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Budapest Showers

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This is a story about an unexpected and unexpectedly arousing encounter in the men's showers.

A few years ago, I was traveling around central Europe with my girlfriend on a railpass vacation. We had started up north, taking the train from Poland down to Romania. We had been underway for about 2 weeks when we got to Budapest, some time in mid September.

I was 28 years old at the time, my girlfriend was 24. To give you a sense of what I look like, I am 6 foot tall, weigh about 185 pounds and keep myself in shape and trim, with plenty of toned muscles though not too much mass.

By this point, we were rather exhausted, having spent so much time and so many nights on trains or in cheap beds in hostels and the like. So when we got to Budapest, we decided to take it a bit easy and slow down. It was definitely time to relax and let our batteries recharge. And Budapest seemed like just the right place to do it.

Like elsewhere in central Europe, though the forint, the Hungarian currency, had been getting stronger against the euro, Budapest was still a reasonably priced city and so we could afford to live it up a little bit. One of the ways we decided to do this, in addition to splurging for a cheap hotel room, was to spend some time in Budapest's famous baths. For anyone who has never been to Budapest, one of the things on any must-do list are the baths, reminders of the once heavy Turkish influence in this part of Hungary. The baths themselves are beautiful places, in immense buildings, with various, grand rooms and loads of pools with different temperatures. We decided to go to the baths we had been told were the most beautiful: the Gellert baths.

The Gellert baths are co-ed (contrary to what you still read in a lot of out-dated travel guides), with lots of tourists and families and the like. The interior is sumptuous, art nouveauish, but art nouveau that had managed to survive through the neglect of communist-era Hungary. Still, it's an impressive sight to behold. And most days, it can be wildly overcrowded. Still my girlfriend and I decided to make a go of it; and we were quite lucky for it. Though it was a Saturday during the tourist season,albeit at the end of the tourist season, the baths were not too crowded. We arrived shortly after having had lunch, prepared to pamper ourselves with a few hours of lying around in the hot baths, sitting in the steam rooms, taking laps around the swimming pool, and generally just sitting, enjoying the feeling of not having a backpack strapped over one's shoulders or walking at a furious pace to pack in all the sights. And we did just this. It was great.

After a couple of hours enjoying ourselves in the waters, we decided it was time to shower off (men's and women's showers were separate), so I went to the gents' and she went to the ladies'.

The men's showers that I used (on the second floor), were off from the lockerroom, around several corners and frankly rather hidden away in the labyrinth that is the men's lockerroom. So having finally found the showers, I noticed 4 shower heads, two on either side, facing each other at a distance of perhaps 2 meters. The two on each side were separated from each other by a divider, so that the whole thing, in itself not very large, looked something like an 'H'. You could see anybody in either shower on the other side, but you were hidden from the person in the shower next to you. There were, as ever, no curtains or anything. In fact, the place was really a bit dodgy looking, with hardly any place to hang one's swimsuit or towel. But, fumbling with my shower gel and shampoo, I managed to get my trunks off and hanging along side the towel about 2 or 3 meters from the shower area. There was one other person there, so I chose the one next to him, the one where, from his shower, he couldn't see me, on account of the divider.

I proceeded to put the shower gel and shampoo on the floor, there was no rack or shelf and hit the shower button on. It was one of those annoying timed things that shuts off automatically after 20 or 30 seconds or so. While I was getting settled under the water that was now hot, I realized that the guy that had been to my left, where I couldn't see, but where I could hear him, had moved to the shower across from his first, so that he and I were now diagonal from one another.

I thought that this was a bit of an odd thing to do, but didn't really get too caught up in worrying about it, since he stayed over there. I just mostly kept my back to him and my face under the water streaming down. It felt good to get nice and warm. Gradually though, I wanted to get soaped and shampooed up. After all, I'd come in to get clean. So I picked up the shampoo and lathered it in my hands, turned my back to the water, so that I was now facing the guy, and shampooed my hair. At this point, I noticed the guy across from me.

