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Brothers Friend

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I was 13 at the time this happened.


When I 13 my brother invited his friend John to spend the night at our house. Now at first I thought he was cocky and I didn't like him at all but I was going to make an effort. But anyway, I got to know him and he started to come over more often than not.

My parents have a pool and we always went swimming when he came over. Well it was one fateful night that my parents decided to leave us at home alone while they went out with friends. It started out just like any other night that he slept over. But then he is that cocky asshole so he rips off his swimming suit and jumps in the pool. It was really dark and I couldn't see anything, Damn. But I was determined to see his penis. I then got out to get a drink for John, my brother and I. Well when I was inside I decided to stay by the window and when he was going to get out of the pool I wanted to turn on the lights. Well I did and I was surprised at what I saw. I saw the biggest cock that I ever saw, even online. Then we all laughed at the 'joke' I had played and my brother commented on his dick and he said that it runs in his family. Well my brother got out of the pool but I stayed because I wanted to see if anything else would happen, wink. Well nothing did because when my brother got out he put his bathing suit back on. We staying in the pool for about another 20 minutes and we decided to get out. He then dried off and called me over to him. When I got there he opened the towel and I got a closer look at it. The thing hung like 5.5' and it was soft, I wish I was lying about it but I am not because as a 22 year old male I am full grown at just under 6' and he was 9.5' at 14. But then we went inside and talked and everything. Then my brother decides that he wants to go to bed and leaves me and John alone.

We decide to go on the internet and goof around. We started going on porn sites and then he turns to me and asks if I ever wondered what gay porn looked like. So I looked for some (even though I already had some saved) and found some. We start looking and then he pulled his hard dick out of his pants and starts rubbing it. I mean this thing is huge, I am talking 9.5' hard. So I comment on it and he said to find a ruler because I didn't believe him. So I grab a ruler and sure enough it is 9.5'. Then he asks what mine was, now the embarrassment starts because I was literally half the size of him and really thin, I was a late bloomer, didn't get hair until I was 14 almost 15 and at this moment in my life I couldn't even produce cum. But I digress, he persuades me and I pull my little cock out (just under 5' then) he grabs it and starts jerkin me off. I was in heaven, that was the only time anyone other then me touched my dick. I started to moan a little and gasp for air, he started laughing and brought me to climax in less than 5 minutes. Then he said my turn. I couldn't wait to get my hand on that hunk of meat. I slowly reached for it and then I grabbed it. I couldn't believe that I was holding one for real. It was soft yet hard and HUGE. But I slowly started to jerk him off I did it while we kept looking at gay porn.

Then he said that he had to go into the bathroom but I could go too. He sat on the toilet and he continued to jerk off until orgasm. I was surprised because I had never seen it in person before. I was fascinated with it. I was then obsessed with penis. I have now realized that I am considered Bisexual because I am fascinated with penis and the varieties but I am also dating a girl, whom I love to be with. So I don't know what you would consider that. I have more to share but that will come in due time.



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