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Brothers in Law,

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Sorry for the way I write. English is not my mother tongue!


The person I am more thankful for in my life is my brother in law, Bill. He is a father, a brother, a friend or even more to me. He is what they call, my one and only role figure.

He has teached me how to swim, drive and shave, passes me his clothes and things and gives me the best presents. I admire how free and open he has always been to me in all matters. I have learned from him to accept and enjoy my body, sexuality and mostly my penis.

I am the only guy in my family. My parents are divorced and I used to live in a very small town with my mother and four sisters. My father was always absent in my life.

At the time that he entered my family, he used to sleep in my room and we shared my bathroom in his short visits or during the summers when he stayed for one or two weeks.

I remember when I saw him naked the first time he came. He was to have a shower, so he undressed in front of me without any problem, went to the bathroom and then returned drying his hair with a towel. That same day at night, I felt so embarrassed I was in my bed with my old fashion pyjamas on and he slept with his boxers and an old t-shirt. The next night, I decided to throw away my pyjamas, and as I had no boxers to wear (I had only briefs), I took a sports short. He must have noticed this because later on he gave me some boxers as a present. He was always so attentive and considerate.

A year later, one night we were talking about girls, dates, relationships, etc. All of a sudden, he told me that he has noticed that I had never been naked in front of him. He asked me if I had any problem with my body and I said quickly 'No'. So he asked me if I had any problem or apprehension with him. I said that I was not accustomed to be naked in front of anybody. He told me that there must not be anything wrong with me and that to feel free to do it with him or with anybody, that we have only one life, only one body and only one penis, so we have to accept them as they are and enjoy.

I confessed that I felt a skinny and that I thought my penis was smaller than the others. He asked me to show it to him. I stood up, took off my underwear and with my shaky hands I took out my piece. It looked smaller than ever!!! He told me that it was OK and that it was nothing wrong with it. I said that his was bigger and fatter and that he always felt a bit intimidated with my size. He added that the difference of sizes depends on the difference of ages, that I had some years more to grow, so my penis would also grow. He also remarked that I was uncut and that I was lucky with it. He asked me to show him how an uncut dick works. I did it and I asked him to show his.

There we were, with our dicks out. The conversation turned to sizes, wet dreams, masturbation and so on. He told me that he enjoyed jacking off very much and that he did it many times a week. It was hard for me to speak about it but I started to enjoy it and appraised it.

The years passed and I felt more and more used to sharing things with Bill and to being nude in front of him. We talked about anything. He brought some porn magazines and we discussed articles and commented on the photos. He showed me how to used a condom (he gave me tons of them and I started to jack off wearing them). He also gave me porn movies.

One night, we were talking about sex and he suddenly declared that he needed a wank and asked me how about having one. I agreed instantly so we took our boxers down, he sat next to me on my bed and we started to rub our dicks. When we were about to cum, we went to the bathroom and finished there. We practically didn't speak and we both enjoyed it very much.

The following night I was dying to wank with him again but said nothing. Till one day I planned to wait for him reading a porn magazine (or better, I pretended to do it as I knew all of them by heart). He begged me for one, took off his clothes and in a while started to wank. I did the same.

Then, we jacked off together any time and everywhere. I also visited him in town many times and stayed at his. He lived alone so we slept naked after long sessions of wanking watching porn movies.

I went to College and we often visited each other. When I was 21 he got married to my sister, I was his best man. We only wanked together once in a while then.

When I finished College, I moved away and started to work. I got married and we mostly saw each other at family reunions but we keep in touch regularly as always.

The years pass (decades, I must say). Now, I am 38 and he's 43. He has a boy (I am his godfather) and a girl and I have two little boys. He's a great father and he is still a reference to me in that and many other matters.

Last month a cousin got married and as I was alone, I had the chance to share a hotel room with Bill and his 15 years old son. At shower time, Bill went first. It shocked me to see him naked again, so many memories. When finished, my nephew followed and Bill started to shave (still in the nude). My nephew stayed naked all the time without any problem at all. His dick looks the same as his fathers but it's uncut. He asked me if I will follow them and so I did. I admire how open they are, father and son. I hope that I can do the same with my kids.

I took off my clothes and went in the bathroom, Bill looked me from head to toe, hugged me and told me in the ear: 'I miss you so much!'. I pressed him harder but only could say 'Me too'. It was a quick but emotional moment. Then, I entered the shower.

All of this comes to me again in my mind and I praised the chance to have Bill in my life.

I will write to him to tell him that this story is posted and I hope to have, both of us, the chance to enjoy more wanks together. I promise to tell you if that happens!!!



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