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Brotherly Loving

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True Story


Hey I'm Michael. I'm 18 now, but this happened when I was 13.

I come from a poor family and we live in a small three bedroom house between the five of us, so that means that me and my brother Luke, 15 at the time, had to share a room pretty much until he left home. My sister got her own room and my parents in the third one, obviously.

My brother and I were pretty close, we never fought and we always shared our secrets and stuff with each other.

The night of my 13th birthday when everyone was asleep Luke quietly woke me up. He said now that I was 13 I was a man and so I should start acting like one. He got me to get out of bed and stand up. He sat, in his boxers, on my bed while I was standing in my PJs in the middle of the room. He said first thing is I needed to sleep like a man and ordered me to take off my Pjs and strip to my boxers. I wasn't wearing boxers under my PJs but because we shared a room we always got changed in front of each other so it was no big deal for me to get naked and put some on.

I could see a bulge tenting out in his boxers but didn't think much of it. Last year or two he had been waking up with the same thing every morning.

He then asked me if I knew how to wank.

'wank?' I replied

It's a thing men do to feel good, he explained.

He gestured for me to sit next to him on the bed so I did. He rested his hand onto my crotch over my boxers and began gently massaging my now rapidly growing cock. I had had boners before but this quickly turned into the hardest I've ever been.

'I'll do you the first time, but you have to do yourself any time after that ok?' he said to me.

'ok?' I replied, not really knowing what was about to happen.

He then got up and climbed over my bed until he was sitting leaning against the wall. He told me to come and sit with my back between his legs pressed against his chest. So I did.

He started by putting a hand over my mouth and whispering in my ear that I had to be quiet, I nodded and he let go. Then next thing I know he slid a hand down my boxers and firmly gripped my very hard boyish cock. I instantly jolted up at this feeling but quickly relaxed down. I didn't quite know what was going on, but it just felt right so I let him continue.

Luke pumped my hard cock up and down, slowly at first but increasing the pace slowly. I could feel his rock hard cock pressing into my back through his boxers and I could feel a wet patch.

After about five or six minutes I felt funny, like I needed to pee so I told him and he just told me to relax, let it happen. Then a few moments later I felt my back arching, my toes curling and I was spreading my legs. I threw my head back and moaned as wave after wave of pleasure hit me like nothing I had ever felt before. Luke quickly covered my mouth with his other hand so I wouldn't wake everyone up.

After what felt like eternity I collapsed back onto Luke, trying to catch my breath.

Luke simply whispered in my ear, 'now you're a man' before he lay me down on my bed and left the room.



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