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Bud Time

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My freshman year, there weren't enough dorm rooms for us all, and we had triple up. My two roommates were great guys, so it worked out ok. Jerking off was kind of a problem, as it's hard enough to have private time with only one roommate, but impossible with 2. I found a bathroom on the top floor of the library, and would usually rub one out up there every day after class, and was never disturbed. A couple of times I woke up at night and could make out what sounded like one of my roomies quietly beating off, but I never said anything. One Friday night I had a date, and halfway through dinner the girl got sick, so I took her back to her dorm and went back to my room. I opened the door, and my eyes about fell out, because there were my two roommates on Bill's bed buttnaked jerking off watching a porn movie. They scrambled to cover themselves, and I started laughing. They were so nervous, and trying to explain they had started watching the porn, got horned up, and decided WTF, why not, and then I came home early. I asked then if they did this a lot, and they claimed it was the first time. I asked them why they were both on Bill's bed kind of warily, and Bob said he couldn't see the TV from his, because of the wardrobes, which was true. I told them I didn't care, knock themselves out, jumped up on my upper bunk, and started watching as some slutty looking girl with fake tits deepthroated some moaning ugly guy, while some other guy rammed her ass with a porno sized dick on the TV. Not particularly great porn, all the typical moaning and grunting, but still enough to get a rise out of my 18 year old bone. I looked down and Bob and bill had gone back to jerking off slowly, oblivious to each other or me, just staring at the TV. Other than porn, I had never seen another guy with a hardon before, and was really kind of surprised at how thick Bill's dick was, his fingers couldn't even touch each other. It wasn't as long as Bob's, but at least twice as thick. Bill had his left hand around the base of his dick, and was lightly rubbing the back of his dick head with his index finger, then would give it a couple of tugs, then go back to the head rubbing thing. Bob was using the standard 'grip it and rip it' method I employ, but was rubbing his chest and playing with his nipples with his other hand. They both started laughing, and I looked back at the TV. And the guy doing anal was pushing a sniffing German Shepherd away from the girl, without losing a beat. (Really B grade porn.. trust me). The two guys switched positions, and the dog disappeared from the scene. I looked back at the roomies, and they were still staring at the screen. Bill's nuts had shrunk up tight to his dick, so I knew he couldn't be far off, and Bob was now holding his nuts in his free hand and pumping faster. Bob suddenly thrust his head back, and I saw all his muscles go tight. He was furiously rubbing just the mushroom, and without a sound he came on his stomach. Bill looked over at Bob, and muttered 'oh fuck' and then came on his stomach too. They mopped up the mess with their t shirts, and I Gave them a little round of applause, and Bob turned off the TV. While I found the whole thing kinda hot, I didn't really feel comfortable jerking off with them. I hopped off my bed, Bill pointed at the boner pushing out my jeans and made some crack about my hardon, and I told him 'Yea Bill, but at least Bob and me get hardons... you get a wide-on. I thought you were fondling a can of Bud there'. Bob thought that was hilarious, and from then on Bill was known as 'Bud'.

After that, I no longer went to the library to jerkoff, would just do it in my bed at night, or in the morning, and Bob and 'Bud' would too, often at the same time. One night we were all squeaking away, and Bill said ' God I love 'Bud time', which cracked us up. From that time forward, whenever one of us would start, we would announce 'Bud time' and we would all start up. I never did it with the lights on, or in front of them, but they both did all the time, with no shame, no guilt. Those were some good times.



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