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Brothers in Need

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This is a true story that happened a few years ago. It took place between me and my younger brother. Looking back now I am not ashamed of it. In fact it has only made us closer. It took place when I was 17 and he was 16. Our mom was very strict about us having girlfriends. In fact she was strict about anything sexual at all. Sex was not discussed, nor was walking around without being fully dressed. I had learned about sex and masturbation through school, but at 17 still had not had any sexual experience with anyone other than myself. The only time I could get away with masturbating was late at night when she was asleep. I had longed for a girlfriend to gain experiences with, but my mom would not allow it. I did get my first sexual experience that year however, and it was with my own brother.

It was summer time and very hot. My brother and I were out of school and home alone, as my mom was at work. We were hanging out on the living room floor, as it was the coolest place we could find. Being obediant kids we were fully clothed. It was getting hotter and we thought of ways to cool off. I suggested pouring water on us, but that would make a mess. We tried drinking and sitting by the fan but it was still really hot. 'It's these hot clothes' my brother said. 'I know' I said, 'too bad we can't take them off'. My brother paused a moment and said 'we could if we wanted to'. 'Mom doesn't allow it' I said. 'So', he said, 'she's not here. I'm doing it'.

He then without further warning took his shirt off and threw it. I just stared for a moment. I had never seen my brother bare chested before. I had never seen anyone bare chested before actually. 'Much better' he said. I knew mom wouldn't be home for a few hours yet, and decided to go along. I took my shirt off as well and felt the breeze of the fan hit my skin. It did feel better. I also felt naughty. I never was anywhere but my room or the shower without a shirt on. 'Feel better'? asked my brother. I replied yes and we talked awhile. Before long the heat was getting to us again. I jokingly said he should take his pants off next. 'Maybe I will' he said as he laughed. I laughed and dared him to do it. He hesitated at first, then he did the unimaginable. He took his pants off right in front of me. I was shocked. My brother was sitting across from me in his underwear.

'What the hell' he said, 'I don't care if you don't'. I knew he was suggesting I do the same, and as much as I was afraid, I was also really excited. I never had done anything like this with another person. I started shaking a little as I unbuttoned my pants, and slid them off, exposing my undies and legs to him. 'See no big deal' he said. I felt anxious, awkward, and excited all at once. I was still trembling. I don't know why but I started getting urges to go further. I wanted to see him naked. I started slowing bringing up girl topics, and sex topics. I asked if he ever saw anyone naked and he replied no. This was my chance. I was shaking again. I didn't really feel horny, just excited. I was having so much fun undressing with my brother. I wanted to go all the way. I went for it. 'Ha ha why don't we get naked now?' I asked jokingly. He asked if I was serious and I said no, and then asked again if he'd want too. I didn't wanna weird him out.

He sat a minute. 'I will if you do' he said. I asked if he wanted too and we could compare ourselfs. I said I would if he would. We then sat in silence for a few seconds. 'Want too?' I asked. 'Ok' was all he said. We both stood up and hesitated. I grabbed my undies by the waist and he followed. I started to go and he pulled his down, revealing his privates. I eyed every inch. He was cut like me, it looked like mine in a way only a little thinner. I pullled my down as well and exposed myself to someone for the first time. My adreneline was gushing. We just looked at each others naked selves for a minute. 'Well we've never done this before' he chuckled. 'I know' I replied shyly. We sat back on the floor.

It was awkward for awhile, but we warmed up and started talking normally again. Eventually we moved to discussing masturbation. I asked if he ever did it and he said every night. I laughed at said I did as well. Between sneaking glimpses at my naked brother, and thinking about masturbating and being naked, my penis started to get hard and I panicked, I tried to act casual but he had to have noticed my growing shaft. He asked me how I masturbated and to show him. 'I just go like this' he said as he took his dick in his hand. He did it like me only rounded his fingers more. I showed him how I did it and he watched. I'm not sure what possessed me, but I couldn't control myself. I didn't just casually demonstrate. I started full on jerking off in front of him. My fear overwhelmed me after a few seconds though and I stopped. I took my hand off it only now it was fully hard and throbbing. I felt so stupid. I could feel him just staring at it. He must think I'm a freak for doing that in front of him. 'It's so hard' he said, 'can I touch it'? I was frozen.

I casually agreed as he placed his hand on me. I'll never forget how it felt. Someone touching me for the first time. His hand felt so good. It gave me shivers. 'It feels so hard yet so soft' he said as he carressed it. He then brushed over the head and precum clinged to his hand. I felt embarrassed until his dick started to rise as well. Without saying a thing I reached for it and carressed it softly. We were on our kness across from each other, silently carressing each others dicks. He was fully erect. It felt so differant yet similar, like mine only not mine, I can't describe it. Our light observant touches were now turning into strokes. We must have been on the same page cause we were masturbating each other without objection. My heart was pounding. This was behyond my wildest dreams. This was crazy. 'Are we really doing this?' I asked. 'Yes' was all he said.

It was official now. We were going to get our first handjobs. We stroked each other at a steady pace. I was in heaven. I was so turned on, I don't know why. This was all new to me. I just went with it and stroked him good. He moaned softly and I did the same. We stroked faster and before long he panted his was gonna cum. I kept going and watched as my brother moaned and his cum came shooting down my hand. It felt really hot. He moved his hand faster and I let myself go. A few more strokes and I came on his hand and stomach. We sat a minute and hurried and cleaned up. We had other such encounters and made damn sure it was kept secret. It was the most exciting event in my life thus far.



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