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Brothers Doing It for Themselves

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I didn't think that things like this really happened until just this summer when an incident occurred that no one in my family could have foreseen most of all yours truly.


My fourteen year old brother (Mark) and I get along pretty well, even though he's young he is pretty cool and most of my friends like him as well.

On the first weekend of the summer holidays we got a call from Mitchell, Mark's best friend to tell us that he had been involved in an accident, some jerk had run him down. Of course there was panic and my Mum was beside herself as I drove us to the hospital.

To cut a long story short(ish) he wasn't too badly hurt, a slight concussion and two fractured wrists, pretty lucky really. Mitch was crying when we got there; he told us that Mark got hurled into the air and he was unconscious for a few minutes, Mitch thought he had died

After a few days Mark became more and more like his old self, with his concussion he was always dropping off to sleep even during conversations but we were told he would recover and pretty soon these narcoleptic episodes stopped.

About a week after he had been at home he and I were in his room, I was giving him his food when he finished and he gave me a look that said he had something on his mind.

'Spit it out.' I said to him.

'Mum will be in soon for my wash down.' He said.

'Right .'

'Have you any idea how embarrassing it is to have your mum wash your junk!'

I had to admit that I didn't. His next words made me understand his predicament.

'I haven't been able to relieve myself for a week. Even though it's mum I still get hard when she washes me. She never mentions it but I can see she feels for me.'

'Hell I can't imagine not being able to jerk off.' I said to him.

'Can I ask you something?' He said.

'Sure.' I said not even aware this was coming.

'If I tell her would you mind helping me wash? It wouldn't be so bad in front of another guy,'

I want to point out here that Mark is straight but my whole circle if family and friends know that I am gay. This has never been am issue.

'Of course I will.' I said to him. 'But I can't say my own dick will remain soft.'

'Probably not.' I said

Like clockwork we heard our mum walking up the stairs, she was chatting to someone on her mobile but when she walked into Mark's room and saw our expression she hung up.

'Boys, time for Mark's bath.'

'Mum. I've asked if Lucas would do it for me.' He said looking at her sheepishly

She's by no means stupid and she smiled and nodded understanding.

'Fine.' She said and ruffling his hair she left

Without saying a word I ran his bath and walked back into his room. I helped him undress and it made me think that for a young kid he was pretty well built, swimming and track obviously made him look like he did.

He looked over my shoulder as I hooked my fingers in the waistband of his boxers and slipped them over his hips. He stepped out of them and I saw he was already semi hard

He followed me into the bathroom and I had to put my arm round his slim waist so he could step into the bath.

'Where's the sponge?' I asked as I took the soap

'Don't worry about it use your hands.' He said using me once more to help him getting his feet. I saw the water slipping down his chest, over his nipples that were pointing up and on to be swallowed in the sparse pubic hair he had

I washed him all over until I told him to spread his legs a little and I slipped my hand between his legs to was his perenium and under his ball sack. He was a low hanger so I let them sit in the palm of my hand and as I gently washed them he moaned and I could see he was fully hard.

'Let me get that for you.' I said and he smiled at me. I told him to turn round and to lean into me, I was already wet so it didn't matter. He turned and put his pert bubble-butt on my crotch and I reached around him and took his lovely organ in my hand. He gasped as I did, I guess no one had ever gripped his hard dick aside from himself.

I slowly slipped his foreskin back and revealed his enticing cock head. He shuddered as I did this and I felt him push his butt harder into my already blooming erection nestled in my shorts.

He was already leaking pre cum which I gently rubbed over his piss slit.

'Whhhhh.' Was all he could say as I started to masturbate him. Now, I love jerking guys off but I have never done it to someone younger than me and while I did feel slightly guilty I was also enjoying his young skin against me. I sighed myself as he put his blind haired head on my chest and moaned low in throat turning me on even more. I used my other hand to first rub over his nipples which made him gasp, my kid brother was like me with hypersensitive nipples he let out a short giggle as I rubbed them with my thumb before I carried on down and cupping his balls I felt my own shorts become suddenly wet and I grunted as I came in my trousers.

'Aaaggghhhh.' Mark sighed and the he grunted three times and humped my fist, his hips thrusting in what I guess was a normal inbred human reaction. I felt his body tenses and he came. Like me he was not a shooter and it pumped from his penis slipping over my hand and his balls.

After a few minutes I washed it off him and when he was dry I slapped his butt and helped him put on his boxers before I took a shower to was my cum off my body.

After that I washed him with me in the tub as well.

Now he has healed we still enjoy a bath and I think he will soon tell me that he thinks he might be gay.

Happy days.



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