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Brothers With Friend and Watching Dad

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Christians should jack-off and jack-off a lot. It is virginity protection.


After the Friday night football game my brother Steve and I went over to our friends house for the night. Our friend, Roger, played on the team with us. My name is Tom. After we arrived at Roger's house we raided the frig and went out to the pool. Roger's parents were gone for the weekend on a church retreat so we stripped and got in the water. We spent time in the pool and in the hot tub. We would get in the hot tub and get hard and get in the pool and go soft. The three of us have jacked-off together for years. Both of our dads are good Christians, and without bragging we are all three virgins waiting on our wedding night for sex. Ours dad taught us that jacking-off is the way to 'protect our virginity' and that we should keep our hands to ourselves when we jacked-off. My dad was well aware that Steve and I jacked-off together, we share a room.

We had gotten to Roger's house around 10:00 p.m. and around mid-night we headed back into the house and headed to Roger's room. Roger's room was a great place - TV, stereo, video games, computer and king size bed. Roger was the only guy that I knew that had a king size bed in his room. His parents had gotten a new bed and he got the old one about four years earlier. Since Roger's parents were gone for the evening, we toweled off and didn't bother to put anything on. After we played video games for a while, we all got in the bed together, something that we had done many times together. At this point Roger got out his lube, supplied by his dad as a birthday present, and we all lubed up and jacked-off. Soon after we jacked off we went to sleep. We jacked-off together, but we did not jack each other off - no touching was the rule and it was a rule that we all respected and enjoyed. Jacking-off together does not cross the line into homosexual activity, and jacking-off another guy does.

Around 9:00 a.m. the phone awakened all of us. It was Roger's mom - Roger's grandmother had been taken to the hospital and he had to meet them there. Normally, Steve, Roger and I would have gotten up around noon, jacked-off again, and gone back to our house between noon and 2:00 p.m., but with Roger needing to leave we pulled on our basketball shorts and stepped into our flip-flops and headed to our house. When we got to the house mom was leaving and we went through the door, this fact made the next event possible. Each time the door opens the alarm chimes. Mom left and we came in at the same time so there was no chime. Dad thought that he was home alone.

We went to our room and dumped our backpacks and then we headed to the kitchen. On the way to the kitchen we both looked out of the windows into the backyard and the pool. Well to our surprise dad was on the hammock by the pool naked. The fact that dad was naked around the pool was nothing new. Dad always swam naked, it was just what he did. Steve and I normally swam naked if mom was not around. What caught our eye was the fact that dad was slowly stroking his totally erect dick. After a few strokes he reached over and got a bottle of sun tan oil and began to jack-off. Steve said, 'Holy crap, look at that.'

Steve and I kicked-off our flip-flops and dropped our shorts. Steve ran to our room and got a bottle of baby oil. Steve and I stood there and jacked-off while we watched our dad jack-off. This experience was really neat, we knew that dad jacked-off, but we had never seen him jack-off. As dad went fast we went fast, when dad slowed down we slowed down. Dad would have never jacked-off with us, because dad taught us that younger guys should not jack-off with older guys, it was just one of the rules. Finally, dad began to arch his back and he blew his wad all over his stomach, to which Steve and I blew our loads all over the window that we were standing in from of. It was good harmless fun, indirectly jacking-off with dad.

A final note: Our dad was a wedding night virgin and he wants us to be wedding night virgins. Our dad has shared with us many times that he knew the only way that he was a wedding night virgin was through the use of God's gift of jacking-off. Dad has told us to jack-off each night, before school if we want to and before we go out on any date - so far his advice has been great. Our mom and dad have been happily married for over 20 years and Steve and I want the same thing for ourselves.



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