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Bryce and I

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Getting over the shyness


My friend Bryce and I were both pudgy boys in our early years. But as puberty arrived our baby fat seemed to disappear at the same rate. During a sleep-over when Bryce and I were both 14, we did something that we hadn't done since we were 10 or 11. We showed each other our private parts.

It was the first time that I noticed how beautiful my friends body had become. I had no issues with accepting the fact that I was not only attracted to my buddy, but I was also sexually aroused by his mere presence.

Often we would lay on my bed and find ways to make physical contact. It was like playing a game of checkers where he'd make a move and then I would make a move.

Touching a foot to a foot, a hand to an arm. On a few occaisions, Bryce actually laid his head on my chest to listen to my heart beat. I was so caught up in the closeness that I started to run my fingers through his hair.

I wanted to talk about it so badly. I wanted to know what it all meant to him. I wondered if he ever had thoughts about me like those that I had about him. I think that we both enjoyed these special moments so much that we feared saying anything to mess it up. Whatever it was.

I felt Bryce place his hand on my chest while he listened to my heart. Moments later I felt his fingertips slowly begin to move sending a feeling right through me. My heart began to race and I knew that he would surely notice.

'Did I do that' Bryce said in almost a whisper. 'Yes' I said nearly out of breath.

I heard Bryce take in a deep breath and his hand started to travel in different directions. Minutes later his hand arrived directly over the bulge in my pants. I closed my eyes as I felt him begin to unbuckle my belt and unbutton my pants.

I reached under his tee-shirt and started to run my hand up and down his bare back. God! finally we had crossed the point of no return. Bryce moved slightly crossing his leg over mine as he lowered the zipper on my pants. I could feel his stiffness on my leg.

'Did I do that' I whispered. 'Yes' Bryce said.

My head was swimming as Bryce pulled the elastic band of my briefs up and over my erection. He held it gently in his hand. 'It's beautiful' he said.

'I want to hold your's too' I said. Bryce quickly slid his pants down and moved up so that we were face-to-face. I grabbed a clean towel and laid it on the bed between us.

We watched each other until Bryce buried his face under my neck. Seconds later we both gasped loudly in unison. I could feel his semen squirting on my penis and mine on his. The orgasm seemed to last longer that any other I had ever had.

We both said 'Did I do that' at the same time and we couldn't help but laugh. When Bryce got up to leave he stopped, came back down and kissed me on the cheek. I smiled, and just like that he was gone. I suddenly felt so alone and wished that we could just stay there in my bed forever.



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