 3 or 4 minutes, and shot one of the biggest loads I had seen 'till then. We cleaned up, and began walking back to the house. On the way we exchanged our jacking histories, and were surprised to find how similar they were. His last remarks before we rejoined the other guests were that he looked forward to another jacking that night after all the others were sleeping. We had a lot in common. The following Tuesday, my mother congratulated me on how impressed Lou's mother was with Lou's response to having me for a house guest. If only you knew, I thought.



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