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Brothers Mutual Relief

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I'd always worried about what we got up to when we were younger but reading this site has made me realise it's a pretty normal part of growing up, thank you.


I have masturbated for as long as I can remember, when I was younger my normal sleeping position was face down with my hands on my cock, dry humping. So consequently I can't remember my first orgasm and even though I've racked my brains neither can I remember when they turned wet!

My first sexual experiences, that involved other people, happened in my early teens when myself, my brother and cousin shared a room when his family came to visit. Due to a lack of space the three of us boys were put in together. We were all similar in age and the talk soon turned to girls and what, if any, experience we had. This of course got us horny and was soon followed by a game of truth or dare. The result of this was some showing and touching of hard ons, but no wanking off or anything more sexual. After a few days my cousin would go home, my brother back to his own room and that was the end of that.

But things changed a year or two later when we were about 15/16. We both attended single sex schools, girls were a foreign species and during the seventies in the UK hard core porn was illegal and the internet was beyond imagination. Of course being a horny teenage boy, I was wanking regularly, usually when I got in from school, as both my parents worked and it was a couple of hours before they got in. I distinctley remember walking home on one occasion and catching a glimpse of my neighbour in her bra whilst changing, and I was wanking within seconds of getting in the door! How the times change.

All this wanking was done in private and not mentioned to my brother. However things changed when I started to read some novels my dad had in the bookcase. They had been there for ever but I had never thought to read them before. 'Virgin Soldiers' was one of the titles. When I did start to read them I soon realised they described graphic sex scenes. Instant hard on. My brother was also in the room watching TV, so I called over to him and said 'listen to this' and read out the passage from the novel. Of course it had a similar effect on him judging by the bulge in his trousers. I read out a couple more passages, even enhancing them as I went along, and then the talk turned to wanking.

The first step was to agree to get our cocks out, after first drawing the blinds. Both our cocks are uncut, my cock is 6' and quite thick, I was surprised to see that although my brother was about the same length, his was thinner, but with a large mushroom head. He'd obviously developed since our game of truth or dare. We moved closer together and agreed to have a feel of each others cock, this was followed, by what I have since discovered is called frotting, when we rubbed our cocks together. By this time the pre cum was leaking and we were both as horny as hell so we agreed to wanking each other off. As you can imagine it wasn't long before we had to grab the tissues to catch the cum. Afterwards was a strange mix of relief and guilt, were we now 'homos' as the school term went, as after all we had a very limited experience of girls.

But the ice had now been broken and it wasn't long before the seeds built up and we were looking for a repeat performance. We justified it by agreeing that we weren't gay and it was just a more exciting way of wanking, so we could happily continue. It was usually a similar scenario after school when we had the house to ourselves. But sometimes at the weekend when I woke up with early morning wood, and my dad was out and my mum was busy with her chores downstairs, I would slip into my brothers room and wake him up by slowly wanking his cock and fondling his balls. We had to be very careful and quiet, with my mum being in the house, but this added to the thrill. Once I had wanked my brother and he had shot over his stomach, he would return the favour and wank me where I stood, until I shot my load over him as well.

The mutual wanking went on for a while, but was never mentioned to anyone else and eventually stopped when we began dating. Although we have remained close all these years the topic has never been mentioned since. So it was so nice to find this site and read so many similar stories.



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