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Brotherly Love

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I didn't know until I was in my late 30s that I had a half brother...same dad, different mum, and I certainly didn't realise that, as I was searching for him, Neo was searching for me. We eventually got in touch, via Facebook of all things, and quickly began catching up on each others lives and getting to know one another.

From the very beginning, it was clear that, despite different up bringings, my half brother and I were very alike. We shared so many likes and dislikes, held so many similar views and opinions, and we intuitively knew what the other was thinking, or 'got' their sense of humour.

In just four short months, despite never meeting (we lived hundreds of miles apart) Neo and I had grown close and spoke daily by phone and via text. I was so happy to have my half brother in my life, and I genuinely liked him as a person, as well as being thrilled at how well we got on.

Our chats became more and more intimate, as we discussed our partners (we were both married), past boyfriends/girlfriends and, if I'm honest, I felt very, very attracted to Neo. I didn't think of it as wrong in any way, I just knew that I liked, in fact loved this person, and the highlight of every day was talking to them.

Inevitably, one day, talk turned to sex, and we began to discuss our sexual preferences, positions, techniques, fantasies. As we shared, I realised I was becoming very turned on, that familiar throb pulsating from my pussy, and I knew I was wet. Plucking up all my courage I said to Neo 'I don't know about you, but I'm horny as hell here.'. I heard him gasp and I was worried I'd shocked him and said the wrong thing but no, he replied 'me too babe, me too!'.

My heart was racing and my stomach was doing back flips as I asked him if we could share some fantasies about what we might like to do to each other. I heard him give a low moan of pleasure before he answered 'hell yeah'.

I started to describe my favourite scenario.....that I turn up at his work unexpectedly. He runs his own business (an undertakers in fact) and my idea was that I would go to his office and be waiting for him as he came in. He stopped me before I could go any further by asking 'Sis, do you mind if I get my cock out and masturbate while you describe this to me?'. The thought thrilled me beyond belief and I said 'no, I don't mind, because I'm going to be playing with myself as we talk, if that's ok with you'. He groaned softly into the phone and I knew he was more than ok with that idea.

So, I continued describing my fantasy...... As he walks into the office, I'm there, perched on the edge of his desk, wearing a black pencil skirt, fitted white blouse unbuttoned to show my cleavage, black stockings, black high heels. I motion for him to sit on his desk chair in front of me and as he does so, I wriggle my tight skirt up over my thighs, letting Neo catch a glimpse of the fact that I'm not wearing any panties. I hear him gasp at the other end of the phone, and as my fingers are gently stroking my pussy, and over my clit, I can feel the wetness from my juices. This is working for both of us.

With my skirt up around the top of my thighs and my pussy exposed for Neo to see, I begin to explore myself with my hand, touching myself in exactly the right places....and I'm mimicking these exact movements as I describe them to him on the phone. I push two fingers inside my pussy and when I bring them out, they are glistening wet with my juices, and in my fantasy scenario, I let Neo watch as I bring them up to my mouth and taste myself, the sweet, familiar taste I love. 'oh fuck yeah' I hear my brother moan on the other end of the phone. 'That working for you babe?' I ask. His voice is thick with lust as he replies 'please don't stop, tell me more Sis', so I continue with my story.

I begin to work my fingers down over my pussy, over my clit, into my vagina, down to my asshole, spreading my juices so that my fingers slip and slide deliciously everywhere. In real life I am so close to coming that I have to occasionally stop touching myself, as I so want to come at the same time as Neo, and I'm listening carefully to his breathing to try to gauge the rhythm of his strokes as he pulls himself off listening to my scenario.

I stand up off the edge of his desk, and gently pull Neo to his feet. I can see his hard on straining at his waistband, and never taking my eyes off of his, I reach down, undo his belt and trousers and slowly push them down over his thighs.....gently brushing his cock with my fingers as I do so. I hook my thumbs into the waistband of his boxer shorts and gently pull them down too, and as his cock is released I gently run my finger and thumb down it's full length and back up. Neo is groaning loudly on the other end of the phone now, and I'm so wet that my thighs are covered with my juices, this is the horniest thing I've ever experienced in 40 years. 'how you doing babe?' I ask him. 'Oh honey, I'm getting close here, this is fucking fantastic'. I tell him 'don't come without me, let's do this together' and I hear him groan an 'ok, I'll try' as I continue with my tale.....

I crouch before Neo and I take his rock hard cock in my hand, right from the very tip down to the base of the shaft, his pre cum oozing from his tip, lubricating his cock. He throws his head back, closes his eyes and moans loudly. But that's not what I have planned, so I jack his penis back up to the tip and release it, then motion for him to sit in the chair again. I kneel either side of his thighs and hitch my skirt right up, still with my black stockings on and then slowly, gently, while looking deep into his eyes, I lower myself down onto his cock, just rubbing the very tip on my nylon clad thigh, with my wet pussy very close. I watch as his eyes go wide with pleasure at the sensations he feels. I slowly move up and down his length, teasing, until both of us are breathing rapidly and gasping for more. At which point I push myself down over him, rubbing every inch of that hard dick against me.

'Hell sis, I can't hold on any longer' comes his voice down the phone line and I know I don't want to either so I tell him 'go for it babe, come for me, just like your gonna make me come right now'. I push my middle finger deep into my dripping wet pussy, using my ring finger to stimulate my asshole, and my thumb to rub my clit. I can hear Neo's breathing get short and I bring myself to a massive, juddering, earth shattering whole body orgasm and as I come I whisper 'I love you Neo'. 'right back at you, you horny sexy babe' I hear him gasp as I know he's coming too at the other end of the phone. After a few moments silence he says 'damn shame you never got to finish your scenario there sis, that was hot.' 'Don't worry' I tell him, 'there'll be other times, and lots of other fantasies to share.'. And there have been.....and there will continue to be.



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