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Brothers-in-law Having Some 'Pajas'

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I have known my wife's brother since he was twelve and we always get on very well. His parents are divorced and he used to live with his mother and sisters. As he hasn't got any brothers, I'm like his big brother. We've always talked about everything and that included sex. I used to give him some porn magazines and condoms that he enjoyed very much.

While I was his sister's boyfriend and visiting the family, we used to sleep together but have never had the opportunity to see each other nude then. I remembered once I was changing clothes and got naked in front of him. His eyes were fixed on my penis and when he realised I noticed it, his face got red and he went away. After that I realised that he had always gone to the bathroom or other place to change clothes.

The years passed. I married his sister and we were still very close.

One summer, my wife and I were invited to join his father and his sisters for a vacation. We had all spent the whole day together at the beach and at the end of the day my father-in-law and I had a shower together. I must confess that it was very strange to be naked in front of my father-in-law when I had never seen my own father nude. But he is very open and we've always joked about it. My brother-in-law instead was quite elusive and showered in a rush and left quickly.

One rainy day we were all alone in the house we were staying in. I don't know why he mentioned it, but he said I was lucky to have such a 'fat' and uncut penis. I started to laugh and told him that everybody desires a long penis but nobody seems to care about the width of it. I told him that my penis size is quite standard but he insisted and said his dick was small, thin and cut. He told me he had phimosis and was operated on some years ago just like his father. Here in Argentina, everybody is uncut and it's very unusual to see cut dicks, that's why he was so worried. That was the first time he was so sincere and that he mentioned such a personal matter. At that time, he was 17 and I was 29.

He asked how an uncut penis worked and as I didn't know how to explain it, I took out my dick and pulled back and forth two or three times. He mentioned again about the girth of my penis and added that mine was very dark and then I asked him to show me his. With no hesitation and shaky hands, he took out his dick. He told me that he was so nervous that his penis was smaller than usual. I told him that his dick was fine but thought it was quite thin and pale and that it could grow a little more than mine, no more.

From that day on, the conversation was centered on sex: penis, foreskin, girls, hard-ons, jack off, etc. He was also more extrovert in the shower. I bought him some porn magazines that we saw together. Suddenly, he asked me if I had an erection. I said no and asked how about him. He said yes. I told him to show it to me. It was the first time I'd ever seen a live hard cock in my life and that made mine get hard too. So I took it out. We compared them and I told him that our penises were very similar in size while erect and he liked that, but he insisted that mine was thicker.

Time passed by and on the last day, everybody went out to a mall and we stayed to do the luggage. As I had finished my bag, I went to his room, saw the porn magazines and started to read them again. I read him some things or showed some good photos to him. We were in our boxers and I had a t-shirt on. I rubbed my dick once in a while and I mentioned that I was quite excited and that my dick was getting hard and he said that he felt the same. As he was standing, I noticed his erection and I made a joke about it. He couldn't hide it so he made no effort to make it less obvious. We laughed about it. After a while, he said that I had a wet spot in my boxers. I told him it was precum. I took out my penis, pressed it and a large drop came out. He was surprised at the amount of it. He told me he could only get a little amount of his.

With my dick out, I started to rub it and told him how I needed to jack off and suggested one. He said yes and went to the bathroom to have a quick one. Back to the room, we laughed about it and we both felt so much relieved then.

During that year I invited him home two or three times to watch some porn movies I had and wanked again. Next summer, we went all together again to the beach. I noticed him much more open. We jacked off three or four times and enjoyed it very, very much.

That year he moved to his father's that was near my job, we used to have lunch together, watched some porn and obviously wanked. One day I brought condoms to add new things. Another day, he asked me if he could try and 'pulled back my foreskin just to know how it feels on an uncut penis'. I liked it very much and I grabbed his and tried to cover his head just like I used to do. One glory day, we did a mutual and we both liked it very much.

During all this time, I had two kids and he had several girlfriends, but we had never stopped our 'pajas' as we call it here in Argentina. He told me in detail his first time with a girl. I suggested him new things to try with her. We once went to a farm for the weekend and stayed all day naked and wanked three or four times in two days.

That continued for almost two more years, until he started to work and he couldn't join us that summer. I saw him only at family events.

One day (a sister's birthday, I remember) we were alone for a moment and he told me that we would no longer wank together and that he lamented it very much. I told him I had tried many times to find the occasion to give us a 'paja' but had no success. That was the last time we talked about it.

Actually when I see him, none of us say anything. Last summer he joined us for a weekend and while having a shower, we saw each other naked again and we both smiled. His dick was a bit longer but still quite thin. All those great memories came to my mind and had some wonderful wanks thinking about it. I'm sure he did just the same but separately.

I must say that I enjoyed it very, very much while it lasted. I was sure our interest was focused just in being naked and wanking together. I had never thought about anything else like oral, for example, and I'm sure he felt the same. If not, it wouldn't have lasted so long.



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