He was an older looking guy, probably eastern or central European, maybe late 40s, a bit overweight, but pretty stocky looking and about my height. All of this I absorbed in just a split second, without really meaning to, you know how it is. Anyway, I then noticed that his eyes were all over me, but mostly focused on my dick.

I'm not exceedingly well endowed, but, when hard, I am very thick and slightly longer than average. Because I keep my pubic hair trimmed and because I am lean, it sometimes looks especially large. Still, I'd just gotten out of a swimsuit, so I expect that I was suffering from a little shrinkage. In any case, it was clear that he liked what he saw, at least to judge from the way he kept his eyes on my cock and at the same time seemed particularly keen on 'washing' his cock in a steady stroking motion. I realized that though not hard, he was clearly getting aroused watching me, so that he was now getting a little inflated.

When I saw this, again out of the corner of my eye, without openly looking, as he was at me,I was honestly a bit shocked. I turned my face to the water and my back to him again, thinking 'shit, what is this about?' and a million other things and at the same time realizing two very different emotional responses in me: first, this was a potentially dangerous situation, and, two, I was very aroused to be the object of this kind of desire. I'm a good looking guy, don't get me wrong; and I have my share of female admirers. But with women, their desire is never as overt or evident as a guy's, especially a nude guy's. And in a split-second, I realized why women loved watching men get aroused: it is a signal that they are arousing the guy, that it is them that is fuelling that lustful look, that heightened arousal. So in the few seconds I had my back to the guy and was washing the shampoo out of my hair, I decided to give the guy a little show.

Picking up my shower gel, I again faced him. Pretending not really to notice his stares and his now unabashedly overt stroking though, for reasons unknown to me, he wasn't hard. I poured lots of shower gel into my hands and proceeded to lather up. I know he was enjoying watching, and I was beginning to enjoy it, so I made sure to take a long time about it and to make sure that my cock and balls were especially clean. And then I turned to face the water to rinse off the soap. With my back to him, I realized that I had an almost panicked excitement about this; but, as a typical man, everything else was overwhelmed by hormones, and I realized that I just wanted to keep at it. And I was getting aroused.

So, I turned again to face him with the shower gel in hand and again poured an excessive amount into my hands and got busying lathering myself up. This time, I didn't pretend not to notice him. Instead, I faced squarely with him and let him see that I was staring at him, too when I once, very briefly, caught his eyes. Openly, I let him note that I was looking at his growing cock while essentially stroking my own, likewise not yet hard, but,growing under the very loose guise of getting soaped up. He had a pretty large cock and it was rather fascinating to look at as I had never seen another guy go from just more or less flaccid to more or less not flaccid. I was pretty impressed by it, as I suppose he was of mine, which had put all swimming-induced shrinkage behind and swollen up nicely without sticking out blatantly, so that it was swinging heavily from all of the 'washing up'. It was like taking a drug or something, the sensation. It was really, really powerful. And it seemed like we were in this position for hours wanking while watching the other do the same.

Eventually, though, I took my hand off my own cock, afraid at this point of getting outright hard and just enjoyed the feeling of the hot water on my head and back as I faced this guy and basked in his wanton, lustful stares, all while he was all but openly full-on wacking off.

All of this lasted what felt like half an eternity, but which was probably no more than 5 minutes. At the same time, I realized that I had no interest in this becoming anything more than the adrenalin and testosterone rush it was and I realized that my girlfriend might be waiting for me, wondering why I was taking so long. So I washed the last of the suds off me and left the guy there holding his cock in hand as he watched me walk away out of the showers. I've got a tight ass, so he might have enjoyed that last view, too.

I hurriedly got dressed and waited for my girlfriend on the other side. When we were on the way back to our (cheap) hotel room, I told her what had happened and how I had gotten an odd kick out it; we got back and had a steamy sex session that called for another shower for two, this time with plenty of touching and plenty of satisfaction.

Though I am still comfortably hetero, I still like to think back to the arousal I got out of turning on another guy and have him so openly enjoy looking at me. I suppose, in the end, it means I've got a healthy exhibitionist streak in me.

And so I indulge that every now and again by putting on webcam shows. It's nice to get one's kicks!



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